Top 10 Best biking Helmets – Review & Guide

Best biking helmets – Wearing a helmet is obviously important when it comes to riding a bike across the city. You won’t need the best technology for the helmet; what you need is safety for your head. The general considerations include ventilation, stiffness, lightweight & comfort. Without the right helmet, you will neither have safety nor a comfortable journey.

Therefore, selecting the right helmet for your city bike is of great importance. There are too many varieties available and dealing with all is impossible. To make it easy for you, we chose the best city bike helmets that should meet your requirement & provide the utmost safety. Take a look at the quick comparisons below and scroll further to explore the top 10 best bike helmets 2020.

Comparison Table of Best City Bike Helmet

Product NameWeight (gm)Number of VentsAmazon Rating
Schwinn Thrasher Lightweight Microshell Bicycle Helmet356204.6
BASE CAMP Adult Bike Helmet with Rear Light28194.5
Zacro Lightweight Bike Helmet225184.5
MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet [CPSC and CE Certified]23084.9
VICTGOAL Bike Helmet for Men Women280284.4
Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike Helmet38574.6
Thalia Women's Bike Helmet312164.2
KINGBIKE Ultralight Specialized Bike Helmets [CPSC&CE Certified]220244.2
Gonex Bike Adult Cycling Road Helmet240244.3
GiroMontaro MIPS MTB Helmet425164.4

10 City Best Bike Helmets 2020

#1. Schwinn Thrasher Lightweight Microshell Bicycle Helmet

When it comes to style alongside safety features for best bike helmets, it becomes difficult to beat the Schwinn Thrasher. Unique design imparts superb ventilation & convenient safety that you will need on the bike ride.

Being a three-piece micro-shell, this accessory offers incredible durability, despite its lightweight construction.

Being suitable for heads having a circumference of 22.88” – 24.5”, this unit is made for adults. Speaking of ventilation, the design results in 20 top vents to maintain a consistent air circulation throughout.

Reducing the wind resistance, this best biking helmet keeps the head cool without sweating.

Featuring 360° adjustability for the system, you can make a custom fit. With the dial gauge, making the adjustment is simple & requires no special guidance. Adjustable straps help to get a fine-tuned fit. Through full-range padding inside, it provides the utmost comfortability. Offering a detachable visor, the helmet reduces glare to a great extent.

Schwinn Thrasher Lightweight Microshell Best biking helmets

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Highlighted Features

  • Unique, stylish & convenient exterior design.
  • Padded interior for enhancing comfortability.
  • Excellent ventilation through 20 top vents.
  • Best biking helmets Customized fitting with straps &adjustability.
  • Microshell frame induces longevity & strength.

#2. BASE CAMP Adult Bike Helmet with Rear Light

BASE CAMP Adult Bike Helmet with Rear Light Best biking helmets

Specifically designed for city best biking helmets, this Base Camp production meets the US CPSC standards. The peculiar construction includes heavy-duty & durable nylon & EPS+PC materials. Therefore, it delivers excellent service as a sturdy safeguard. In fact, the lightweight frame is of great quality to ensure the best wearing comfort & riding safety.

Being suitable for most adults, the requirement for head circumference is 21.65” – 24”. Smooth air circulation prevails all the way, thanks to the 9 vents on the exterior side. Detachable padding for the entire interior encourages the comfortability. Meanwhile, there comes a soft but sturdy chin strap with adjustability for custom fitting.

Integrated rear light, being detachable, permits better visibility with the enhancement of your safety. Not to mention, you can go for wither flashing light or steady light. A dial gauge is also available on the rear side for quick & easy adjustment, inducing a perfectly tuned fitting.

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Highlighted Features

  • Outstanding frame along with durable materials.
  • Convenient design for urban commuting, cycling.
  • Detachable rear light support for better visibility.
  • 9 exterior vents to ensure maximum air circulation.
  • Padding & strap provides further user comfort.
  • Best biking helmets for cycling safely.

#3. Zacro Lightweight Bike Helmet

Zacro Lightweight Best biking helmets

Being a great construction, Zacro helmet induces maximum convenience for its user. With a tough PVC & PC framework, these best city bike helmets offer the utmost safety. With CPSC certification, the unit meets the standards to deliver the perfect safety for your time on the road.

