Did Felt Stop Making Mountain Bikes

If you’re a mountain biker, then the name Felt is probably familiar to you. The company has been making some of the best bikes on the market since its inception over two decades ago.

But lately, there’s been rumors that Felt has stopped manufacturing mountain bikes altogether. Is this true?

In this article, we’ll take a look at what evidence there is for and against this claim to find out if it really is the case that Felt has given up on mountain biking entirely.

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Felt’s Origins In The Mountain Biking Industry

I’ve always been a fan of Felt bicycles. They offer some great customization options, and their mountain bikes are no exception.

I started riding in the mountains nearly 20 years ago, and they have been my go-to ever since. When it comes to choosing a bike for tackling trails, Felt has you covered with top-notch performance.

Their frames are designed to handle whatever terrain you encounter on your ride – from winding singletracks to steep descents. Plus, there’s plenty of room for personalization when building out your ride: You can choose between different wheel sizes or switch up the components depending on what type of experience you’re looking for.

And if something does happen while out on the trail? No worries! All Felt mountain bikes come with comprehensive warranties that cover any problems arising from normal wear and tear as well as accidents due to faulty manufacturing.

In addition, their service centers are equipped with knowledgeable staff who can help take care of regular maintenance issues like tune-ups and broken parts replacements quickly and efficiently.

Recent Changes In The Mountain Biking Market

I’m really interested in the recent changes in the mountain biking market.

Have you heard about electric bikes? They’re the latest trend, and they’re really becoming popular.

Adventure touring is also growing in popularity – it’s great to be able to explore the wilderness on two wheels!

I’m also a fan of fat bikes – they’re great for tackling tougher terrain.

It’s been reported that Felt stopped making mountain bikes – which is a shame, because they made some great bikes.

I’m curious to see what other changes we’ll see in the market in the coming years.

It’s an exciting time to be a mountain biker!

Electric Bikes

The mountain biking market has seen a dramatic shift in recent years, with e-commerce offering more variety than ever before.

One of the biggest changes is the rise of electric bikes.

These powerful machines offer trail riders an experience like never before, allowing them to take on more challenging routes and explore further distances.

With their ease of use and improved efficiency, electric bikes have become incredibly popular among mountain bikers looking for something new and exciting.

They’re also perfect for those who want to get out there but don’t necessarily need all the speed that a traditional bike offers – they can simply cruise along instead!

All this means that while felt may have stopped making mountain bikes, it’s clear that the industry is still alive and well thanks to these advancements in technology.

Adventure Touring

For those who are looking to really ramp up their mountain biking experience, adventure touring is the way to go.

Bikepacking and downhill racing provide an exhilarating escape from everyday life and offer a great opportunity for riders to push themselves further than they ever have before.

With bikepacking, you can take your ride off-road and explore some of the most remote areas in the world – all while carrying everything you need on your bike!

Downhill racing meanwhile allows you to test your speed and agility against other riders as well as challenging yourself with increasingly difficult terrain.

It’s a thrilling experience that provides adrenaline junkies with an unforgettable rush.

No matter if it’s day or night, nothing beats immersing yourself in the beauty of nature on two wheels!

Fat Bikes

Fat bikes have become extremely popular in the mountain biking market in recent years, and for good reason! For riders who are looking to take their adventures off-road even further than before, fat bikes provide an unparalleled level of stability, control, and traction.

From rugged terrain that would normally be too difficult to traverse on a traditional bike to snow-covered trails during winter months – there’s no limit when it comes to where you can go with one of these beasts. Whether you’re planning a long distance backcountry journey or just wanting some extra security while taking part in enduro racing, fat bikes offer a unique riding experience that will definitely get your heart pumping!

Bikepacking is also made much easier thanks to the additional storage capacity provided by fat tires – so if you’re looking for an adventure unlike any other then this is certainly something worth considering.

Felt’s Recent Production And Sales Figures

After reviewing recent changes in the mountain biking market, it’s now time to look at what Felt has been up to.

In terms of production and sales figures, Felt is still going strong despite new competition trends and changing consumer preferences. They have adjusted their product lineup over the past few years by introducing more entry-level bikes along with mid-range models that offer improved performance without breaking the bank. This shift in focus has allowed them to remain competitive while maintaining their presence as a leading manufacturer of high-end mountain bikes.

