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Best Electric Bikes – Story Unisex Hybrid City Electric bike

If you want an electric bike with a stylish frame, you should not go beyond the best electric bikes – Story Electric Bike.

It includes all the facilities a true biker demands for! The strong frame and fork, unique design, sleek looking tires, and the rest of the parts have been set with extra care. Above all, you will get a quality bike, and certainly, it will be a great buy if you select this one for you! Don’t bother.

In these best electric bikes – story electric bike reviews, you will come to know about the ins and outs of it. Let’s have a look:

Best Electric Bikes – Story Unisex Hybrid City Electric bike

Key Features:

  • Unisex Hybrid City Electric Bicycle
  • 9 Speed gears with Disc Brakes
  • USB Port to Charge Phone
  • Hidden Lithium Battery
  • Smart 350W Electric Motor
  • Road Design eBike
  • Best Electric Bikes remember
Best Electric Bikes

Best Electric Bikes

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Bike Frame

Like other high-class e-bikes, the story electric road bike includes a high-quality aluminum alloy frame.

It provides you with a highly responsive and firm feel! The fork attached to it is made of carbon and can absorb shock to avoid unfortunate damage. The frame and fork have made the bike sturdy and at the same time, fashionable enough to change your lifestyle. Moreover, the bike is affordable, ultra-chic, and eco-friendly.


The performance of an E-bike depends on the performance of the battery also. Because the battery will run the bike along with you.

So you have to be conscious in this regard. But if you buy this bike, you will get a high-performance 7Ah hidden lithium-ion battery. It allows you to go up to 45 miles on a single charge. And it also supports other parts LCD screen, lights, horns, and so on. You will find no problem with the performance it provides.


Speed depends on some factors, for example, battery, motor, gears, the flexibility of the wheels, and so on. However, this best Story Electric Bike has every facility to get high-speeds. The powerful 350-watt motor is capable of producing a maximum speed up to20 mph. Not only that it has 6 levels pedal assist, and interestingly, you can choose any according to your wish.


This City Electric Bicycle can produce a high-speed, and at the same time, it can stop that speed with the help of the Hydraulic disc brakes it includes! So riding to market, work, beach, and back home is easier than ever! And you can use the brakes whenever and wherever you want. Truly, they can work under any weather conditions with ease!

Other facilities

Another interesting thing is its LCD screen. It helps you watch the progress of every part while riding. Surprisingly, you can choose 6 levels of pedal assist, battery conditions, speed, and so on from the screen with ease! And there will be a USB outlet for you, and easily, you can charge your phone through them.

Undoubtedly, the bike is stylish and the best electric bikes of different types of bikes. The hidden battery, durable design, and classic lightweight have made it to be like that. It provides you a kind of feeling that you will forget you are riding an electric bike. The saddle and leather grips create such an aesthetic atmosphere. Truly, the bike will increase the fashion and status of your life.

Bike Assembly

Most of the bikes come with around 85-90% preassembled. This one is also like that. It comes with almost 95% assembled. You will have some other parts to fix. As you will get maintenance tools with the package, you can do the rest of the work. Or, if you dare not for the best electric bikes, you can take help from a professional mechanic.

Best Electric Bikes

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  • Lovable color
  • It makes riding a bike fun with the extra power
  • Lightweight
  • It has the power and can carry 195 Uphills with no problem
  • Solid frame and fork


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Truly, the Story electric road bike is nothing but a fashion of the best electric bikes. This easy-to-go bike is lighter than many others and made of high-quality materials.

Therefore, it can go with you for ages! Seriously, it can change your biking experience better than ever. After all, it must be a great buy if you select this high-class e-bike.

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