Despite its sturdy built, about 225 g weight won’t give the slightest trouble upon wearing. So no burden or sweating is likely to take place. Featuring a total of 18 vents for the exterior, you will enjoy the best air circulation. The design includes special aerodynamics consideration to encourage your time on the outside.

Requiring 54 – 62 cm head circumference, the helmet suits most adults. Both the front strap & rear chin strap come with adjustability which allows a fine fitting for the head. Quick-release buckling system alongside EPS padding helps you to attain the best adjustment at once.

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Highlighted Features

  • Tough & durable construction materials.
  • Incredibly lightweight to wear on the head.
  • Superb ventilation with 18 featured vents.
  • Quick-release mechanism for adjustments.
  • Comfortable EPS padding on the interior.

#4. MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet [CPSC and CE Certified]

MOKFIRE Adult Best biking helmets

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Excellent quality is guaranteed with this commuting & cycling helmet from Mokfire. Meeting both CPSC & CE standards, this unit of the best biking helmets ensures maximized safety & comfort. Through hard ABS shell framework, it imparts incredible strength with a considerably lower weight. In fact, the 230-gram accessory won’t take you down.

Requiring 57 – 61 cm circumference, it suits best for most adults. Soft EPS foam lining induces a great comfort on wearing. Featuring special design, the helmet will give you speed keeping your head cool through consistent airflow. And the detachable rear light will help you to navigate in the dark quite well.

With the moisture-wicking chin pad, you will receive quick absorption of sweat. Nylon straps are also available which comes with adjustability. The system allows single-handed adjustment for further air permeability. Additional side buckles are there to keep the strap flat all along, permitting you to maintain a better posture.


Highlighted Features

  • Excellent construction & suitable design.
  • Better navigation in darkness with the rear light.
  • Incredibly lightweight accessory to wear.
  • Easily adjustable nylon straps with side buckling.
  • Padded liners initiate quick sweat absorption.

#5. VICTGOAL Bike Helmet for Men Women

Reducing the head injuries & damage to a great extent, this versatile creation can exceed the current safety standards. With the high-density PC casing, best biking helmets offer incredible performance, being the safest bike helmet. Weighing about 280 grams only, the tough construction is pretty lightweight. Featuring an unbelievable 28 vents, you will enjoy the maximum air circulation.

Unique magnetic googles are there to protect your face from dust, sand & UV with detachment facility. No doubt, you can go for reduced resistance while biking with optimum airflow. Soft padding not only absorbs the shock from the exterior but also takes care of the sweat.

Ultra-bright warning light of the best biking helmets containing 6 mini LED lamps with 3 flashing modes makes it safer for night cycling. Using the adjustable regulator, you can attain the best fitting. The liners with insect net are washable, prohibiting the entrance of insects while you make the ride.

VICTGOAL Bike Helmet for Men Women Best biking helmets

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Highlighted Features

  • Optimum ventilation through 28 top vents.
  • Lightweight framework for comfortable wearing.
  • Bright warning light on the back allows night riding.
  • Regulatory adjustment allows for perfect fitting for best biking helmets.
  • Magnetic goggles protect from dust & UV rays.

#6. Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike Helmet

Meeting current safety standards, this one is indeed a great blend of classic style & modern functionality. With ABS shell construction, the protection is unparalleled and reduces the colliding impacts. Despite having a sturdy frame, the weight is considerably light of the best biking helmets. The versatile creation suits many other applications apart from the commuting & cycling.

Convenient triple eight styles induce excellent performance and fitting. Being available in multiple sizes, the helmet suits from beginner teenagers to professional grownups. The standard size of 58 – 61 cm for adults is also available. Containing 7 vents, the air circulation is good enough to reduce unwanted resistance.

Meanwhile, the soft foamed lining comes with a great impact-absorbing capacity to initiate the least damage. In addition, you will get a comfortable interior that takes away your sweat – best biking helmets. Providing two different pad sets, you can go for the best fitting. Being removable, the adjustable pads help to maintain your balance while you rid.

