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5 tips for cycling at night – benefits


Although night cycling is not safe, especially in high crime areas. But for many people, it’s the only way to get home from the job. You can reach home easily if you have installed some good quality lights. With the right attitude and careful selection of the route, you can reach home even in the dark hours. It is something way better than riding your stationary trainer while staring at a window or TV.

So we are going to share with you some crucial tips that will ensure safe cycling at night – benefits.


You are riding in the dark, so you are going to need some good quality lights along. And the good thing is that there is a plethora of decent quality LED lights that can prove to be very useful during the dark.

You should pick bright lights, and their battery should last for a reasonable period especially cycling at night – benefits. Apart from that, you can also conveniently charge them using USB or various other methods.

Your front light needs to be bright enough so it can brighten up those dark country lanes. You need to see those obstacles on the road very clearly. And for that, your front light needs to be at least 20 feet away. It will give you plenty of time to react and keep yourself safe.

Similarly, your rear lights must be bright enough so that the vehicles behind you can see you.

Safety Reflectors

For cycling at night, white lights are imperative, but you cannot write off the importance of reflective apparel. It doesn’t necessarily mean your bike need reflectors. You can even wear clothes that offer full reflectivity (360 degrees).

Recent research shows that motorists can easily see the paddling motion of cyclists when they are moving their feet up and down. You can also go for reflective paddling or reflective straps. These will help you stand out in the darkness pretty well.

Reflective tape or bicycle turn signals light is another useful tool that you can use on your clothes as well as your bicycle. It will improve your overall visibility while cycling at night.

Plan your routes

This one is a no brainer! Whether you are cycling at night for structural training or just looking to get some miles under your belt, planning your routes will help a lot. It is critical because a path in your head or on your phone will make your life a lot easier.

Only focus on short sessions because you have your weekends to do those long rides. A one-hour ride is more than enough in such a scenario.

Don’t try to add a hill in your short route so you can structure your ride pretty well. The ideal case for you here is to plan your trip near your home, just in case something happens.

Ride in a group

Riding in a group or with a partner is a good way to go for cycling at night. Going for such rides regularly with a club or your group of friends is great for motivation for going out in the dark.

Safety is always in numbers, and you have more helping hands in case of any issues. You also have more eyes so you won’t get lost and of course, you will have some company to enjoy too.

Keep yourself ready for any mechanicals

Fixing any mechanical issues at night is not going to be a fun activity if you don’t have the assistance of anyone else alongside. And if you have some experience and don’t have any issues going out at night, you might have come across these issues, and they waste a lot of time.

Therefore, the right approach here to the issue is to keep your bike in working conditions and check it out before you head on your way. It will also lower the risk significantly if something fails, and you are far from your home.

You need to have all the essential tools with you to fix most of the problems when cycling at night. You need to have your spare inner tubes, chain breaker, and all multi-tools stocks. Furthermore, you can also carry a tire boot and a pump. Make sure that you have your phone with you at all times to call home.

Final word

Leaving your warm and comfy house for a night ride might seem a bit daunting task, especially if you are a fresher. But riding in the dark will distract you less, provided that you choose your routes carefully.

You won’t have to deal with the rush of motorists at that time. But hearing strange sounds at night over your shoulders will also make you go faster, which is excellent cardio.

So do you frequently cycling at night? Do you have any other tips to share with us? Leave you to comment below!

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