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Fixie Gear Bike – Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed

Fixie Gear Bike – For an adventurous soul or restless spirit, a fixed gear bike would hold the perfect solution for your quest. And considering the style & functionality, Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike is one delight in itself.

With the combination of gearing simplicity, smooth style & convenient speed – the bike holds incredibly well for urban riding. Whether it’s commuting, cycling, fitness, or cruising – you will receive a reliable & depending service all along.

Riding on the pure fix bike will induce a staple in the overall cycling scene. Comparing the counterparts, it comes with minimal components to create a superior feel & ride. The strategic design imparts higher efficiency & comfort in every aspect.

Let’s find out who are the lucky ones matching the user suitability.

Why This Fixie Gear Bike Best for You?

There are fewer options when you’re intermediate or regular rider from a professional aspect. Many cyclists are looking forward to living a fixie lifestyle while trying to learn from A to B. The Fixie Gear Bike is meant for those with perfect riding efficiency.

Apart from daily commutes, you can certainly choose this one for off-road adventures & weekend trails. With a 44/16T gear ratio, the particular design holds incredible for inner-city riding. In the meantime, you will have full control over the pure fix bike using the featured 700cc x 28 tires. Therefore, riding on wide roads or getting stuck in traffic; you can have fun all the way.

Features with Details

Outstanding Constructability

The mainframe is of Hi-Ten steel with tough welding connectivity. The top tubing length differs according to the purchased size which ranges from 18.5” to 22”.

Therefore, the weight also varies depending on the size which starts from 20 lbs up to 24 lbs. The fork is of the same quality Hi-Ten steel associated with a steerer tubing length ranging about 6.75” – 8.25” at most.

Being a three-piece LASER cut, the crankset features sealed bottom delivered by LASCO. There comes a KMC chain with a straightened fork. The headset contains Fix riser bars, being NEDO thread-less. In addition, the integrated 60mm Presta valves retain the pressure in no time.

Incredible Exterior Design

The simple design comes with an incredibly colored exterior that doesn’t fade or spilled over time. Having higher stickiness & shininess, the exterior remains like new even over years of regular use. With the Fixie Gear Bike, you can make your choice from an incredibly high number of colorful options.

In fact, there are 30 particular color schemes available for the bike. The paint imparts a perfect cover for the steel tube resulting in greater longevity.

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixie Style Urban Commuter Bike with Coaster Brake, Graphite & Orange 49cm, S

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Excellent Speed Generation

Obviously, you can’t ride hills/mountains using a single-speed bike & it isn’t meant for that purpose. The bike is meant for riding on straight & flat urban grounds. The speed generation is pretty smooth here with the pedaling. You may even doubt whether it is actually a single-speed bike or not.

Smooth Braking System

Going through the Fixie Gear Bike review, there is an integrated radius caliper brake to ensure a reliable & smooth stoppage. Providing the correct gear ratio, the system induces further efficiency for your ride.

Apart from the single gear mode, you can get on the ride with fixed mode as well. With built-in two cogs, you will have greater versatility in fixed mode.

Sufficient Weight Capacity

As mentioned, there are 7 specific sizes which definitely allow large-sized cyclists to get their perfect option here. Each one designated to bear a certain amount of weight & at maximum level, it supports about 250 pounds at once.

Though this much capacity may not seem a big deal in the first place, it holds pretty well as an average cruiser.

Average Seat Performance

Despite incredible constructability & functionality, the quality of the integrated seat isn’t up to the mark. The seat measures about 130 mm in width which actually leads to reasonably narrower support.

Therefore, prolonged seating becomes quite an uncomfortable experience which is the most troubling limitation of the Fixie Gear Bike. You should think of replacing the included one with a wider seat that comes with appropriate padding.

Reasonable Tire Inclusion

Although the tire comes with slight drawbacks, it isn’t that disappointing either. With the 50mm deep-dish wheels, the integrated tire of 500cc x 28 delivers convenient serviceability.

