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Firmstrong Beach Cruiser Bike Review

Cruiser Bike – Make your commute to work far more entertaining with this captivatingly durable and convenient bike. The Firmstrong urban man single speed cruiser bike is built with a gear steel framework.

Its excellent folding mechanism makes it an ideal bike to have your outdoor adventures more amazing. This bike is designed for commuting in urban areas. You won’t need to sit around in traffic hours on end when you can simply zip around the city in this comfortable and fast bike.

Why Firmstrong Cruiser Bike is best for you?

The Firmstrong beach cruiser bike is quite stable and smooth maneuverability is promised with this bike. The pedals help to have carefully balance traction with stability. You will get more control over the bike in swampy roads.

Its interlocking seat and handlebars give you the chance to gain more acceleration while riding. It even has a classic design with a retro feel to it. This is the perfect bike to have for exercising and for commuting.

Firmstrong Urban Man Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bike

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Features with details

Here in this Firmstrong bike review, we have discussed its features in detail below.

  1. Speed

This bike has a 6 speed Shimano gear shifting system so that you can adjust the slope at which you are riding. This is an amazing feature to ride around the neighborhood. Shifting the gears to change your speed is fairly easy.

  1. Wheels

The cruiser bike has a wide 20″ wheel with tires with a width of 1.75″. The tires are exceptionally sturdy and they can handle bumpy roads quite easily.

  1. Handlebars

Its handlebar is made out of metal alloy and you can adjust it to your desired height. You may need to keep it at maximum height if you are tall. Make sure the handlebars fit with your body perfectly. Remember to engage the lock which is the black ring made of plastic by the handlebar. Otherwise, the bar would fold when you are not expecting it to.

  1. Folding mechanism

We believe the most interesting feature of the Firmstrong beach cruiser bike is that you can fold it up and store it anywhere want. As it is lightweight, you should have no problem moving it around after folding it. It will easily fit in the trunk of your car. Folding the bike at first might seem a little tricky. So be careful while doing it.

  1. Assembly

The assembly of this bike is pretty straightforward. You will only need a crescent wrench and Phillip’s head screwdriver to assemble it.

  1. Other features

It has flexible MTB steel with saddles which are made of aluminum seat-post and it is covered with woolen leather. It also includes crankset and freewheels with V-brakes.

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  • Has adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Storing is easy, you just need to fold it up to put it in your closet, room or the trunk of your car
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a strong built-in frame made of aluminum alloy
  • Has suspension fort that lets you enjoy a more comfortable ride


  • The rear brakes can wobble sometimes
  • The bike is a little heavy

Final Verdict

The Firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bicycle is one of the smoothest and most comfortable foldable bikes out there in the market. It’s portable, compact and light enough to be carried around. This bike is also ideal for you if you want to store it in a small-space environment such as RV’s, apartments and boats. This bike is for everybody, young or old, men or women. You just have to adjust it to your liking.

Considering the Firmstrong cruiser bike price, we would say it would be a great purchase especially considering the features you will be getting from this bike.

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