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Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Bike Review

If you want style, affordability and speed, then Golden Cycles Fixed Gear bike is the bike for you. It lets you ride comfortably as it comes with fixed gear.

As this bike features fixed gear it provides some advantages. The design is simpler because of having fewer components.

The golden cycles bike provides you with better handling and precision stopping. This is due to its front and rear alloy caliper brakes. Golden cycles let you celebrate cycling coming with high quality environmentally friendly bikes.

It is designed and built in such a way that makes it ideal for your outdoor adventures in the urban areas. So, for an affordable price, this bike is definitely worth considering.

Why this Product is best for you?

The Golden cycles is not only built for experienced riders but also for daily urban commuters as well. Whether you want to explore outdoors or just need a bike to commute in urban areas, this bike is built in a way that everyone can enjoy riding it.

Transportation in the city is definitely a challenge, but with this bike, you will be able to look forward to your transit. Its frame is stylish and simple. The crank-set is quite sturdy. Building this bike extremely easy and it also comes with the tools you will require to do so.

Features with details

Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike with Front & Rear Brakes

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In this golden cycles review, we are going to describe now all of its features in great detail:

  1. Flip Flop rear wheel

You will be able to ride this bike fixed or fixed gear bike with freewheel as the golden cycles bike includes a flip-flophubat and its rear. If you ride freewheel, you will be able to cruise around with your bike. On the other hand, if you ride with fixed-gear, you will get full control on the bike and the bike’s speed will totally depend on your pedal stroke.

  1. Front and Rear Brakes

It has a lightweight, short-pull caliper that has a long reach of 47 to 57mm. The brakes work perfectly whether you are riding single-speed or fixed. You can easily install the brakes on the bike and even remove them by using a hex tool (5mm).

  1. Frame

The bike’s durable steel frame is fully Tig-welded and it has a high-tensile strength. You can rest assured about getting a quality product as none of the products the Golden cycles fixed gear bike shipped out without being thoroughly tested.

  1. Drive-Train

This bike has a 130CD crank which is exceptionally powerful and well-built. A JIS square spindle is used that comes with a 46 tooth 1/8 chaining which can be considered a bonus.

  1. Color Options

You would be amazed at the variety of colors and designs that this bike comes with. There are about 21 different and unique colors to choose from. You can choose one which best suits your tastes but we would suggest you go for the matte black one.

  1. Wheels

The golden cycles fixed gear bike has 45mm deep-alloy rims. The rims are attached to 700c tires. The rear tire could be changed to support both types of gear settings.

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  • Is pretty lightweight and easy to ride
  • Has quality tires that can handle bumpy roads and uneven pavements
  • Has custom riser handlebars
  • Comes in a variety of colors and designs
  • The flip flop hub could be used to change from fixed gear to single speed and vice versa
  • Well thought out, has a good build and the single-speed is efficient


  • Not a thick hardened paint job
  • Can’t adjust the handlebars and the geometry is off
  • Brake levers are a bit uncomfortable

Final Verdict

The golden cycle fixed gear bike is a great entry-level fixed bike that also comes at a budget-friendly price. One of the main goals of golden cycles was to keep it simple.

This bike is made with the best quality materials and it is best suited for commutating in the city. Whether you are a novice or a bike racer, this bike is perfect for everyone. Its sleek design, high-quality components, and exceptional performance definitely make it a great purchase.


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