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Diamondback Bicycle 2020 Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike

Diamondback Bicycle – The hybrid bike is probably the best thing to happen to the cycling business in 50 years. Nothing targets the informal or commuter rider quite like it. And that is for good motive. Hybrid bicycles (hypothetically) present a wonderful balance of capability.

Road, grass, trails, what is your pleasure? The hybrid bike handles them all with relief. Right? not accurately. While there are some phenomenally enormous entrants into this category, they are not all created equal.

What size bike frame do I need of hybrid?

To find the right frame size for you, you will need to know two things,

  1. Your height
  2. Inseam measurement

Let’s elaborate on them for you!

  1. Height measurement:

We hope you know how to measure your height, just take your measuring tape and measure from your toe to head.

  1. Inseam measurement:

To measure your inseam, at first stand tall near a wall, barefoot, and put a book inside your leg as high as possible, and with a measuring tape measure the distance from the book to the feet. And the measurement you got, that’s your inseam!

To make your measurement easier, below we have included two charts of hybrid bike sizing for both men and women. So, without wasting any time, let’s check them out and see if any sizing matches yours!

Hybrid Bike Sizing Chart for Men

Height (in inch)Inseam (in inch)Bike size (in inch)
4.10-5.02613, 14 (X Small)
5.0-5.32714, 15 (X Small, Small)
5.3-5.72815, 16 (Small)
5.7-5.93017, 18 (Medium)
5.9-5.113119, 20 (Large)
5.11-6.23220, 21 (Large, X Large)
6.2-6.53421, 22 (Large, X Large)
6.5 +3623, 24 (XX Large)

put your details below in the comment box to get a properly sized bike from our expert team.

Hybrid Bike Sizing Chart for Women

Height (in inch)Inseam (in inch)Bike size (in inch)
4.10-5.12613, 14 (X Small)
5.1-5.32714, 15 (X Small, Small)
5.3-5.52815, 16 (Small)
5.5-5.83017, 18 (Medium)
5.9+3119 (Large)

How are hybrid bikes sized?

The hybrid bike is a combination of both mountain bikes and road bikes, so they come in inches like a mountain bike, centimeters like a road bike, or using an S/M/L system.

Usually, a hybrid bike frame is measured by the length of the seat tube, from the top of the tube, where the seat post inserts to the center of the front chainring.

Diamondback Bicycle

Diamondback Bicycle

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Technical Info

  • Aluminum Frame Material.
  • Available in Black color only.
  • package height.:29 x 42 x 55 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 41.89 pounds.
  • 700 inches’ great wheels
  • Front Suspension by Shimano.
  • Tektro Alloy Linear brakes
  • Tires are Kenda Cross 700x40c.

Today, the hybrid is one of the most accepted bikes for informal bike riders. This Diamondback bicycle 2020 Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike is the mixture of the highest superiority performance and lots of modern features.

This bike is possessed with high-class features like an aluminum frame through sports hybrid geometry, suspension fork & seat post for added extra cushioning.

After all, this is one of the furthermost bikes of the hybrid bikes series. You are requested to keep reading in order that you can gather better information about this hybrid bicycle.

Bike Features

Suspension tuned for something ranging from a ride around to wedge to traversing rough rural roads, the shifts are glossy-smooth to give you a relaxed ride that certainly will not shock your bones.

The hand-crafted carbon frame and fork are hard, long-lasting, and made to support the huge weight. This 20-speed prettiness has aero-disk brakes and large 700c fat tires and joins amazing functionality with elegant good looks.

Special Features

Diamondback Bicycle 2020 Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike has some great special features like the 21-speed derailleur drivetrain that incorporates Shimano parts to make for flat sailing up the steepest of slopes, with dial-up speed attributes on flats.

Shimano EF 51 trigger-shifters create for silky gear shifts, as instinctive as pedaling!

 Assembling Information

The product comes moderately assembled and needs only fixing of handlebars and suspension. Instructions are offered in the manufacturer’s The instructions are quite simple and trouble-free to follow:

  • Open the box watchfully
  • Take out the little parts box
  • Remove saddle, seat post, and bike
  • Watchfully remove the bike from the packing materials
  • Go behind assembling instructions very vigilantly. Apply grease if required. You require basic tools like hex wrench etc.
  • When the assembly is complete, go throughout all the fitted parts watchfully once more to make sure that they are correctly tightened and aligned.
  • If you are not sure of doing this job yourself, obtain it (Diamondback Bicycle) to a bike shop or mechanic.

Design and Comfort

The DB-Diamondback Bicycle 6061 T6 Butted Aluminum alloy sports hybrid geometry frame with formed tubes and the consumable hanger is actually the core capability of this bike, and this combines beautifully with the suspension to give superior soothe. The low standover height creates for simple on-off for a range of heights and the prototypal geometry provides you a flat, safe ride each time.

Handlebars are 50mm steel risers. These high superiority components guarantee that you will be to love and keep your bike for a long time to come. The easy, put-together features and trouble-free assembling construct it an acceptable choice for families and people of all ages.

You just require a set of basic tools that you would have lying around the house to fix only the wheels and handlebars – plus you get that little additional kick out of knowing that you made it yourself!

The sports hybrid geometry also builds for the upright pedaling place because of the faintly higher built-in head tubes and this creates the bike really yours even over long distances.

Modifiable flat handlebars plus pleasant padded DB deluxe hybrid big easy saddle with a suspension seat post that is kind to your butt, while the comfortable ellipse-shaped grips are flexible on your hands.