Triple Eight Dual Certified Best biking helmets

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Highlighted Features

  • Good construction with quality materials.
  • Suitable for everyone with different sizes.
  • Impact & sweat-absorbing foamed lining.
  • Sufficient ventilation offers less resistance.
  • Adjustable strap with side releasing the buckle.

#7. Thalia Women’s Bike Helmet

Specially designed for women riders, this attractive creation serves its purpose quite well. Incredible design meets colorful exterior to suit your head on the outside journey. In fact, this best biking helmets offer the optimum level of comfort, being one of the best stylish bike helmets. With quality materials, the construction is durable & sturdy enough to deliver maximized protection.

The head circumference requires 54 – 58 cm which is unfortunately small, considering adult women. Yet it suits most of the users with great fitting offering no burden to the head. Being a tapeless design, no straps are available which reduces the weight to a great extent. The lightweight construction is easy to put on & carry.

Having the True Fit technique, you will get superior comfort from the best biking helmets. Featuring 16 vents over the exterior portion, it induces excellent circulation of air. Also, overall good ventilation initiates the least resistance while commuting or cycling. Moreover, there comes integrated pinch guards encouraging a pinch-free buckling.

Thalia Women’s Best biking helmets

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Highlighted Features

  • Special designation to suit female riders.
  • Excellent quality with colorful, stylish outlook.
  • No-pinch buckling through built-in pinch guard.
  • Lightweight construction without any tape.
  • Best biking helmets comfortable wearing with True Fit technology.

#8. KINGBIKE Ultralight Specialized Bike Helmets [CPSC&CE Certified]

This one from best biking helmets suits best who wants a good style alongside proper protection for their helmets. This Kingbike creation satisfied both CPSC & CE standards to deliver the best safety service all the way. Stylish design imparts a great outlook whereas quality materials give a sturdy construction for your ride.

Molded polycarbonate shell comes with only 0.49 pounds of weight which won’t give any head burden. With 24 vents for air circulation, it offers the ultimate temperature regulation to keep you cool. The featured vents also come up with the maximized reduction of riding resistance for the best biking helmets.

There are rear light comes with three specific flashing modes. It warns other riders/drivers & provides safety for night rides. Adjustable dial gauge permits quick and satisfactory fitting over the head. Not to mention, the standard fitting circumference (59 – 63 cm) suits most adults well. And visor protection induces superb efficiency to deal with bright sunlight.

KINGBIKE Ultralight Specialized Best biking helmets

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Highlighted Features

  • An extremely lightweight framework to wear.
  • Comforting interior through soft EPS lining.
  • Three flashing modes for the built-in rear light.
  • Impact absorption with sturdy construction.
  • 24 vents permit consistent circulation of air.

#9. Gonex Bike Adult Cycling Road Helmet

Combining colorful exterior, incredible design & exceptional quality – this urban best biking helmets is what you need. High-quality materials with matt printing induce excellent serviceability for outdoor enthusiasts. The entire accessory weighs about 240 grams only. So, you won’t have to worry about annoying or distracting load over your head.

Integrated 24 vents allow incredibly satisfactory airflow throughout. Required head circumference to get the helmet is about 22.5” – 24.5” which is standard for adults. Being adjustable, it suits the head at once for the users. Featuring LED rear lights, you can warn while riding on a night street.

Comfortable cushioned lining & article velvet on the sides delivers maximum safety reducing impact & shock. Being detachable, the padding allows quick & convenient cleanups. Using the internal rotary regulator, you can go for the right fitting easily. The washable chin packs absorb the sweat and keep you cool. SO this is the best biking helmets for you no doubt.

Gonex Bike Adult Cycling Road Best biking helmets

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Highlighted Features

  • Unique, convenient & durable construction.
  • Adjustable circumference for perfect head fitting.
  • Sided velvet for further reduction of impact.
  • Backside LED lighting with 3 particular modes best biking helmets.
  • Outstanding air circulation using the 24 vents.

#10. GiroMontaro MIPS MTB Helmet

Get down to urban bike ride without thinking about the trail end with these best biking helmets for city riding. This stylish creation of Giro offers maximum safety for your ride in every aspect. Built with a polycarbonate shell, the tough construction comes with sufficient longevity. Full in-mold wrapping protects your head from light to extreme shock & impact over collision.

