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Carbon Road Bike, SAVA HERD6.0 T800 Carbon Fiber 700C Road Bicycle

Presently, people use a bicycle for many purposes. They want to commute, cruise, or do physical exercises. Cycling has many advantages. When you use it for your daily commute, you don’t need to spend money on your transportation cost. On the other hand, it’s a great medium of physical fitness. If you ride a bike daily, you need not go for walking, running, or doing any kind of workout.

Quick Carbon Road Bike FAQ:

Does it include pedals?

Ans: Yes, they do give you free pedals.

Are the Shimano Components authentic?

Ans: Yes, it is.

Do they feature a water bottle holder?

Ans: No, they don’t.

What height range can be supported by this road bike?

Ans: Riders with a height from 4’11” to 6’2” can have this road bike.

Are the brakes reliable?

Ans: Yes, they work fine in any road condition even on slippery terrain.

But if you don’t have a high-quality bicycle, all your effort may go in vain! A low-quality bike may destroy your peace of mind. That is why we always advise our customers to buy a quality bike at an affordable price. Now, I want to ask you a question: Do you know about the Carbon Road Bike? Don’t worry.

In this Carbon Road Bike review, we will tell you about all the bike features. If you ride it for once, I guarantee you will experience something new! This Savadeck road bike includes all the modern facilities that an ideal bike should have. Let’s see the features at a glance.

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Carbon Road Bike Key Features

Carbon Road Bike, SAVA HERD6.0 T800 Carbon Fiber 700C Road Bicycle with 105 22 Speed Groupset Ultra-Light Carbon Wheelset Seatpost Fork Bicycle Black Grey 52cm

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Key Specifications:

✔Weight: 18.86 lbs., ✔Sizes: 44cm, 48cm, 50cm, 52cm, 54cm, 56 cm, ✔Brand: SAVADECK, ✔Frame Material: T800 Carbon Fiber, ✔Fork: Rigid fork, Carbon Fiber, ✔Speed: 22 Speed-Levels, ✔Front Derailleur: Shimano 105 FD-7000 Bulk, ✔Rear Derailleur: Shimano 105 FD-7000 Bulk, ✔Shift Lever: Shimano 105, ✔Brake: Shimano double V brakes, ✔Wheel Size: 700 C, ✔Tires: 700 x 25C continental ultra-sport II wire, ✔Saddle: Fi’zi:k racing saddle, ✔Handlebar: Dropped bar, ✔Pedal: Included, ✔Color: Grey Red, Black Red, Black Green, Red White, ✔Best Use: Road riding, Racing, Cruising.

Key Features:

  • T800 carbon fiber TORAY frame and fork.
  • 2 x 11 speeds Shimano 105 7000 gears.
  • V brakes for a sure stop under any circumstances.
  • 50 mm T800 carbon fiber bearing and 700 x 25 C continental ultra sport II wire tires.
  • 95% pre-assembled.
  • The SAVA HERD6.0 has a sturdy frame made of high-quality Toray T800, solid carbon fiber. It has great strength and can carry heavy loads.
  • The durable frame is supported by the carbon fiber shock absorber fork that provides you a great dampening system and cushions you in bumpy terrain.
  • This road has an authentic Shimano 105 7000 22-Speed level Speed derailleur that can offer surreal performance on any given condition.
  • There are Shimano double V brakes on the SAVA HERD6.0 road bike. These brakes provide 100% stopping power whether you are cruising on a plain surface or declining from hills.
  • For your ultimate comfort and better traction, the bike is equipped with 700 x 25C continental ultra-sport II wire tires. Besides, it has durable aluminum rims that remain unaffected even after years of use.
  • The bike also features T800 Carbon Fiber 50MM Bearing Wheelset for quickly accelerating the wheels.
  • This bike promotes an aerodynamic riding style that why it is designed with dropped handlebars and ergonomic Fi’zi:k saddle.
  • You will have to assemble this road bike only 5% because it bears 95% pre-assembly. Thus, SAVADECK is saving your time and effort here.

