City Bikes – LOOCHO Commuter Road Bike Review

Are you tired of reading the best fitness City Bikes bike reviews? Don’t worry. We have been successful in making the best solution for you! The LOOCHO Road Bike has come with all the features you need. City bikes have made your travel easier than before!

On one hand, you can go with it for maintaining your physical fitness, and on the other hand, it reaches you to your far working place with ease! Isn’t it quite interesting? Let’s see the details:

Some FAQ:

Is it a heavy-duty road bike?

Ans: Yes, since it has a precision welded steel frame for durability and sturdiness.

Does it feature a water bottle holder?

Ans: No, it doesn’t.

Can I easily shift the gears?

Ans: Yes, the gears are easily shiftable.

Is it possible to add a headlight to the bike?

Ans: Of course, you can do it.

Are the instructions provided for the assembly?

Ans: Yes, you will have it with the package.

LOOCHO Road Bike Review: 21 Speed Dual Disk Brake 700C Wheels City Commuter Bike

LOOCHO Road Bike 21 Speed Dual Disk Brake 701C Wheels Fitness Bicycle Urban City Commuter Bike

LOOCHO Road Bike 21 Speed Dual Disk Brake 701C Wheels

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Key Specifications:

✔Weight: 35 lbs., ✔Brand: LOOCHO, ✔Frame: Precision welded steel frame, ✔Speed: 21-High Speed-Shimano Tourney Gears, 3 gears (Front), 7 gears (Rear), ✔Brake: Mechanical Dual Disc, ✔Seat: Thinly padded, Adjustable Height., ✔Handlebar: Dropped handlebar, 16.5” width, ✔Wheels: 700C, ✔Pedals: Included, ✔Colors: Blue and Black, Red and Black, ✔Kickstand: Included, ✔Gender: Unisex

Key Features:

✔Aerodynamic geometry and precision welded frame and reliable parts.

✔21 Speed Dual Disk Brake 700C Wheels.

✔Fitness Bicycle Urban City Commuter Bike.

✔Shimano Tourney 21-speed derailleurs with an easy shifter system.

✔7 Gears in the rear and 3 in the front.

✔Mechanical dual disc brakes.

✔90% Pre-assembled.

✔The LOOCHO City Commuter Bike is designed of great quality, precision welded frame. Its aerodynamic frame geometry can endure heavy load and perfect for casual cruises.

✔This City bike features Shimano 21-high-speed Tourney gears. Where 3 gears are in the front and 7 gears in the rear. They also make sure you can shift gears swiftly.

✔To provide you safe and instantaneous stopping power, the bike includes mechanical dual brakes. It works efficiently in all road or weather conditions.

✔The bike features 3 sturdy spokes on some models and it is fitted into the standard 700C wheel. Together these things provide smooth and strong performance on the road.

✔The saddle of the bike is thinly padded and has adjustable height. While dropped handlebars are integrated into the bike for speed and aggressive riding style.

✔This bike will appear in 90% assembled form and the rest is your job. Assembling is super easy and quick. It will take around 15-30 minutes if you are fast with your hands.

Bike Frame

The frame of the city bikes is an important matter that you need to examine first. A bike with a normal frame can spoil your life.

And you can be deprived of ultimate pleasure by facing dangerous situations. Hence, the need for a sturdy frame!

Unexpectedly, the precision welded frame is solid and ensures great quality. This aerodynamic geometry frame can endure a heavy load, and that is why this bike is a perfect one for casual cruises and campus or city commutes.

As a result, it has gained the prestige of being one of the best hybrid bikes on the market.


You shouldn’t have any doubt regarding speed when you hear the name Shimano. Yes, the bike contains 21-high-speed Shimano Tourney gears.

You will get 3 gears in the front and 7 gears in the rear. They ensure superb shifting.

As a result, riding on mountains or ground surfaces will not bring any difficulty.

Select your desired speed during the ride and enjoy the beauty of nature in the afternoon.

LOOCHO Road Bike 21 Speed Dual Disk Brake 701C Wheels Fitness Bicycle Urban City Commuter Bike


Brake is essential to encounter the unavoidable circumstances that may happen during your ride.

A high-quality brake system can ensure higher-safety. So, always have an eye before purchasing a bike. As expected, this bike has come with mechanical dual disc brakes.

As a result, you can brake instantly without facing any difficulty.

On one hand, it has upgraded stopping power, and on the other hand, will provide higher-safety.

Bike Assembling

Everyone likes easy to assemble a bike. You need not think much about the issue. Conveniently, this bike comes with 90% pre-assembled.

At the same time, it remains secured within the package. And you will get all the instructions along with the tools.

Incidentally, you have to fit the front wheel, seat, pedals, and handlebar either yourself with the help of the tools or by a professional mechanic.

It takes only 15-30 minutes.


Everybody wants city bikes with a unique design. Otherwise, it may not suit him the best. Keeping in mind that the bicycle is designed nicely.