Roll caging reinforcement used for the body which induces slightly higher weight than standard ones. In fact, 425 grams of weight is still considerably light to put on for the best biking helmets. Apart from that, 16 vents provide convenient airflow inside. With interior channeling, the performance is pretty satisfactory.

Integrated goggles save the face from dust, sand & harmful UV to a great extent. Having anti-bacterial, hydrophilic padding, the interior is quite absorbent for sweat. There are strap grippers as well as additional visors to meet your demand. Featuring a camera mounting system, you can record or capture your favorite moments.

GiroMontaro MIPS MTB Best biking helmets

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Highlighted Features

  • Best biking helmets Extremely tough & stable construction.
  • Heavy-duty frame with reasonable weight.
  • Goggle integration for better viewing.
  • Sufficient air ventilation with 16 vents.
  • Convenient padding for quick absorption.

What should I look for when buying a bike helmet?


Lightweight helmets tend to be more comfortable as they don’t give any strain on your neck. But as the weight decrease, the price of cycling kits tends to increase.

Proper fit

No helmet can protect you without a proper fit. Your helmet has to stay on your head if you crash to be effective and protect you.

The helmets are often found in different sizes relating to the circumference of the head. To find the correct fit you have to measure the circumference of your head and determine the best size for you. The right size helmet will it low and straight on your forehead comfortably and its retention system will closely fit.

Helmet size:

Helmets usually come in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. Measurements of each helmet size are given below:

  • Small: 20 to 21.75 inches (51 – 55 cm)
  • Medium: 21.75 to 23.25 inches (55 – 59 cm)
  • Large: 23.25 to 24.75 inches (59 -63 cm)


If you are riding fast and especially in summer, you definitely don’t want to wear a helmet without ventilation.

A helmet with a well-designed vent system and channels in the internal structure can provide you with sufficient air over your head and dissolve heat.

Venting of a helmet has two functions, one is to reduce the weight of the helmet and another is to provide you with sufficient air means to add ventilation.

Helmet designed with fewer vents or no vents are warmer, but when you try it you won’t notice it, but once you start cycling and start to sweat you will feel the necessity of vents.

Safety and standards

It is important for a helmet to have all the safety features so that if you crash it can keep your head protected. Try to purchase a bike with safety features such as Multi-Directional Impact Protection System or MIPS or with WaveCel technology, as they are designed with an advanced system to reduce the force of impact on your head.

Before purchasing a helmet always make sure to check if it is tested to the standard relevant to where you are living. It means that the helmet has passed several tests that overlooked its construction, field of vision, impact absorption, retention system, chin strap ad buckle.

Retention systems

To adjust the fit of the helmet to your specific head size, the retention system is used and these are adjusted by a dial or some kind of ratchet system.

Your helmet’s retention system should be able to loosen to allow for a thermal skull cap or cycling cap to be worn underneath for added warmth. The bill of a cycling cap is used for deflecting rain from the eyes.


The basic design for most of the cycle nowadays is made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. Then it is covered with a hard polycarbonate shell and sometimes also with carbon fiber to add strength and protect the foam.

There are also some other designs used by some manufacturers are such as 3D-printed Polyamide 11 and other proprietary polymer materials.


The padding of hamlets makes it comfortable for the user and helps to wick away sweat from the head.


Your helmet should be comfortable while worn, otherwise, you will be throwing it away in the middle of the ride and running to the store for a new one.

Your helmet should sit properly around your head and certainly feel you are wearing something but not like constantly adjusting it every second.


Nowadays, helmet without at least some built-in aerodynamic characteristics very difficult to find.

The more aerodynamic your helmet is, the less ventilation it has. So, if you ride a lot in hilly areas, then the aerodynamics helmet is not for you.

Otherwise, if you compete in time trials, or go for flat rides, and want to save energy against headwinds, then you should go for aerodynamic helmets.


