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GMC Denali Bike Basic Information

GMC Denali Bike – The process of selecting a road bike can seem overwhelming at first. Though, you can rapidly narrow down the alternatives based on your size, budget, and component preferences. Maximum bikes have either an aluminum or a carbon structure.

While aluminum frames are recognized for their durability, they are also usually a bit heavier. Carbon fiber frames encourage speed and performance and are frequently found on higher-end road bikes.

GMC Denali BikeGMC Denali Bike

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Technical Information

  • Color: Black/Green
  • Brake Style: Mechanical Rim
  • Number of Speeds: 21
  • Frame Material Type: Aluminum
  • Shipping Weight: 35.93 pounds
  • Package Height: 7.48 x 29.53 x 51.18 inches
  • Style Name: 700c Medium
  • Wheel Size: 700
  • Size: Medium 22.5″/57cm Frame

The GMC Denali Bike is an adaptable and accepted road bike for riders looking to ride for fun, as part of a group, for exercise, or as part of individualized training. This model presents dissimilar sizes and colors on top of quality materials, to request to men and women of all statures.

In the center of the spectrum, this road bike is ideal for the in-between riders who are not looking for a specialized bike but want something extra durable and of superior quality than a normal street bike.

For serious riders, GMC Denali Bike does a pretty fine job of including high-performance materials in a road bike that is comparatively inexpensive and dependable. And as a Unisex bike, it is just a matter of choosing the ideal color alternative and size, which is easy due to the four size alternatives and three color schemes.

Bike Features

The GMC Denali Bike 700C 21-Speed Road Bike is made around a lightweight aluminum road bike framework. You will stop on a dime with the alloy calipers and handbrake levers and the high-profile alloy Vitesse racing rims appear as good as they execute. Shimano Revo shifters permit you to shift without taking your hands off the handlebars providing security and confidence.

A Shimano derailleur completes the drive train for rapid and smooth gear changes. Finally, this road bike will assist you to stay hydrated with the incorporated alloy water bottle cage.

Special Features

The special feature of the bike is Shimano derailleur and Shimano Revo shifts. Those make it simple to change gears quickly and smoothly. These features made the bike incredible. This bike – GMC Denali Bike has become one of the best choices of the bikers.


Because it is being shipped, several assemblies are required. Don’t be anxious, it comes typically assembled. All of the brake parts& shifters & cables are in place. The back wheel and chain are accumulated. You do require attaching the handlebars, front wheel, and pedals. There is actually nothing to it. Just a pair wrenches and a screwdriver is all you require, it’s in fact very easy.

Design and Comfort

The design of the GMC Denali Bike is also a selling point. The color alternatives obtainable are an outstanding in-between for both men & women. None of the color looks are ‘too masculine’ or ‘too feminine,’ but are good-looking and suited towards a variety of bikers of all psyches.

The durability of this road bike is ordinary praise from riders—from those riding through states and even the country, the GMC Denali Bike model has been hailed as a dependable bike for use on random roads. Unlike specialized racing cycles, this bike is not the slim, smooth frame that one sees on the television during the Tour.

This road bike is planned to be a versatile and vigorous bike for use on genuine roads. Some pros include that versatility in utilizes, including utilization for beginners group biking, road racing, exercise, and training, in addition to long-distance biking. The four dissimilar sizes are another enormous aspect of this model.

Whether you are over six feet tall or only around five feet in height, the size alternatives will ensure that you decide the bike that is just right for you. The price is one of the motives this model is so accepted among beginners.

For under just a couple hundred dollars, this bike is as solid as it can obtain. It even contains gears and tech that some extra expensive models have, which is enormous for learning on before moving up to an extra expensive bike.


  • Looks overwhelming and much pricey than it actually is.
  • Competes with bikes 2-3 times its price.
  • Very Lightweight.
  • Quick and simple to assemble.
  • Obtainable in various colors.
  • GMC Denali Bike requires a little well tuning once the bike is assembled.


  • Low-quality Brake pads.
  • Pedals might require being replaced for very large foot size.
  • A bit harder when going uphill.

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What does the word Denali mean?

As you are here for the GMC Denali bike, then you may be wondering what Denali words mean. Before going to the definition part let’s clear you that it won’t actually explain what Denali actually means. But let’s still know the definition.

The term “Denali” is the name for the highest peak of the mountain in North America. Its former name was Mount McKinley. It is said to be Denali is an Athabascan or Koyukon word, meaning higher one, or greater one.

As there is no real source of this word, so this is where GMC might have got the name from. It might be because GMC models are delivering the highest luxury so they share the name for the highest peak in the country.

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Are GMC Denali bikes good?

GMC Denali bike is a budget-friendly bike designed for a casual road ride and basic cycling training. Some of the cyclists say that this bike is best for the mid-range cycling experience with various speed levels.

But to be honest, this bike is not the best choice for professionals who wants serious cycling training. But it does provide long-lasting durability for casual riding. If you are looking for a quick, smooth gear shifting for a smooth ride on any trails, you should hit for the GMC Denali.

Moreover, in this COVID-19 situation, the GMC Denali bike can be your ultimate vehicle for safe travel.

Is a Denali a luxury vehicle?

With first-class components, the latest technology, and advanced safety features, Denali is immersed in luxury.

You won’t get anywhere, a Denali bike’s comfort and quality which also includes their premium features and material. If you are yearning for a taste of luxury of comfort and style, then get yourself a Denali bike.  

What makes a Denali special?

