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Bicycling Repair – How to Maintain a Bike?

Having a bike does come in handy in a variety of situations. In order to get the best performance out of your bike, you have to make sure that the bike is maintained in a proper way.

Just by spending a few minutes on your Bicycling Repair regularly, you will be able to increase your bike’s lifespan. This will also make your ride safer and more enjoyable.

Bicycling Repair Important Tips to Maintain a Bike

Maintaining a bike might seem like a difficult and tedious task. But, we can assure you that it is not that tough. By following a few simple steps, you will be able to make sure your bike stays in perfect condition. Remember consistency is the key in this regard. We have listed all the things you will need to do in order to maintain your bike, down below:

1. Cleaning the bike

Your first priority should be cleaning your bike on a regular basis. As you go on to your outdoor adventures your bike will get dirty due to dust, mud, and road grime. Cleaning your bike once a week or once every two weeks prevents dirt and moisture from wearing down the bike.

Use a clean rag and small brushes to clean your bike. We suggest using a bike cleaning fluid instead of regular soap. Also, don’t use pressurized water as it might damage the bike’s surface.

2. Lubricating the moving parts

The moving parts of your bike such as the chain and the pedals could easily wear down if you do not lubricate them regularly. You will be needing bike oil and a rag for this. At first, make sure the bike’s chain is clean and then slowly rotate the pedals and keep putting drops of bike oil on the links of the chain.

3. Tightening the bolts

There are a lot of nuts and bolts in the bicycling repair holding its different parts together. It is quite common for these bolts to become loose. This can become a major safety issue. That is why you should check the bolts each time you ride and tighten them properly if need be. But don’t tighten them too much as that might be unsafe as well.

    4. Keeping the tires inflated

Your bike’s speed kind of depends on how inflated the bike’s tires are. If it is a little less inflated than the way it should be, you will need to pedal harder to maintain a good speed. Also, tires might even get damaged if they are not properly inflated while riding. So, make sure you keep the tires at the recommended air pressure (about 80-130 psi).

Checking the bike

There is a simple way of remembering the things about bicycling repair you will need to check to judge your bike’s condition. This is called the ABC method which refers to air pressure, brakes, and chain.

How to store a bike?

If you are planning on storing your bike for a long period, the first thing you have to do the bicycling repair is to clean it thoroughly. The dirt and debris that get caught on its moving parts such as its chain could wear them down.

Deflate the tires if you are storing the bike during wintertime. Keep the bike in a dry place where there is very little moisture. Also, remember to take out the bike’s lights and any other electronic parts.


If you follow the steps mentioned above, your bike will remain in great condition. You will be able to enjoy a better riding experience by bicycling repair.

Just remember that being negligent about your bike’s maintenance will cost you in the long run.
So be attentive in bike maintaining and make wonder others with your great looking bike always!

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