If money is not an issue for you, you should purchase a premium product with all the safety features, fit and comfortable. but if you are on a budget and want to save a few bucks, you should still purchase an effective helmet that can protect you.

bike helmet

Types of bike helmet:

Bike helmets come in various types, shapes, sizes, and designs. Let us check out some types of bike helmets available in the market!

Leisure or commuting bike helmets:

These helmets are as comfortable as more expensive helmets but they are slightly heavier in weight. These types of helmets come in prices ranges from $50 to $100.

Performance road bike helmets:

Performance road bike helmets are one of the lightweight helmets available in the market, used by many professions during races. These helmets are also best known for their venting.

Time trial bike helmets:

These helmets are a popular choice for triathletes and track riders and are designed to be worn during time trials and are not permitted in UCI road cases.

They come in elongated or teardrop shapes to maximize aerodynamics and reduce drag.

Aero road bike helmet:

Aero road bike helmet has become popular in the last few years. It is a mixture of a traditional road helmet and a time trial helmet.

These helmets are designed to be more aerodynamic than a standard helmet. They reduce drag by featuring less vent and make the helmet a bit heavier and warmer.

Mountain bike helmets:

If you prefer not to wear any cycling sunglasses, and still want to protect your eyes from sunlight, then mountain bike helmets are what you should look for.

Mountain bike helmets offer a front visor which is also removable and these helmets are also robust in the back and sides!

BMX and Downhill helmet:

BMX and Downhill helmets are similar to motorbike helmets, but they are lighter and best for extreme, fast, and furious BMX and downhill cycling.

They protect the full face including the chin area.

Women-specific helmets:

Most of the helmets are considered unisex, designed for both male and female, but still, there are some women-specific helmets designed and differentiated by smaller diameter sizes, unique colors, and sometimes have a different name. Women’s helmets also are ponytail compatible. Other than these, women’s helmets has same features as other unisex helmets.

Some popular question-answer about bike helmets:

What is the proper way to pick a bike helmet?

At first, put the helmet in, without buckling up the strap. If it hurts while putting in, then you need a bigger helmet. If it covers your eyes, then you need a smaller one. Are you able to shake your head without the helmet coming off, even with unbuckled straps? If yes, then you got the right helmet in your hand!

Now adjust the buckles so that it fits comfortably. Make sure the helmet is leveled with your head and does not cover your eyes. Make sure buckle straps go around your ears, without covering them. Now adjust the helmet’s rear adjustments lock.

You can now easily cartwheel and handstand without the helmet coming off. If it comes off then you need a different helmet.

Try a different helmet until you find the perfect one that meets the above criteria. Remember, an uncomfortable helmet will cause you not it wear it, which is a waste of money and make you vulnerable to accidents!

Should bike helmets be required?

Wearing a helmet reduces deaths for a cyclist. Without wearing helmets cause an increase in deaths due to head injuries.

To refuse to wear a helmet means you are risking your life and becoming vulnerable to injuries. A helmet will protect you from the worst injuries. Moreover, vehicle-related injuries costs to individuals and societies as a whole. This is the reason in some countries helmet wearing is mandatory.

Do bike helmets reduce head injuries?

Yes, they can, depending on the type of hit you take. Helmets are designed to protect your head from any injuries. Standard helmets design has not changed for years and offers protection against impact, but expensive ones with newer designs are saying to provide more accident protection!

How often should a bike helmet be replaced?

Usually, you can use a helmet for 5 to 10 years without any issue. But if your helmet wears out or you crash while wearing the helmet then it is the best option to replace it. See, once the foam underneath the helmet’s plastic shell is compressed, it won’t be able to protect you anymore.

Even the helmet remains visibly intact after the crash, still it is best to replace it, as the foam underneath the shell may have crushed to absorb the impact’s force. So, just get rid of the helmet if you have crashed it.

You might have already known, the foam in the helmets does not degrade or wear out, it does not mean you don’t have to worry. The foam falls apart if the shell that maintains the structure of the foam underneath is removed. Again that shell is also vulnerable to UV light. So, it becomes fragile if it is exposed to too much sunlight, and shell colors fade gradually for the same reason. If your shell’s color faded it means it is more likely to break or split easily. So, it’s time to replace it!

