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Greenstar Bikes EcoCross Hybrid Bamboo Bicycle

Greenstar Bikes – Most motorized transportation means concern with major environmental pollution. For light riding, eco-friendly bamboo is one suitable option available. Although it’s out there for decades, it is getting attention in recent times for bamboo bicycles.

Yet, people still give a second thought of getting the best bamboo bicycle. It’s quite true with most budget-conscious users. Not to mention, bikes/bicycles of bamboo aren’t exactly cheap, despite its several benefits.

We would like to help you find a suitable bicycle at a reasonable price. That’s where Greenstar Bikes EcoCross Hybrid Bamboo Bicycle comes in. Let’s have a look at the overview to get a quick brief.

Product Overview

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As the name suggests, it’s a high-quality hybrid rather than pure bamboo. The outer parts are of lightweight yet sturdy aluminum. In fact, the rugged aluminum mostly comes from recycled materials. It’s the connecting bars that mainly feature bamboo. In addition, the suspending fork is of aluminum as well.

Combining beauty & performance, the affordable bamboo bicycle meets satisfaction. It’s one multi-purpose gear to hit the road. For the best part, it can give about 21 speeds. It also features stem adjustment. The system allows fender, rack & rim brake mount. Greenstar bikes further convenience comes with disc-brake integration.

Features & Benefits

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  • Light Construction, Enduring Ride

The hybrid frame combines 700C bamboo with 6061 recycled aluminum lugs. Although it induces a light framework, the bicycle gives carbon fiber strength. With quality alloy, the hubs, rims & brakes provide unparalleled durability. For the chainring, it’s commercial steel. With a supportive, long-lasting built, it’s a great transport for off-roading, street riding & trail running.

  • Comfortable Seating All The Way

There comes a suspension seating post to initiate comfortable body support. For the seat, it features reasonable softness with sufficient cushioning. It ensures a consistent, healthy holding of your backbone. And for a perfect seating experience, the budget-friendly bamboo bicycle lets you adjust the stem height.

  • Excellent Derailleurs & Freewheel

The versatile blend of front & back derailleurs certainly eases the ride. The freewheel includes bailout gear, measuring 3/32. For the front one, it features a convenient dual pulling system with a top swing. Greenstar bikes also trigger multi-fitting efficiency. With the back derailleur, you’ll get a longer cage & hanger. Not to mention, the back here delivers 7 speeds.

  • Good Speed Number, Size Variety

The best affordable bamboo bicycle under $500 gives a stunning 21 speeds on the track. With an integrated 700C x 38 mm tires, it serves on all terrains. The multi-purpose gear is also available in 3 different sizes. You can choose from either of the 16”, 18” or 20” cycles.

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  • High-quality bamboo with recycled aluminum.
  • Steel & alloy parts for durability & smoothness.
  • Maximum body fitting through 3 different sizes.
  • Outstanding frame with a supportive strength.
  • Versatile derailleurs provide multi-functionality.
  • Adjusting, breathable seat for a comfortable ride.


  • Slight warping & bending may occur.
  • Not suitable for heavy, bumpy rides.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Does it come fully assembled?

Answer: No, the quick releasing wheels aren’t attached to the assembly.

Question: What about the fork distance?

Answer: The coiled fork travels about 50mm per move.

Question: Is the frame lightweight enough?

Answer: The hybrid frame weighs about 4.7 pounds only.

Question: What’s the crank & chain size?

Answer: The chain measures 3/32” x ½” while the crank size is 9/16” or 170mm.

Question: Is there a rotor with the disc brakes?

Answer: Yes, the featured brakes have 160mm rotor.

Question: What type of shifter is available here?

Answer: The bicycle includes a 3L, 7R thumb shifters.

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Minimizing transportation impact on the earth, best bamboo bicycles do seem environmentally sound. For a higher price tag, it’s yet to arrive mainstream to the full extent. But for conscious people, it’s a smart choice. And Greenstar Bikes EcoCross Hybrid Bamboo Bicycle can certainly save the money. With this one, you’ll have the right elegance & quality on the track.

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