The whole item is painted with a high-quality red color that ensures durability and serves you for ages.

Consequently, you can ride the bike under any adverse weather conditions.

LOOCHO Road Bike 21 Speed Dual Disk Brake 701C Wheels Fitness Bicycle Urban City Commuter Bike


A bike with the best quality wheels can provide ultimate pleasure for your riding. Load capacity also depends on the wheel type.

This bike is extremely suitable as it includes 700C wheels with it. And you will have 3 sturdy spokes in each wheel that ensure better service and high-performance.

The whole wheelset is made in such a way that you can ride the bike taking a partner behind.

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  • A nice Specialized bike
  • Not too costly but still look sharp
  • It performed brilliantly
  • Responsive steering and braking
  • Smooth-shifting and relatively lightweight. Every day’s ride is a pleasure.
  • Durable frame design.
  • Get efficient stopping power with a mechanical disc brake.
  • Multiple speed settings for a diversified ride.
  • Sturdy 3 spoke design.
  • Dropped handlebar promotes better speed and aggression on road.
  • Ideal bike for race practicing.
  • A kickstand is provided to park the bike in a convenient place.
  • Adjustable seat height to get your desired fit.
  • Affordable price.
  • Looks stylish.
  • Easy and quick assembly.


  • We didn’t find any.
  • You will have to assemble pedals and a lot of people get confused doing it.
  • Its thinly padded seat can’t provide much comfort.

Loocho Road Bike Important Considerations

Road Bike (Blue)

LOOCHO 21 Speed 3-Spoke Road Bike for Men and Women 700C Wheels


Our belonging gives a taste of our personality. Likewise, your bike will exhibit your sense of style.

So, make it cool and appealing to others. That’s why the LOOCHO road bike comes in two different incredible colors that will catch the eyes of maximum people.

You will have to choose between Blue- Black and Red-Black color combos.

Personally, I would choose the Red-Black one because it is astonishingly gorgeous and sleek looking.

On the other hand, the Blue-Black bike also looks great and it’s a motivating color to ride more. So, the call is yours, and pick one.

Now talking about price:

This LOOCHO commuter bike is fairly affordable. Its price range is within the limit of $300.

For students, it’s a steal. Besides, anyone who is new to cycling can start their journey with this amazing bike.

Also, you can present it as a birthday or anniversary gift to your close ones. Everyone loves amazing gifts like this.

Whom it is suitable for? Is it for you?

The frame geometry of this bike promotes better aerodynamics and speed.

So, if you are a fitness enthusiast or a racer then you should have it as your go-to bike.

It features authentic Shimano components for a smooth and better riding experience.

As a result, it runs great for cruising on-road as well. With 21-speed levels, you can enjoy different types of riding.

Besides, its mechanical disc brake offers instant and safe stopping power at any given condition.

The standard-sized wheels and 3 spoke design can offer a durable and smooth-riding performance on road. Dropped handlebars are used in the bike to give you bullet speed.

While the adjustable seat can offer you the perfect fit. Lastly, the bike comes 90% assembled.

That means you just have to figure out the rest work and it can be done within a half-hour. 

Overall, it is an amazing bike on a budget. Hope you will like it too. 

Road Bike (Blue)

Loocho Bike Buyer’s Guide:

Before buying a bike, it is important to measure your height to determine your perfect size. This is handy when you are shopping in a store.

It will save you time and from unnecessary fuss.

What is your riding style? Comfort or Aggressive? Depending on that you will have to select the frame geometry.

For comfort, you should pick up a bike that has a well-padded seat and flat handlebars. The height of the handlebar should be above the seat level.

As a result, you can enjoy an upright riding style. Plus, it will keep your back straight and support your lower hip bone for a long-term comfortable ride.

In contrast, if aggression on road is your goal, then go for a bike that has dropped handlebar and adjustable seat.

It will keep your body inclined and crouched toward the handlebar to achieve better speed and aerodynamic.

These types of bikes are great for racing.

Now, for material, you will Aluminum and Steel if you are on a budget to buy bike. Both of them are super durable, wear-resistant, and absorbs shocks and jolts well.

However, aluminum is lightweight where steel is hefty. If your budget is high, then you should definitely go for Carbon Fiber.

It is lightweight, super durable, wear-resistant, and a high-quality material that will last for a long time.

If it is possible to go shopping during this pandemic situation, then you should give the bike a test ride to see if it is perfect for you.

During the lockdown period, everyone is staying home and preferring online shopping.

So, if you also want to shop online then make deals with trusted online sites that provide 100% authentic products. It would be best if they can offer you a return policy.

To Conclude:

LOOCHO is undoubtedly a great bike to ride. All the parts are carefully made with high-quality materials. That is why city bikes are strong and can serve you for ages. Riding the bike is comfortable and going on a long ride is easier than before! So, we are highly recommending you to buy this one of the best fitness bicycles and enjoy unlimited fun!

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