Frame & Fork

The frame and fork make a bicycle stable. If your bike doesn’t have a sturdy frame and fork, you have to face many difficulties.

Unfortunately, the bike may break down! But if you buy this bike, you will get a solid carbon fiber Toray T800 frame with it. The frame is durable and lightweight.

As a result, you need not carry the extra burden. Also, it is beautiful to look at. So it will enhance your fashion as well.

And the carbon fiber shock absorber frame supports the frame to stay strong for years. Its suspension is high.

Therefore, you can ride smoothly in any road condition. And it will not break down while carrying a heavy load.


Without a sound gear system, you cannot make your riding enjoyable. That is why you need to check it before buying a bike.

This best Savadeck bike can ease your pressure a lot because this time, it has come with the Shimano 105 groupset. The 2 x 11 speeds Shimano 105 7000 gears are high-class.

The front and rear derailleurs are so unique that they help you ride the bike with maximum speed. The shifter levers are so soft, and you can change them with ease!

Whether climbing a hill or cruise on the plain surface is not a matter at all. And yes, the system is not cheap.

The whole set is made with high-quality materials. So you need not replace them frequently. Above all, you can use them for a long time without any hassle!


As brakes ensure safety, you need to buy a bike with a high-quality brake system. The V brakes of this road bike are magnificent.

Whether getting down from a hill or stopping on a plain surface, the brakes satisfy you with 100% accuracy.

Even amid rain, they work efficiently. So you will have a very little chance to get slipped. For this reason, you can buy this bike without thinking much.

Fixing the brake of this bike is not something difficult. Without the help of mechanic you may fix it.

Carbon Road Bike, SAVA HERD6.0 T800 Carbon Fiber 700C Road Bicycle with 105 22 Speed Groupset Ultra-Light Carbon Wheelset Seatpost Fork Bicycle Black Grey 52cm

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The wheels of a bike confirm whether you can ride it comfortably or not. Thinking about it, the manufacturer has included a unique wheelset with the bike.

The aluminum rims are solid. Therefore, they will not bend easily if they get shocked.

The 50 mm T800 carbon fiber bearing is perfect for moving the wheels quickly. And the 700 x 25 C continental ultra sport II wire tires are heavy-duty.

They can fit with any road condition. Even under heavy rain, you can ride smoothly and with high-class safety.

As they are durable, you need not replace them quickly. Above all, you will not be wrong if you select the bike for your daily use!


Like other high-quality bikes, this one is also designed nicely. The entire bike is lovely to look at. The seat tube, seat post, stays, and wind tunnel is contoured aerodynamically.

The cable is set internally, and the routing allows clean airflow. Similarly, the tapered head tube rigidly supports the torsion. That is why it provides better handling to riders.


Like most other high-class bikes, this one also comes with 95% pre-assembled. You will have all the necessary tools along with the package.

So you can fix the rest of the parts with ease. It will only take 30 to 40 minutes.

But if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can take help from a professional mechanic.

Carbon Road Bike, SAVA HERD6.0 T800 Carbon Fiber 700C Road Bicycle with 105 22 Speed Groupset Ultra-Light Carbon Wheelset Seatpost Fork Bicycle Black Grey 52cm

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  • Looks awesome.
  • Includes “goodies” (saddlebag, phone case, rear/side reflectors, toolkit).
  • Easy setup.
  • Lightweight frame.
  • Smooth ride.
  • Super lightweight.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Strong build.
  • Durable fork.
  • Reliable braking system.
  • Multiple speed levels.
  • Shifts speed easily.
  • Looks great.
  • Authentic Shimano Components.
  • Smooth tires.
  • Easy and fast assembly.
  • Good price.
  • Different colors are available.


  • Uncommon brakes.
  • Some complained the deep rims caught crosswinds.
  • It is a small brand that has very few expert reviews.
  • Brakes can be noisy sometimes.

