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Do you want a racing bicycle with a minimal price? The Goplus road bike commuter bike is the best solution for you!

The sturdy frame and fork are highly durable. The rims and tires are made with high-quality materials.

The design and color are fashionable. What are you waiting for then?

Besides, the bike can produce enough speed that commuting a far distance is easier than ever.

Now you need not get up early in the morning and get ready for catching the bus.

The Shimano speed system will ease the pressure of carrying an extra burden. Just buy it and save money and time for the future.

Through this best Goplus Bike review, you will come to know about the ins and outs of the product. Don’t go anywhere. Just read and be surprised!

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Some quick FAQ:

Is it a solid build item?

Ans: Yes, it is. Durable aluminum will keep your bike damage-free and lasting for years.

Is there Quick Release in the rear wheel?

Ans: No, it is only in the front wheel.

Can I easily maintain this bike?

Ans: Yes, it is a minimal bike that requires minimal maintenance.

Are there reflectors in this road bike?

Ans: Yes, you will get reflectors on the wheels, seat post, and pedals.

Does the bike feature kickstand?

Ans: Yes, it does.

Goplus Road Bike Commuter Bike Shimano 700C Review:

Goplus Commuter Bike Road Bike Quick Release Aluminum 700C 21 Speed (Blue)

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Key Specifications:

♦Weight:32 lbs.  ♦Size: Medium or 52 cm, ♦ Brand: Goplus, ♦ Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy, ♦Fork: Aluminum Alloy, ♦Speed: 21 Levels, ♦Brake: Hydraulic Disc brakes, ♦Seat: PVC Fake Leather, ♦Handle Stem: Steel, ♦Front Derailleur: Tz31 (Shimano), ♦Rear Derailleur: Tz50 (Shimano), ♦Derailleur Shifter: Shimano A050 Thumb, ♦Tires: Shimano 700c tires, ♦Rims: Aluminum rims, ♦Pedals: Alloy 9/16″ with ball, ♦Recommended height: 5’5″-6’0″, ♦Weight Capacity: 440 lbs., ♦Kickstand: Provided, ♦Reflector: Included, ♦Color: Black, Green, Orange, Red, and Blue., ♦Gender: Male.

Key Features:

♦ Aluminum frame and carbon shock absorber fork

♦ High-quality Shimano 21-speed Shifters

♦ Hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear

♦ Lightweight and easy to ride

♦ The front wheel is easy to install, disassemble, and maintain

♦ Aluminum rims with heavy-duty Goplus 700C tires

♦ Has come in a variety of colors

♦ The Goplus Road Bike is built with lightweight aluminum alloy material. That’s why the bike offers speedy performance with efficient transfer of power.

♦ The commuter bike’s frame is sturdy enough to handle any type of terrain. It is designed to endure all kinds of abuse from the road.

♦ To support the bike’s frame, it is designed with a durable aluminum alloy fork. It absorbs bumps and shocks from the uneven surface and makes your ride even and smooth.

♦ There are hydraulic dual disc brakes on both front and rear wheels. Due to these, you can have great stopping power even in wet weather conditions.

♦ The Goplus bike can provide you 21 Shimano speed levels. You can change it smoothly with the High-quality Shimano A050 Thumb shifter.

♦ Dropped handlebars are used in the bike that can offer you an aggressive and speedy ride. You can adjust the stem height of it to get the desired fit.

♦ The saddle of the bike is made of PVC Fake leather. Besides, saddle height is also adjustable.

♦ This road bike is fitted into high-performance 700C tires that can tackle the challenge of rigorous street racing. Besides, it has aluminum rims for durable performance.

♦ You will get this bike available in 5 different fashionable colors. Such as Black, Blue, Green, Red, and Orange. All of them are attractive and perfect to meet your demand.

♦ Due to the Quick Release in the front wheel, it is easy to install, dismount and maintain.

The Frame

As the frame is an important part, you have to check this before buying a bicycle. If you buy this Goplus commuter bike, you always remain stress-free.

Surprisingly, the frame it includes is made of solid aluminum and can fight with any terrible road situations.

Honestly, it will fulfill your purpose of stable-riding.

And the adjustable seat post and handlebar with it must ensure comfort while you ride your bike.


If your bike contains a heavyweight, you have to carry the extra load, remember. But the Goplus bike is exceptionally lightweight.

So you can ride it with ease! The aluminum-constructed body has made the product so.

And for this, you will get quickness in speed. The other advantage of a lightweight bike is the effortless transferring power you need.

As a result, the riding efficiency will be doubled, and that will bring an unusual riding experience every time.

Goplus Commuter Bike Road Bike Quick Release Aluminum 700C 21 Speed (Blue)


The main privilege of this best Goplus Bike is its accessible installation features.

