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City Bikes – LOOCHO Road Bike City Commuter Bike Review for 2020

Are you tired of reading the best fitness City Bikes bike reviews? Don’t worry. We have been successful in making the best solution for you! The LOOCHO Road Bike has come with all the features you need. City bikes have made your travel easier than before!

On one hand, you can go with it for maintaining your physical fitness, and on the other hand, it reaches you to your far working place with ease! Isn’t it quite interesting? Let’s see the details:

City Bikes Key Features:

  • Aerodynamic geometry and precision welded frame and reliable parts
  • 21 Speed Dual Disk Brake 700C Wheels
  • Fitness Bicycle Urban City Commuter Bike
  • Shimano Tourney 21-speed derailleurs with an easy shifter system
  • 7 Gears in the rear and 3 in the front
  • Mechanical dual disc brakes
  • 90% Pre-assembled


City Bikes - LOOCHO Road Bike 21 Speed Dual Disk Brake 700C Wheels

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Bike Frame

The frame of the city bikes is an important matter that you need to examine first. A bike with a normal frame can spoil your life. And you can be deprived of ultimate pleasure by facing dangerous situations. Hence, the need for a sturdy frame!

Unexpectedly, the precision welded frame is solid and ensures great quality. This aerodynamic geometry frame can endure a heavy load, and that is why this bike is a perfect one for casual cruises and campus or city commutes. As a result, it has gained the prestige of being one of the best hybrid bikes on the market.


You shouldn’t have any doubt regarding speed when you hear the name Shimano. Yes, the bike contains 21-high-speed Shimano Tourney gears. You will get 3 gears in the front and 7 gears in the rear. They ensure superb shifting.

As a result, riding on mountains or ground surfaces will not bring any difficulty. Select your desired speed during the ride and enjoy the beauty of nature in the afternoon.


Brake is essential to encounter the unavoidable circumstances that may happen during your ride. A high-quality brake system can ensure higher-safety. So, always have an eye before purchasing a bike. As expected, this bike has come with mechanical dual disc brakes. As a result, you can brake instantly without facing any difficulty. On one hand, it has upgraded stopping power, and on the other hand, will provide higher-safety.

Bike Assembling

Everyone likes easy to assemble a bike. You need not think much about the issue. Conveniently, this bike comes with 90% pre-assembled. At the same time, it remains secured within the package. And you will get all the instructions along with tools. Incidentally, you have to fit the front wheel, seat, pedals, and handlebar either yourself with the help of the tools or by a professional mechanic. It takes only 15-30 minutes.


Everybody wants city bikes with a unique design. Otherwise, it may not suit him the best. Keeping in mind that the bicycle is designed nicely. The whole item is painted with a high-quality red color that ensures durability and serves you for ages. Consequently, you can ride the bike under any adverse weather conditions.


A bike with the best quality wheels can provide ultimate pleasure for your riding. Load capacity also depends on the wheel type. This bike is extremely suitable as it includes 700C wheels with it. And you will have 3 sturdy spokes in each wheel that ensure better service and high-performance. The whole wheelset is made in such a way that you can ride the bike taking a partner behind. City Bikes

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  • A nice Specialized bike
  • Not too costly but still look sharp
  • It performed brilliantly
  • Responsive steering and braking
  • Smooth-shifting and relatively lightweight. Every day’s ride is a pleasure.


  • We didn’t find any


COVID-19 ride bike.

The Conclusion

LOOCHO is undoubtedly a great bike to ride. All the parts are carefully made with high-quality materials. That is why city bikes are strong and can serve you for ages. Riding the bike is comfortable and going on a long ride is easier than before! So, we are highly recommending you to buy this one of the best fitness bicycles and enjoy unlimited fun!

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