Felt recently reported steady sales growth across all categories thanks to increased demand for electric mountain bikes. Although this segment of the market hasn’t quite reached its full potential yet, Felt has already started selling several eMTBs which they believe will prove popular among riders looking for an extra boost on challenging trails.

Additionally, they continue to make great strides in creating bike frames from sustainable materials like carbon fiber and bamboo, furthering their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Overall, Felt remains well positioned for success within the mountain bike industry due to their ability to adjust quickly to meet changing customer needs and expectations. As long as they stay ahead of emerging technologies and trends, there’s no indication that they’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

Felt’s Shifting Focus To Road Bikes

I remember the first time I saw a Felt mountain bike. It was an impressive sight, with its sleek frame and advanced bike technology that made it stand out from the crowd.

But as market trends shifted away from off-road cycling to road biking, so too did Felt’s focus – they stopped making mountain bikes altogether.

The decision was no doubt a difficult one for the company, especially since their mountain bikes were renowned for being some of the best on the market. However, in order to remain competitive, they had to make adjustments and shift their attention towards producing top-of-the-line road bikes.

They invested heavily in research and development to create innovative frames designed specifically for racing or recreational use. The result has been nothing short of remarkable; today, Felt is known around the world as one of the leading manufacturers of quality road bicycles.

The Future Of Felt Mountain Bikes

I’m a big fan of Felt mountain bikes, so I was worried when I heard the company stopped making them. But it turns out that the market trends have changed and Felt is now focusing on new designs for urban commuters instead.

That doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about their roots though – they still make some awesome off-road and downhill models! The thing that sets Felt apart from other companies in this space is their attention to detail.

From custom frame geometries to high quality components, every bike they produce looks amazing and rides even better. They also offer different levels of suspension, depending on your needs as a rider.

Felt may not be producing as many mountain bikes as before, but what they do create are top-notch machines with superb performance capabilities. So if you’re looking for an adventure or trail ride machine, check out what Felt has to offer – you won’t be disappointed!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Features Of Felt Mountain Bikes?

Felt mountain bikes are known for their high-quality build and excellent bike specs.

With a wide variety of models available, you can find one that meets your needs in terms of price range and features.

From entry-level hardtails to full suspension downhill rigs, Felt has something for everyone.

Prices vary depending on the model, but all Felt mountain bikes offer great value for money.

How Does Felt’s Mountain Bike Production Compare To Other Brands?

Felt’s mountain bike production has been well-received by its customers, as evidenced by the company’s market share.

In comparison to other brands, Felt offers a range of features that have pleased their riders; from comfort to power transfer and stability.

This is also backed up by customer feedback, which highlights how riders appreciate the combination of performance and value for money when it comes to Felt bikes.

Does Felt Offer Any Warranties On Their Mountain Bikes?

Felt offers a wide selection of bike models for every price range, and each one comes with its own warranty.

Depending on the model you choose, your warranty could cover anything from free adjustments to complete coverage in case of theft or damage.

The best way to find out more about Felt’s warranties is to contact their customer service team directly—they can provide all the details you need!

Are There Any Felt Mountain Bike Models That Are Still In Production?

Yes, there are still a few Felt mountain bike models that are in production.

These models feature modernized designs to ensure an optimal riding experience for those who love hitting the trails on a two-wheeler.

From hardtail and full suspension bikes to electric assist options, you can find several choices from this trusted brand to get your adrenaline going.

Whether it’s for casual rides or serious races, these updated Felt mountain bike models provide riders with reliable performance.

Are There Any Plans For Felt To Re-Enter The Mountain Biking Market In The Future?

Felt has been a staple in the bike industry for many years. From their well-crafted road bikes to endurance rides, they know how to build quality components that are built to last.

But recently, Felt pulled out of the mountain biking market due to changing trends and customer preferences.

However, there is speculation that Felt may be looking into re-entering this market soon with new designs and innovative features.

With their expertise in crafting quality parts, it would not surprise us if we saw Felt back on the trails very soon!


Overall, Felt mountain bikes are known for their quality and dependability. Unfortunately, the company stopped producing them a few years ago.

This is disappointing for many riders who had come to rely on Felt’s products but there may be hope in sight: rumors have been circulating that Felt could potentially re-enter the market with new models soon.

In any case, if you’re looking for a reliable mountain bike and don’t mind taking a chance on an older model from another brand then Felt still has plenty of options available to choose from.

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