Commuter Bike

How To Ride A Commuter Bike

Commuter bikes are perfect for riding to work. If you are new to the biking world, you need to know a couple of things before you can hop on the road. A lot of people do not have the confidence to ride bicycles to work. Some feel like the weather is not suitable for biking. But it is never the wrong time to hit the road with your bicycle. With the correct gear and the right confidence level, you can use your bike to commute whenever you want.

How to gear up for a commuter bike?

When going to work with your commuter bike, you can wear your work clothes. But do not forget to wear your helmet. Your head is the most vulnerable with riding bikes, so always wear your helmet. If you are expecting it to rain, keep a raincoat with you. Make sure you get the gears that make you feel confident and stylish when you ride. Otherwise, you will not want to bikes to commute.

How to get the hang of a commuter bike?

If you have no experience with bicycles or have not been on one for a long time, you need to start by practicing. You can practice in a nearby parking lot or even in your driveway after you get the hang of balancing the ride and riding without anyone’s help. You need to practice some motions you need to do while on the road. For example, riding with one hand and pointing with the other, checking your shoulder, and stopping quickly.

How to maintain a commuter bike?

With proper maintenance, commuter bikes last for a long time. Some necessary maintenances for your bike are cleaning the frame, cleaning the chain, putting air in the tires, and ensuring the brakes work. You should do these twice or at least once a week if you are comfortable with some basic tools. You can tighten the screws once in a while as well.

Always plan ahead

If you are in a city or even a town, you need to know the best pathways and routes for commuter bikes. There are individual routes for bikes in many big cities nowadays. But even so, they may not cover your entire trip. You can find bike maps and join local communities for cyclists on social media for better aid.

Safety first

The best way to be safe on the road is to ride predictably. If cars, motorbikes, etc. can predict your pattern and plan their way around you. You will be safe on the road. Whenever you intend to make a turn, use your hand to signal the people behind you. If you are riding at night, make sure you have bicycle lights or reflectors to make yourself visible. Use your bells when you are about to pass other cyclists or pedestrians. If you do not have bells, you can say “passing on the left/right” as well. Always be aware of your surroundings. Make sure you are not in the blind spot of other cyclists or motorists. Some of the apparent safety measures are riding in the direction of the traffic and obeying other traffic rules. Many accidents happen because cyclists think basic traffic laws do not apply when riding bicycles. While it is true many laws that apply for motorized vehicles do not apply to bikes. Still, you should follow them for safety reasons.


Cycling keeps you healthy and fit. A common cause for not cycling to work is lack of confidence. You can get rid of this by finding someone to ride with to work. Cycling is meant to be fun, enjoy the sun on your back and the wind on your face. Keep a friendly attitude and say hi to other cyclists. When buying your commuter bike, remember that there are specialized commuter bikes to fit your various needs. The bottom line is, commuter bikes are the best all-around bikes to ride in the city and commute to work.

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