Carbon Road Bike Considerations:

Carbon Road Bike, SAVA HERD6.0 T800 Carbon Fiber 700C Road Bicycle with 105 22 Speed Groupset Ultra-Light Carbon Wheelset Seatpost Fork Bicycle Black Grey 52cm


Having the correct size bike is a pre-condition to comfortable and relaxed riding experiences. If you do not know how to measure road bikes read our in-depth discussion.

Here, in this SAVA HERD6.0 road bike, you will get 6 bike sizes that suit teenagers to adults. And they are given below:

44 cm- EXTRA SMALL – 4’1” to 5’1”

48 cm- SMALL – 5’2” to 5’4”

50 cm- MEDIUM – 5’5” to 5’7”

52 cm- LARGE – 5’8” to 5’9”

54 cm- EXTRA LARGE – 5’10” to 6’

56 cm- EXTRA EXTRA LARGE – 6’1” to 6’2”

SAVADECK is quite concerned about its customer. So, it has kept various sizes to fit your category.

Now, choose the bike size according to your height and have a great riding performance.

Seat and Handlebars:

From the placement of the seat and handlebar in the bike, we can see it promotes aerodynamic riding style and aggression on the trail.

So, this is the opposite of the upright riding style where the seat is less meaty and kept in a higher position than the handlebar.

Again, the handlebar is dropped and placed lower than the seat to provide you more inclined position.

This will offer bullet speed in your ride. So, it is an ideal option for racing or enhancing agility.

Carbon Road Bike, SAVA HERD6.0 T800 Carbon Fiber 700C Road Bicycle with 105 22 Speed Groupset Ultra-Light Carbon Wheelset Seatpost Fork Bicycle Black Grey 52cm


Color and a stylish frame go hand to hand when it comes to creating a solid impression.

Amazingly, the SAVA HERD6.0 has both of them.

So, to enhance the appearance of this road bike, it comes with several color options. Now, these colors are unisex that means it will suit riders of any gender.

Here, it provides you the color combination of Black Red, Red White, Black Green, and Grey Red.

My personal favorite is black-green. It looks stunning when you take it out on a sunny day.

You can pick up other colors as well. They are great too.


The SAVA HERD6.0 road bike is moderately high priced.

It is primarily built for speed or racing. So, the features added are of high-quality to offer you excellent performance.

Now, if you are thinking of a lifetime investment then you can consider this bike.

However, the only hiccup is, it is not such a big company yet.

So, beginners should look for other options to stick to the safe side.

Anyways, it can offer you an efficient riding experience just like any other good quality bike.

Whom it is suited for:

From teenagers to adults, anybody can ride this bike. It is easy to use, has a clean and crisp appearance, great braking mechanism, multiple speed, and simple installation.

Besides, if you are into racing then it is a great catch for you. It is also ideal for cyclist enthusiasts and beginners.

Carbon Road Bike Buyer’s Guide:

If you purchasing a bike for the first time, make sure you measure your height at home before.

It will save you time in the shop while looking for your bike size. Even if you haven’t measured, don’t worry. You will get plenty of support from the store.

Cunning salespersons can deceive you with any type of bicycle if you are not knowledgeable about it.

That’s why before purchasing anything check its reviews, ratings, and other details. This will save you and you can have your desired items with confidence.

If possible, give the bike a test ride to see if it’s perfect for you.

During this Corona situation, everyone is staying indoor and prefers to do online shopping. So, if you are purchasing a bike from an online site make sure it is trusted and can provide you 100% genuine product.

Better if it has a return policy.

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The conclusion

The carbon road bike is highly efficient in providing a comfortable ride. All the parts are made with top-class materials. That is why they are durable and keep you away from changing them frequently. Indeed, it will make your commute or cruise easier than ever! For this reason, you will not repent if you buy it for your daily purposes.

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