As the front wheel is a quick-release type, you need not consider the installation, maintenance, or even the disassembly.

The features also help you park and store with ease. If you buy this bike, you will get a high-performance at a low cost. How convenient it is!


Its performance is simply impressive. The Shimano 21-speed gears are perfect for your daily commute.

The updated shifters are comfortable and provide smooth riding. The Goplus 700c heavy-duty tires can encounter any adverse road conditions.

Also, they provide high-class safety during the rainy season. At the same time, the hydraulic disc brakes are excellent!

They can stop the bike entirely and with ease. Plus, you should not worry about the safety level.

Ride the bike and change your biking experience better than ever!


Seriously, the Goplus Road Bike Commuter Bike Shimano 700C has come with a unique design.

The whole bike has everything you need to change your biking taste. It has a variety of colors, such as red, orange, green, blue, and black.

It has been painted in such a way that you can ride it under any weather. The painting will keep the bike stainless – 100% guarantee.

Goplus Commuter Bike Road Bike Quick Release Aluminum 700C 21 Speed (Blue)

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  • Easy shifters and smooth riding.
  • Attractive color.
  • Tires are enough for safe riding.
  • Speed is up to the mark.
  • Can endure a heavy-load.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Heavy-duty bike.
  • Efficient braking under any road or weather conditions.
  • All authentic Shimano components.
  • Shimano derailleur ensures smooth shifting of speed.
  • Adjustable handlebar height.
  • Quick Release in the front wheel makes installation and maintenance pretty easy.
  • Good quality tires provide safe and fast rolling performance.
  • Looks fashionable.
  • Features a kickstand for convenient parking anywhere.
  • Reasonable price.


  • The seat should be more comfortable.
  • Installing the bike can get difficult due to the lacking of proper guidelines.
  • No water bottle holder.
  • Fake leather is used in the seat and it doesn’t provide quality comfort. But you will get used to it with time.

Goplus Commuter Bike Considerations:

Goplus Commuter Bike Road Bike Quick Release Aluminum 700C 21 Speed (Blue)


Looks like the Goplus Commuter Bike is only available in medium size that is 52 cm.

This bike is perfect for adults with height ranges between 5’5″-6’0″. Even teenagers can use it. Learn how to measure road bikes from our experts.


Do you want a bike that has great features but doesn’t break your bank? Then the Goplus Road Bike is a nice option.

Because it has kept a decent price range for its customer. The price of this bike under $500 which is easily affordable for any person. Plus, it can be an amazing gift to your loved ones.

Whom it is suited for:

I will say this is a subtle beginner-friendly bike but it is great for anyone who wants to get started in cycling.

This bike can imitate the feel of the racing experience. So, it is an ideal option for race practicing.

However, it doesn’t claim to be the best and also lacks some certain features. Still, its other features worth a try for daily commuting.

Again, if you want to save some money from daily transportation, then this road bike can turn out handy for you.

Besides, young adults are going to like the experience of this excellent Goplus road bike.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab one and get started.

Goplus Commuter Bike Road Bike Quick Release Aluminum 700C 21 Speed (Blue)

Goplus Bike Buyer’s Guide:

Is this your first-time purchase? No worries, we got you covered here. Before buying a bike, you should measure your inseam and height.

As a result, you can easily find your bike size. Besides, in the store, you will get to see the size chart of the bike.

There you can pick one according to your height or inseam measurement.

Bike’s material plays a crucial role in its durability. If you are looking for a lasting bike, then you should pay great attention to it.

Basically, aluminum and steel are heavy-duty, wear-resistant, and affordable.

If you a want lightweight bike, then you can go for aluminum or you can stick to steel for a comfortable ride.

However, steel is heavier than aluminum.

Even if you want more lightweight and durable material, then Carbon Fiber will be a great option for you.

In this case, you have to increase your budget. Otherwise, you may go for some budget bikes.

The seat is one of the most important contact points in a bike. Make sure it is well padded and supports your lower back nicely.

Besides, the handlebars should not be too far away from the body.

Otherwise, it won’t keep your back straight and prolong cycling can cause body ache or muscle injury.

Lastly, if you want to shop from an online store, then make sure you are making a deal with a trusted site.

Nowadays, fraud websites are deceiving people with their unauthentic products.

Make sure you have read about the product’s review, ratings and specs very well.

Thus, it will help you to make a better purchase. Plus, It will be best if your bike comes with a return policy that some online stores offer nowadays.

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Bottom Line:

You must get a variety of bikes out there. Are all of them suitable for you? No, not at all. As we always provide a 100% performance guarantee, you should not go beyond us!

This best budget Goplus commuter bike ensures you excellent performance.

And you will get a limited warranty on each part. Then why will you look for others?

Definitely, you can buy it with confidence and make your riding world better than before!

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