Denali bike is special for its adaptable features for riders who are looking for a fun ride, group exercise, or individual training.

If you are looking for a bike with extra durable and superior quality than a normal bike, then Denali is something you should look at first. One of the special features of the Denali bike is it’s Shimano derailleur and Shimano Revo shifts. You might be curious about how Shimano derailleur and Shimano Revo shifts make Denali special? It’s because they make the bike’s gear changing, quick and smooth.

Denali’s high-performance inexpensive materials and also as a unisex bike, and easy ability to choose the ideal color, together make a Denali bike special.

Who makes the Denali?

Kent International is responsible for making such durable and high-quality Denali bikes. They have been making such great and excellent bikes with many years of experience now.  

Starting back in the early 1900s, they are a family-owned company having licensing rights to 5 external brands including their own and the brands are Jeep, GMC, Razor, Cadillac, Genesis, Margaritaville beach cruiser and Little Miss Match bicycles.

Let us take a bit back to history. In the early 1900s, Kent’s CEO Abraham Kamler began restoring bikes in New York City and in 1909, opened his own bike shop on the Lower East Side.

In 1947 current President’s father of this company named it as “Philkam cycle” and started its store all over the Eastern United States. But later in 1958 changed it to Kent International. In 1979 they started manufacturing bicycle in Kearny, New Jersey, but in 1990 moved overseas. For now, from 2014, they are assembling their bikes in South Carolina, USA.

They make mass-market bikes from $69 to $199 selling at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, and Amazon.  In 2014, they have become the 2nd largest manufacturer of bicycles in the United States.

Where are Kent bikes made?

Kent International has been manufacturing and assembling their bikes in South Caroline, United States for a couple of years now. But they will also continue to produce many of its bikes in Asia too. South Carolina bikes will only be sold internationally.

How much does a good bike cost?

Okay! That’s a tough question you asked there. No matter what type of bike you want to purchase, whether it is a city bike, commuter, road bike, or cruiser, for a good and decent bike, you should expect to pay around $400-$500.  For really great quality bikes, you should have a budget of getting higher than $1000.

But that does not mean bikes under $400 are not good. There are also some really excellent quality bikes you can find under $300. To get to know some of the high-performance bikes under $300, check out our article on best city bikes under $300.

Schwinn Fastback Tourney AL Adult Performance Road Bike, Beginner to Intermediate Bicycle Riders, 700c Wheels, 14-Speed Drivetrain, Extra-Large Aluminum Frame, Red

What size road bike should I ride?

For knowing what size of road bike you should ride, you have to know your height and then match it with the road bike frame size chart.

Height in inchesHeight in cmFrame size in cm
4.10 – 5.3148-16046-50 (Extra Small)
5.3-5.5160-16550-52 (Small)
5.5-5.7160-16552-54 (Small – Medium)
5.7-5.9170-17554-56 (Medium)
5.9-5.11175-18056-58 (Medium – Large)
5.11-6.2180-18858 – 60 (Large)
6.2-6.5188-19660 – 62 (Extra Large)


Note that, this chart’s measurement may slightly change depending on different manufacturers.

Is riding a road bike bad for your back?

Cycling on bumpy roads or tough terrain can sometimes jar the spine and cause you back pain.

But the bike does not have anything to do with this, it is the improper body position on the bike that makes your back arching back putting too much strain on your spine, and cause pain.

So, to get rid of your back pain, all you have to do is ride in the proper body position, which will not only reduce back pain but also provide you with aerobic exercise for your spine.

Why are bikes so expensive?

There are a lot of factors, which work together to dictate a bike’s price. The factors can be, for example, market economics, research and design, materials, manufacturing, quality control, and customization.

Let us explain to you a bit elaborately. First, let’s start with market economics. It also takes part in dictating bike prices.

It is common sense that, an item with too high a price will sit in the inventory at the same time item with too low price will not coup up with the production costs and overhead. 

So, most bike brands have established price ranges and for new bikes, it may change from year to year but the price does not vary much.

Research and design include the cost of staff time, materials for tested iterations, and manufacturing of each test item.

You might have already understood, how research and design effects price ranges.

Materials are the biggest factors in selecting the cost of the bike. The higher the quality of carbon in the bike, the greater is the cost. 

Again for manufacturing higher quality materials that need extra care and clean welds, also affects the price.

Quality control is what sets the bike brands apart from the department store and generic bike brands. And every customization from the standard production adds cost.

There is no ceiling for the price of bikes, it will continue to ride upwards. A bike that is a good value is one that you can afford, one that gives you a comfortable ride, and the bike that can give you a safe ride in this COVID-19 era.  

Schwinn Fastback Tourney AL Adult Performance Road Bike, Beginner to Intermediate Bicycle Riders, 700c Wheels, 14-Speed Drivetrain, Extra-Large Aluminum Frame, Red

Are expensive road bikes worth it?

Expensive bikes offer high-quality frames and components to provides excellent performance and ride quality.  If you are looking for a pretty decent road bike, your budget has to cross over $700 to 800 dollars. Moreover, an expensive bike is much lighter, stiffer, and performs better.

So, what do you think, are expensive bikes worth it?

Bottom Line

GMC Denali Bike – The bike is completely amazing when comparing its price and the value it supplies. There is no judgment and perhaps clarifies why it stays one of the top-rated bikes on bike trade sites. It is a little bit weighty than standard road bikes.

To be accurate, this bike weighs 29 pounds – Which is approximately 10 lbs. lighter than a mountain bike and about 10 lbs. heavier than standard road bikes.

Thank you.

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