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Bike Safety – How to Teach Children 

First bike safety then bike riding is a fun experience, and at the same time, you can consider it a great exercise session that your kids will enjoy without complaining. Bike riding is also a great way to enjoy some family time with your kids, but at the same time, you would like to ensure that your kids are safe.

It is, therefore, crucial to making sure that your kids understand why their safety comes first, and this might fill them with the urge to follow the bike safety rules.

Teaching your children the importance of bike safety also requires an excellent bike type; therefore, you should look-up for the best kid’s bike. So here are some instructions and guidelines to follow while teaching the children bike safety.

  • Help your kids understand that bike safety rules are non-negotiable.

If your kid is new at cycling, you notice that they often want to explore and try doing what they have seen their friends do. With your kid trying to test his or her limit, it can get quite dangerous considering that they can easily fall and injure themselves though the injuries might be minor, you should not oversee this fact.

You should make sure that your child understands that having a new bike comes with rules that must be followed to the letter. Getting the kids to understand that breaking the rules is not something they can get away with will save you from all the constant worry you get whenever they are out cycling.

  • Make it looks like wearing safety gear is fun

Safety gear does not only mean a helmet; there is also the reflective jacket that is entailed in this list. The reflective vest is perfect for use, especially when it’s dark since you get to spot the child from afar as it acts as a set of lights. In some states, a reflective jacket is a requirement for the bike safety of the cyclist.

The helmet helps in reducing head injuries in case of a crash which may more often than not happen to kids as they learn how to ride a bike. A helmet is a necessity across most states, and this also ensures that they follow the set guidelines. Make it a bit fun for the children to wear this protective gear by allowing them to choose from a range of colors, and they can decorate their helmets to their liking.

  • Teach them the road rules

You can do this physically, and that helps you practice these rules off the bike without cycling. They should understand the different signals with just some practice sessions and some understanding.

You can help them learn the signs by starting them off with hand signals that indicate turning left, right, and stop. This makes them a lot more confident when they go out on a quite busy street. They should watch where they go and remember that there are also other vehicles and pedestrians on the road and they should, therefore, be careful.

  • Teach them some necessary steps on bike maintenance

Having the hands-on skill of learning how to maintain a bike is essential for the kid’s bike safety. They learn some beneficial skills that might come in handy when you are not around, and they seem stuck. It also helps in boosting their confidence in bike riding since they love hands-on projects and getting dirty.

If you are looking for a great way to make them feel involved in their bike riding experience, then this is a great option. Teach them how to check their brakes, clean the chain you can do this by only inviting them to see how you are fixing the bike and cleaning it.

  • You can give them a license to boost their confidence

Once you get to notice that they have understood and followed the basic bike safety rules, you can provide them with a test. You might even find a bike show that teaches the basic guidelines and let them answer a few questions. Get them involved in a cycling event for kids that are held in a secure location. You will get to see their progress and how they are following the basic safety rules.

With confidence at heart that you can let them ride on their own, you can give them a printed out license. The license will help boost their confidence, and they will understand that with following the rules, there is a reward that comes with it, and they can finally go out on their own but under supervision.


The steps you take to teach your child about bike safety are of a lot of essences, be it practically or off the bike. They go a long way in implicating the basic safety rules in your child’s bike riding skills.

Always remember to share your excitement with them to make it all the more exciting and eager for them to learn.

Having the safety rules on their fingertips makes them more confident, and it reduces the pressure on you because of their safety. Follow these guidelines and look up more safety measures on other sites on the internet, and your child is ready to go.

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