Because of sweat, salt, and dirt or grime, chin straps of the helmet also can wear out. Get rid of the helmet if your strap does not tighten, because it’s slide adjuster might have broken or the blade has broken off the buckle.

So, in short, replace the helmet if it has crashed, or foam has lost the loft or if you find any above issues. Otherwise, a helmet can work for 5 to 10 years with quality and ease. Even there are people who have been using their helmets for 20 years! So don’t be surprised!

Do more expensive bike helmets protect better?

To be honest, there is not much difference between expensive and cheap helmets. Expensive helmets will give you an easier fit, more vents, and stylish graphics. But the basic impact of the protection of cheap and expensive is mostly the same. However expensive helmets provide more features than the cheap one.

How much should I spend on a bike helmet?

You can get a nice helmet from the range of  $50 to $70 with the protection, comfort, and style you want. But keep in mind, if you can spend more, you can get more features!

What are MIPS and its relation with bike helmets?

Nowadays, most bike helmets are adopting MIPS. But is actually this MIPS? MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System.

It is used by helmet manufacturers to build the layer into the helmet. MIPS is made with two layers which slip against each other during an impact

The MIPS liner is designed to reduce the rotational force on the brain that can occur while crashing and creates a slip plane to mimic the brain’s own protection system to minimize force transmission to the brain.


The only difference between MIPS and Non-MIPS helmets are MIPS are designed to protect your head from rotational force impacts.

Are rounded bike helmets as safe as traditional helmets?

Traditional helmets have more edges that can get caught in the ground once you fall and twist your neck, which means it could lead to neck injuries. But rounded helmets don’t have these features, which makes it better than traditional. But one of the pros of the traditional helmet is they offer a large number of vents for keeping your head cool.

Do bike helmets expire?

If your helmets went through a crash, it wears out or tears, then yes it expired! Otherwise, you can use your helmets for years.

Can we buy bike helmets online?

Yes, of course. As long as you know your head size, your head shape, you can easily buy your desired bike helmets online!

Thalia WomenE28099s Bike Helmet 705x510 1

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How does a helmet work?
Answer: When you hit the road, the foam crushes which blows the cushion to save the head. The shell goes skidding to prevent jerking of the shoulder.

Question: Why the city bike helmet is important?
Answer: A bike helmet protects the brain from grave injury upon accidental falling or so. Also, this best biking helmets save the neck reducing the jerk resulting from an accident.

Question: What size city bike helmet do I need?
Answer: To get a perfect size, you have to measure the head circumference first. There are actually three sizes available – Small (51 – 55 cm), Medium (55 – 59 cm) & Large (59 – 63 cm).

Question: How to clean a city bike helmet?
Answer: One of the easiest & useful cleaning systems is to take the helmet with you on the shower. Just scrub the detachable pad separately after loosing before you go for it.

Question: How long do city bike helmets last?
Answer: There is basically no expiration date of bike helmets. But replacing the helmet once in every five years is recommended.

Question: Why do city bike helmets have visors?
Answer: Visors seem to be beneficial when it comes to mountain ride or upright cycling to deal with wind resistance. For riding on a flat street, it has minor functionality.

Question: When to replace your city best biking helmets?
Answer: If the padding gets degraded, then you should change the helmet. Meanwhile, if the helmet gets scratched or damaged, you should also replace yours right away.

Question: Is a cheap helmet as good as an expensive one?
Answer: Expensive ones have better ventilation & lightweight, being suitable for a long ride. A cheap one will serve the purpose in case of the short ride.

Question: How can I prevent “strap creep?”
Answer: Strap creeping through the buckle slot loosens the adjustment. To rake care of this problem, pay attention to the strap adjustment while wearing the helmet.

Final Verdict

Best biking helmets – Accidents take place without the slightest insight, for anyone, anywhere. So, getting a helmet for riding is more obvious than a pleasant one with your head open. Each of the aforementioned best city bike helmets comes with the basic features and a reasonable price. Getting the perfect one with these features may save your head & neck someday. We enlisted the best ones on the market & it is now all yours to make the choice to protect your head. So, do you wear a bike helmet when you ride your bicycle? Don’t forget to let us know!

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