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Bamboobee – Ladies Mi Byke with a bamboo bike frame

Resistance to vibration & impact, higher strength to weight ratio, or sustainable growth – bamboo and with the bamboo bike frame has it all. With great durability & performance, several manufacturers are marketing eco-friendly bamboo bicycles. That’s why bamboo bikes got the attention of environment-conscious cyclists.

The buzz is still low for its rather expensive price tag. Yet, there are some affordable bamboo bike cycles, particularly for males. Unlike others, Bamboobee brings something stylish, ergonomic & suitable for adventurous female riders.

From design to functionality, it resembles an original, genuine ladies’ bicycle. Without getting overpriced, Bamboobee bamboo bike – Ladies Mi Byke ensures the utmost quality for its intended users.

Introduction of a bamboo bike and bamboo bike frame

Let’s take a quick look at the overview right below.

Product Overview

bamboo bike frame

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The bike features a premium cruiser frame of natural bamboo by Bamboobee with the bamboo bike frame. Speaking of the bamboo, it’s sturdy enough to support the body while encountering road bumps & undulations. The durable material easily withstands the adverse effect of snow, rain & mud. With a fitting frame, the best ladies’ bamboo bike ensures maximum confidence on the ride.

An elegant & simple appeal easily matches the outfit of female riders. The other parts are of suitable metals to initiate an effortless, enjoyable, safe ride on the track. Through a full protective design, it certainly gives a better outdoor experience. For handlebar & seat, both feature soft, comfortable clothing. In fact, the built-in 2-tone grip encourages smooth handling.

Features & Benefits


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  • High-Quality Bamboo Framework

With natural bamboo, it ensures topmost quality from the beginning till the end. The bamboo restrains possible attacks of mold, fungus & microbial. Therefore, the best bamboo bike for female delivers incredibly lasting service on the track for its users. No doubt, both the interior & exterior remain equally fresh over prolonged exposure.

  • Perfect Design for Female Riders

It’s quite important to have a fitting frame to enjoy the ride. Specifically designed for females, it features a suitable frame size for ladies. Without anything against the body, the bicycle provides the best possible support. Thanks to its compact size, it seems quite suitable for most of the female riders. From pedaling to handling, everything remains just perfect.

  • Comfortable Ride, Easy to Control

Following a fitting frame with the bamboo bike frame, the bike obviously eases the ride. In fact, the system lets the user have a comfortable ride. No more hassle to control, thanks to better ride & further confidence. It’s easy to roll, pedal & maneuver with the budget-friendly ladies’ bamboo bicycle. You’ll have an excellent momentum without any excessive exertion.

  • Fully Protective Bicycle Materials

For the bamboo bike frame, it remains solid with steady connections & joints. Pedals, chains, grip & Seatpost are of quality metal. It features mostly light aluminum & commercial steel. To save the back & hand on a long ride, seat & handle feature soft covers. The tires have a reasonable size to distribute the load while maintaining the body balance.


  • Quite durable, strong bamboo material.
  • Elegant white & natural bamboo color.
  • Sturdy joints ensure uniform support.
  • Protective design against weather action.
  • Fitting frame size for a comfortable ride.
  • No extra exertion, further momentum.


  • Overweight may cause risky bends.
  • White connections easily get dirty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is it possible to attach a basket somewhere?

Answer: The front side features some hooks for basket attachment.

Question: Can I adjust the Seatpost height?

Answer: The Seatpost height with bamboo bikes aren’t adjustable.

Question: Is there another color or size available?

Answer: No, only one size for a fixed color combo.

Question: Should I use any particular solution for cleanup?

Answer: It’s not necessary. Simple cleaning with water will do fine.


Only a few ones are available to meet the budget & expectations. And Bamboobee – Ladies Mi Byke with the bamboo bike frame is probably the best option to make an eco-friendly start. From aesthetics to service – it covers almost everything with minor drawbacks. The best ladies’ bamboo bike under $700 here can ultimately give you an enjoyable time on the road.


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