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Eurobike Bikes EURXC550 700C wheels Road Bike

Eurobike – There is a common question that peeps in every biker mind- which is the best road bike? The answer is a little bit difficult to get. But in answer to your query, the most common suggestion will be the Eurobike Bikes EURXC550 700C wheels Road Bike. It is the most viable option that you will get from the expert in this field.

Eurobike, but why? 

Actually there are multiple reasons behind it. Whether it is to escape along the open road to enjoy your weekend, to commute across the town, to make errands frequently and short quick trips, or to ride a cycle for fitness purpose, this bike will rank with the best road bikes being come with modern design, quality material, top-notch components, and intelligent construction.

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Are you not yet fully convinced why you should buy this product? Okay, think about the affordable Eurobike xc550 price that is just a steal against the features and benefits offered at this budget. In this Eurobike xc550 review, I am going to break down the core features briefly and I know you will love them for sure.

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Eurobike Bikes EURXC550 700C Wheels Road Bicycle – Best Bike with 21 Speed & Dual Disk Brake

The spell EUROBIKE Road Bike EURXC550 casts on the cyclists is all for its design and unique features. To add more, all it comes in exchange for the median price.

Let’s dive into the root features frequent in all Eurobike reviews.

Sturdy & Durable Frame and Fork

Steel is the classic preference as the bike material for its excellent durability and Eurobike Bikes EURXC550 opts for this to provide you with well-built transportation exposed to the shock and stress of busy and challenging city streets. Steel frame obviously will double the vehicle weight making no real hassle while on the move.

If you are a beginner cyclist and not yet ride on the lightweight alternatives, steel frameworks great with its sturdiness rather than causing fatigue. Moreover, a hi-tech lighter material multiplies the price to break your bank. Therefore, Eurobike is the best option if you don’t have a deep pocket.

As for forks, steel alloy is common with the road bikes not only for the price-point rather the harder alloys beef up the fork strength. The steel frame of 49cn road bike adds to the strength of a steep angle fork with nominal suspension.

High-end Dual Disc Brakes

The inception of dual disc brake is just a standout feature both for the type and price range. Dual disc brakes are scarce in average road bikes and so Eurobike 700c bike sticks out in the stack by virtue of this high-end braking component. The common braking trend with the road bikes is that braking ability goes weaker in adverse weather conditions and cannot clamp the rims that tight to halt at will and need.

Eurobike 700c road bike featured with dual disc brakes, assure you of stopping your moving stallion in all weather and ways. The disc brakes bite the wheel hub and stop even the wet and muddy wheels making a complete halt in your run, unlike the rim brakes that prove ineffective if the rim is wet.

Therefore, you will enjoy time and a bit more stoppage backed by the mechanical dual discs brakes. Such is the braking component our EURXC550 road bike under talk comes equipped with.

Stand-out Gearing System

The trend in the road bikes is the 21/24-speed gearing mechanism. Not to differ, Eurobike road bike xc550 21-speed review tells us that it advents designed with a 21-speed system supported by Shimano shifting on top of the dual braking system. The speed system in the bike under review makes it more convenient than the rivals. Backed by this, Eurobike provides you with added control and the coveted versatility in terms of speed control and gear shift.

Durable Rim & 700C Tires

Tires and Rims offered by EuroBike road bike XC550 are exclusive enough to come across only in the expensive road bikes. 700C stands for 26″ diameter of the tires and rim that is common with most commuter bikes for speed and curves. They differ with other road bikes in the width which is a bit flatter to occupy a larger patch of road surface providing added traction.

In line with the tire, the rims look fashionable with a unique design. And that spectacularly distinguishes you from other commuters on the go. Besides, 700C*28C tires in full black color ably bear with the max load capacity of 330 lbs and scarcely goes flat.

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Mentionable Features & Specs

  • 49cm and 54cm frame size
  • Iron racing handlebars
  • 7 Speed KMC Chain
  • Aluminum Brake & 160 diameter steel disc
  •  Comfortable seat as saddle
  •  31.50 lbs of sturdy weight


  • Sturdy, durable, and well-built to reign on any terrain
  • 21-speed gearing system for better performance
  • Top Quality dual brake system with aluminum brake and steel disc
  • Budget-priced for median-price beginner and veteran cyclists
  • Nice features rare in the bike of this budget


  • Built quality is not that good
  • Overweight cuts the riding fun down and may cause sore body parts

Final Verdict

If you are a beginner and in budget constraint but still want a bike offering an attractive look, superb functionality, maneuverability, sturdiness, durability, speed, and more; Eurobike Bikes EURXC550 700C wheels Road Bike can be the most versatile preference for you. Numerous Eurobike reviews across the web speak volumes for its growing popularity.

Cyclists of all levels – amateur or veteran will love riding on the muscular transportation to surf around the urban spots. You will not feel awkward even if you ride along irregular terrain occasionally boasted by the gearing system and 21 speed Shimano shifters.
Happy Cycling across the city.

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