Good maintenance will result in long-lasting performance for the tires, otherwise, you have to deal with frequent wear & tear. In the meantime, the rear wheel features a unique & highly functional flip-flop hub.

Considerably Easy Assembly

Though the bike comes 90% assembled (manufacturer claim), the rest would be slightly time-consuming & difficult without instruction. Regarding pure Fixie Gear Bike review, their official YouTube video installation is likely to make good for this problem.

No necessary tools are there in the package, so you may have to rush to local shops for getting a tool kit.

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixie Style Urban Commuter Bike with Coaster Brake, Graphite & Orange 49cm, S

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  • Incredibly easy assembly.
  • Convenient pedaling motion.
  • Smooth, comfortable ride.
  • Great speed generation.
  • Amazing flip-flop transition.
  • Simplistic, attractive design.
  • Pure Fixie Gear Bike


  • Higher squealing of the brake.
  • Poor & weak tire quality.
  • Below-average sitting pad.

Some important questions of Fixie Gear Bike:

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixie Style Urban Commuter Bike with Coaster Brake, Graphite & Orange 49cm, S

What is a fixie?

A fixie or a fixed gear bike is a bike with fixed pedaling. They usually have the single-speed or one gear and no shifters and non-coasting. A fixie is featured with brakes and is commonly used for roads, streets, and commuters.

Are pure fix bikes good?

Pure fix original with its simple, and decent look has pleased a lot of buyers. According to some reviewers, this fix bike runs smoothly and pretty quietly. This bike perfectly suits for short commutes and trips and well optimized for climbing, descending, and flats. It comes in wide ranges of appealing colors.

We also came to know from different reviews about its simplicity and low maintenance.

So, now, what do you say, with all these qualities, are pure fix bikes good?

What is the best gear ratio for a fixed gear?

You might have heard from someone about how important to find the right gear ratio of a fixed gear or single speed bike. No worries! We will explain to you here about the best gear ratio for a fixed gear bike so that you don’t have to think much and can easily know your bike’s ratio when purchasing them.

The two most common gear ratios are 44:16 and 46:16. You are maybe wondering what does that mean? Right?

No worries! We will help you understand these ratios and find your perfect one.

At first, you have to know that, the gear ratio is determined by the number of teeth you have in the rear cog and chainring.

For riding a fixed gear or single speed bike, we recommend you to go for 44 or 46 teeth in the chainring and a rear cog with 16 teeth. So, did you get what we meant by 44:16 or 46:16?

Generally, the 44:16 gear ratio allows for easier acceleration and is for leisurely cruising, and has lower top speeds. It is also written as a ratio of 2.75. This gear ratio is best for casual riding and commuting to work and if you like to ride in flat areas.

And a 46:16 gear ratio is more efficient than 44:16 and provides higher top speeds, although the acceleration is more difficult. With this gear ratio, you can cover a long distance with less effort. It is also great for commuting and cruising and best for trick riding and performance-related rides like alleycats, crits, and distance races.

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixie Style Urban Commuter Bike with Coaster Brake, Graphite & Orange 49cm, S

What is a fixed gear bike good for?

Some people may say fixed gear is dangerous to ride and not good. But you will be surprised to know how great entertainment they can provide you on the street.

As a beach cruiser, a fixed gear bike provides much stopping power with a coaster bike. And as they provide direct feedback from the pedals, it also allows quick and precise speed adjustments, which is very important if you are riding in busy traffic.

This type of bike makes it easier to gauge traction on wet streets. Fixie allows users to turn the front wheel sideways and rock the pedals forward and backward to keep it upright,  as a result, you can get easier balance without putting your foot on the ground.

Like to ride backward? You can also do that on a fixie, what you have to do is just reverse.

Along with all these benefits, a fixed gear bike also requires low maintenance as it has fewer parts.

