Hiland Urban City Commuter Bike Steel 700C Racing Bicycle

Bikes are personal vehicles. As the riders are different, the manufacturers always introduce new types of bikes, depending on that. All the Hiland bikes will indeed maximize your expectations of performance and quality. But in this case, you need to put your mind and soul together. If you want to find faults, you can even do this in the field of the moon.

However, if you want a bike with minimal cost, you can pick up this Hiland Urban City Commuter Bike without thinking more! Have you ever thought about how much money you have to spend daily to commute? Not only that, but it is very tough to maintain the time also! What if you have a commuter bike? Yes, certainly, it will reduce your daily commuting hazards!

We will introduce you to the ins and outs of the bike for your help in this best Hiland bike review. Before buying a bike, it is better to go through the various reviews on the Internet. It will help you find the right one! I guarantee. Let’s have a look:

Hiland Vernier Road Bike Steel 700C Racing Bicycle for Men Urban City Commuter Bike Hiland Urban City Commuter Bike

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Key Features:

  • Hiland hi-Ten durable steel frame and fork
  • Shimano 14-speed SY20A thumb shifters for a smooth ride
  • 700 x 25C high-performance tires with aluminum rims
  • Comes with 85% preassembled
  • Made in Taiwan

Bike Frame

The frame of a bike always plays a vital role in terms of load and fashion. The Hiland City bike includes a sturdy and fashionable frame this time. It is very durable because solid Hiland hi-Ten steel has been used to construct it. As a result, it can serve you for ages without creating any problem.

The shock absorber hi-ten steel made fork supports the frame to stand still and provide high-safety. And high-quality black paint covers the whole bike. Thus, your bike will remain stainless throughout the year, even under any adverse weather conditions. After all, it will be an excellent buy for you!


A bike without satisfactory speed is nothing but mere wastage of money and time. Keeping in mind that, the manufacturer has included SY20A thumb Shimano shifters with the bike. As a result, you will get a storm like speed during your ride. Even reaching far away is so quick and with ease now.

Besides, the shifters are unusually smooth and will not create any problems. In words, you will experience a kind of pleasure you never had before. Will you want more? So you had better buy a motorbike instead. Listen, the topmost speed quality it offers is merely excellent. Therefore, you need not search for other brands.


A high-quality wheel-set can reduce the pressure of carrying extra burdens. Don’t worry at all! This Hiland Road Bike contains sturdy aluminum rims. They have been made in such a way that enduring extra load is so simple. Without any doubt, you can use it for ages. And another exciting feature of its having 700 x 25C heavy-duty tires.

The privilege of the set is to enjoy an enjoyable riding experience. During the rainy season, the tires ensure safe riding. And they can cope with any types of road surfaces. The tires are excellent and durable. You will not face the problem of changing them frequently. Aren’t you impressed? I think so.


A high-speedy bike must require a heavy-duty braking system. Otherwise, the speed can be the reason for destruction. This Hiland Urban City Commuter Bike includes disc brakes in the rear and front. They can stop the bike at once and help you avoid accidents. The levers also belong to the high-class. So you need not change them frequently. With the original ones, you can go for years with ease!

Similarly, under adverse weather like the rainy season, the brakes perform well. They can stop the bike without shaking it. And you will have full control of your body. Hence, you will stay safe, even on a slippery road.


A bicycle with a heavyweight causes problems during the ride. In that case, you have to carry the extra burden. As a result, it makes you tired. But in the case of Hiland Bikeyou need not do so as its weight is only 26.9 lbs, including the pedals. The whole product is extremely lightweight. Therefore, you can ride it with ease, and it gives you a feeling that you are flying on the road. Isn’t it enough for a commuter like you?

The whole bike is 50 cm long, so it’s convenient for those who are 5 to 5.6 inches tall. Fortunately, you will get another size of the same version that is 58 cm long. It allows 5.10 to 6.2 inches tall riders to roam about the countryside with ease! In this regard, you have to select the right size, depending on your length. Be careful about this.


Most of the bicycle comes with 80 to 95% preassembled. Surprisingly, this Hiland bicycle has come with 85% preassembled. The rest of the things, including pedal, saddle, front wheel, and handlebars to attach. You can do it with the tools given by the package. If you dare not, you can even call a professional mechanic for the task. And also, you will get assembly video for that reason the installation process is becoming easier.

Hiland Urban City Commuter Bike

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  • Shifters are comfortable and ensure a smooth ride
  • Tools are included with the package
  • Lightweight – only 29.9 lbs
  • Installation video is helpful enough
  • Spectacular design and attractive look


  • Pedals should be more improved

The conclusion

You know – what? You need two things – spend less but get the best. The quality and performance are better than most other similar categories. And the package includes everything you need. Ultimately, the bike will change your riding taste a bit. So it will not be wrong if you buy this one for your daily commuting.

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