  • Very easy over long distances
  • The seat, suspension, and grips supply relaxation and pleasure
  • Great riding place and Sturdy frame geometry
  • Reliable brakes Diamondback Bicycle
  • trouble-free to Assemble
  • Smooth flawless gear shift
  • Light-weight frame constructs it convenient to load on to cars and open transport
  • Suitable for people of dissimilar height/weight/age
  • Extremely versatile
  • High-quality gear ratios


  • No kickstand – it has to be purchased unconnectedly
  • Tires may puncture simply
  • No assembly gear included
  • Gears tend to groan when chain not completely stretched
  • The manual does not provide enough details about tuning
  • Rims are poor quality
  • Better on paved roads

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Some important information about Diamondback Bike: 

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike with 27.5" Wheels, 18"/Medium, Red

Does Diamondback make hybrid bikes?

Diamondback has been manufacturing a wide range of bikes for years including hybrid bikes, higher-end road bikes, mountain bikes, and more. If you search your local shops, retailers, or online, you can find Diamondback bikes all over there.

Diamondbacks are making affordable, high-end models of all types of bikes including the hybrid one. So, if you ask does Diamondback make hybrid bikes? Then yes, they do!

Is diamondback a good bike brand?

Diamondback started their journey with a BMX bike in 1977. But nowadays they are manufacturing all types of bikes. Diamondbacks are widely known for their durable, high-quality, and affordable bikes.

Their bikes are more like entry-level bikes and the perfect choice for any beginner.  And they also sell bikes at cheaper rates as they sell them online which is much cheaper than selling in shop or chain distribution.

But to be honest, they do not just sell entry-level or cheap bikes, they also do have $5000+ bikes.

And though they are selling their bikes online, they do also provide high quality and durable components even for the entry-level ones.

Can I take my hybrid bike on a trail?

Hybrid bikes are best for wet streets and touring. As their designs are similar to mountain bikes and road bikes, they can go off-road and run on trial.

Though they have the essence of the mountain bike, it does not mean they are designed for challenging terrain like the mountain bike, but they can handle moderately rough terrains.

Diamondback Bicycles Tess 24 Youth Girls 24" Wheel Mountain Bike, Blue

Are hybrid bikes worth it?

If you ask us are hybrid bikes worth it? We will say yes, they are and some of you might not agree! But we have our own reasons for that! Though hybrid bikes are not best for off-road riding or racing, they can handle terrains, uphill riding, light off-road riding, and best for daily use.

The hybrid bike’s versatility allows riders to take them over various terrains and can go wherever they want in any weather conditions. Hybrid bikes are manufactured in a way that they provide an efficient, comfortable, and easy ride to their riders. They are designed for different types of terrain. 

If you are up for the recreational ride, commuting, or touring, then a hybrid bike is what you need. The hybrid bike is perfect for riding on city streets, sidewalks, bike paths, trails, dirt, and gravel paths.

So, what do you think? Are hybrid bikes worth it?

Diamondback Bicycles Tess 24 Youth Girls 24" Wheel Mountain Bike, Blue

Are hybrid bikes faster than mountain bikes?

Yes, hybrids are faster than mountain bikes as they are lighter. As mountain bikes are made of stainless steel with thick, rugged tires that make the bike heavier and thus, making it slow on the trail. But on the other hand, hybrid bikes are lighter and equipped with faster tires making them more efficient and faster on the road.

Are hybrid bikes good for hills?

Riding hills are tough and dangerous and you will need easy gears. This is where a hybrid bike comes. They provide the easiest gears for riding any steep hills. The hybrid bike comes ready for pannier racks or already have them fitted, so it’s safer to carry your stuff in the pannier bags, and this provides extra weight low down on the bike and keeps it more stable while going uphill.

How can I make my hybrid bike more comfortable?

To make your hybrid bike riding comfortable, the first thing you can do is make sure your bike’s saddle fits properly. To make you more clear, a wrong saddle can cause chafing, pinching, or numbness to your body. So, make sure you get a good saddle depending on your riding style and body position.

The next thing you should make sure of is whether your bike’s grips are comfortable enough! If not, then change it and find a comfortable one, because the wrong grip can lead to pain, tingling, and numbness of your arms and hands.

Next is your bike’s tire. Tires of your bike’s impact your traction, control, and overall comfort of your ride.

Diamondback Bicycles Tess 24 Youth Girls 24" Wheel Mountain Bike, Blue

What is a good average speed on a hybrid bike?

The average speed of the hybrid bike is said to be 11 to 18 mph or we can say 18 to 29 km/h. So, you can ride 8 miles with your hybrid bike in 25 to 45 minutes.

For a beginner, we can say the average speed is 12 mph. But for cyclists, who ride often, can ride 15-16 mph, or with more experience, the average speed can be 16 to 18 mph.

Should I get a hybrid bike with suspension?

Let us make you clear what will happen if you add suspension to the bike and what will happen if you do not.

With the suspension, your bike will absorb impacts on the front wheel to provide a smooth ride on rough trails. Suspension can add weight and make riding less efficient, so most of the hybrid bike does not offer any suspension as at.

Are hybrid bikes good for long distances?

Hybrid bikes are best for riding short distances. You can easily and comfortably cover about 80km on a good hybrid bike.

But as a hybrid bike is a mix of mountain and road bikes, so you can ride long distances too under varying conditions with little effort.

Ending word:

This Diamondback Bicycle 2015 has received enormous reviews from users. Bloggers and expert bikers love its features and one consumer has placed it first on the peak of the list of Best Bikes of 2020.

These reviewers state that the Diamondback Edgewood is an enormous purchase for those who plan to drive around the neighborhoods and take pleasure in the ease and soothe it offers.

Thank you.


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