If you want to know about security on this bike, then we can assure you that, a fixie is not something that a thief would want to steal as it has fewer parts.

With this bike, you will be able to learn to tackle obstacles by altering direction.

What gear is a fixed gear bike in?

A fixed gear bike is a bike with only one gear and a single front chain-ring and rear cog. The rear cogs of a fixed gear bike are joined with the rear hub, so when the wheel turns, the cog will also turn.

A fixed gear bike is not fitted with a freewheel. If you stop pedaling on this bike, the cranks will continue to spin, which means you will have to always pedal and have a way to coast. You can brake by preventing the pedals from moving in a fixie.

Does fixie have brakes?

Brakes of fixies are mixed. Some of them have brakes fitted at by relying on road position, rider skill, and stopping the cranks to brake. Again some have fitted with a single brake, on the front and the back brake is the wheel itself.

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixie Style Urban Commuter Bike with Coaster Brake, Graphite & Orange 49cm, S

Are fixies dangerous?

If you think they are dangerous, then they are! But honestly speaking, a fixie with fixed gear is not dangerous if you have brakes. To make sure your fixie bike is moving, you have to be pedaling.

Riding a fixie is most dangerous while taking turns. So, you have to be careful while turning and make sure that your crank does not strike the ground. Just give yourself some time, you will adapt to this quickly.

Getting in and out of a fixie is also not so easy, but you will eventually master it with much practice.

Is a fixie faster than single speed freewheel?

Yes, fixies are faster and better than single speed freewheel. As the freewheel weighs slightly more and you can also get losses in the freewheel mechanism, so it makes fixie more efficient.

But you can get more advantage riding on freewheel on downhills, they also allow you to coast, while with a fixie you have to pedal to keep your speed up.

What is the purpose of a fixed-gear bicycle?

A fixed-gear bicycle will take you anywhere and a great starter for your city ride or flat terrains.

They are lighter than other geared bikes and comes with fewer components. Thus it will need less maintenance.  And when you will get used to this bike, it will connect you to the road.

Keeping all these qualities and factors aside, a fixie offers more value for a budget bike.

How do you brake on a fixed gear bike?

You have to take brakes with your legs on a fixed gear bike. Slow down the bike by putting pressure against the momentum of the pedals. And for sudden braking, lock your legs and put an amount of pressure on the forward momentum.

Should I get a fixie or a road bike?

You can cover any distance with your fixie, but it can be sometimes tiring to ride over a long distance, especially if you are riding up and down the hills. You will have to have a lot of concentration while riding a fixie and as they have no brakes, so you never get to rest your legs.

Now, let’s get to the road bike. A road bike has multiple gears, a freewheel, and brakes. They are easier to ride and more relaxing.

A road bike is much comfortable to ride on varied terrain and much safer as well.

But for riding in any city or commutes, you can choose a fixie.

Are fixies good for hills?

To be honest, fixe is a bad idea for riding in the hills. They are not practical for riding in the hills. If your legs are not ready, it will slow you down while riding in hills. Riding in hills, is not just ups and downs, because no matter how steep it gets, you have to keep pedaling. If you still want to ride a fixie in the hills, don’t forget to get brakes.

How fast can a fixie go?

With your fixie bike, you can go up to 60 mph on the open road. They are usually faster than a geared bike. Though gear bikes are easier to pedal, stop or break but they are heavier due to the brakes and gears. But a fixie is lighter and this makes it faster too.

Bottom Line

Fixie Gear Bike – The overall impression gives a guaranteed deal with outstanding performance for urban cycling. Without breaking the budget, the pure fix bike holds undeniably one of the best positions for customer preference.

Through great customer service, the option holds reliable in every aspect. The design & construction includes branded components that won’t let you down that easy.

A wide selection of size & wider selection of color will give you the perfect ride to hit the city street. Using this fixie will give a great feel connecting your soul to the bike at once.

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