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Gears for Cycling

The wide variety of stuff available in a bike shop can be a little intimidating and confusing at the same time. It may make you want to buy them all or dishearten you from cycling at the same time. The truth is that you do not need that much for cycling at all. There are a lot of people who ride bicycles in their everyday clothes with nothing but a backpack to carry their essentials.

However, if you ride on a daily basis, there are a few gears that will make your rides safer, easier, and more comfortable. If you have the budget, there are a few gears that you can buy to simply flex. Here are a few gears that will make your cycling experience safer and more enjoyable.

Top Rated Gears for Cycling

Cycling backpacks


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There is more than one way to carry things on your bike. But backpacks are the only thing that allows you to carry stuff with you when you get off the bike at your destination. However, a backpack is not optimal for long rides. Your shoulder will get sore when you carry a backpack for long times. Also, you can get sweaty when you carry the backpack for a long time.

If you plan to take long rides, it is better to let your bike take the load. Bottom line is that if you are going to your office or just around town then backpack will be your best friend. And if you are planning longer trips then you are better off with an alternative.

Lights for cycling


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Light is a necessity if you go out after the dark a lot. You need both front and rear lights. This is because lights not only make the road visible to you but also make you visible to the road. So, on coming and on-going traffic can see you. Unlike other vehicles with build-in lights.

Most bicycles do not come with lights right out of the box. In recent years, companies came up with some powerful and light LED lights that are a mountain biker’s best friend. Bike lights are rechargeable now so you do not need to change the batteries every time the energy runs out.

Fenders and Mudguards

Fenders and Mudguards

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Mudguards, also known as fenders, are important if you are planning to ride on wet roads. Most bikes these days do not come with these out of the box. This is because they are not so sporty and not aesthetically pleasing. But they are a necessity if you are plan to ride on wet seasons. They stop the tires from spraying water from the road to you.

Most bikes have the mounts required to set up these fenders but if you do not, you can get fenders that do not need mounts to be fitted. Mounts vary in effectiveness from bike to bike, so test and get the one that is effective on your bike.

Waterproof Jackets

Waterproof Jackets

Now that the water from the road is dealt with, you need something to keep you dry from the water that comes from the sky. Just any waterproof jacket will not do for cycling. This is because you are always moving when cycling and this may create a space for the rain to get into the jacket.

There are special cycling jackets that keep the rain out even when you are moving at full speed. Other than that, cycling jackets are also highly visible and reflective to keep you visible to other people on the road even in the rain.

Helmet for cycling

Helmet for cycling

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Some people argue that helmets are not that necessary while cycling. Riding a bicycle is much safe now more than ever. With bike lanes and laws especially catering to the needs of bike riders, the chances of running into a major crash are very slim. Even if one does get into an accident with a motorized vehicle, a bicycle helmet will not help much.

Bicycle helmets are designed to protect you from low-speed crashes that do not involve a motorized vehicle. However, if you are a mountain biker, a helmet is a must. It will save you from concussions when you take the fall. Remember that the helmet needs to be properly fitted to save you from the fall. So, take your time when picking a helmet and make sure it fits you properly.

Bicycle Locks for cycling

Locks for cycling

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If you take your bike to work or school and have to leave it on the street at all then you need to invest in a good lock. The best locks do not come cheap, but they are the piece of equipment on this list that is worth every penny. These locks will take power tools to get through and even then, the thief will need to make some noise to cut through the lock.

Do some good research before getting a lock because it is impossible to tell how good a lock is simply by looking at it. The best locks cost anywhere from $75-$150. It may seem too expensive for a lock, but it is way better than having to get a new bike.


Other than this there are a lot of other gears that are simply nice to have. For example, there are meters to record your distance traveled and average speed. There are special shoes for cycling and much more. These are considered a luxury and you can get them if you have the budget.

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