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HOTEBIKE Introduces Powerful Fat Tire Electric Bike

The ongoing situation due to Pandemic and economic recession has forced people to go into frenzy. The masses are looking for a distraction so that they can enjoy some recreational and healthy activities but also maintain social distancing protocols. Thus, bicycling has suddenly started trending, and more and more people are adopting this as their new hobby. In this current scenario, the stunning professional electric bike manufacturer “HOTEBIKE” has introduced a new model of fat tire electric bike A6AH26F. This is a very powerful electric bike with advanced features, which not only cover safety but also gives a smooth and powerful experience.

It’s a coincidence that this powerful fat tire electric bike by HOTEBIKE has launched at a time when social distancing has become our new way of life.

HOTEBIKE Introduces Powerful Fat Tire Electric Bike

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Salient Features of Fat Tire Electric Bike / Powerful Mountain Bike

This electrifying fat tire mountain bike is primarily an electric bike, but it also incorporates powerful features and delivers a breath-taking experience to its riders. Some of the amazing features of this fat tire electric bike are mentioned below.

  • Powerful 750W Electric Motor

This electric bike is equipped with a powerful 750W electric motor, which gives more than enough power for any type of terrain including rough, uneven, off-road mountain terrain, rugged road, or even muddy beach. This powerful electric motor is capable of achieving speeds up to 45km/h. This is almost the same speed as that of a leopard or a wolf. So in case, a leopard starts chasing you, you should be safe on this electric bike.

  • “Large, Removable & Waterproof” Battery

This fat tire electric bike includes a high capacity removable battery which is 48V 13AH/20AH. This battery is specially designed to be light in weight but has a high capacity. This high capacity and low weight allow this electric bike to travel up to 80km before requiring a recharge. Even if you need to charge a fully depleted battery, the fast charging technology allows it to charge from 0 to 100% within 5 hours.


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  • “Fat Tire” for Off-road Terrain

This powerful mountain bike is equipped with specially designed Kenda fat tires, which provide extensive riding grip, and can easily negotiate its way on the rugged road, muddy, snow, or beach. These tires along with its powerful motor allow for faster acceleration as well. These Kenda fat tires have anti-slip design and are made with high-quality durable material. The size of tires is 26”4.0 inch and these allow the bike to support max load of up to 200 kgs.

  • Big Screen Waterproof Multi-Function LCD Display

This powerful mountain bike comes with a large LCD display. It is waterproof and has intuitive controls. Moreover, it shows battery capacity, motor power, riding speed, and trip distance.

  • Comfortable Suspension, 21-Speed Shifter, Dual Disk Brakes

The main body of this fat tire electric bike includes a suspension fork which makes rides comfortable even on rugged and bumpy roads. It has a Shimano 21-Speed Shifter, comes with three working modes as suited by the riders, and last but not the least, it has dual Tektro 180 Disc Brakes.

  • Dimensions

The height of the bike is 112cm/44” and its length is 192cm/75.6”. The height of the seat can be adjusted between 89cm/35” and 116cm/45.7”. Moreover, the width of the handlebar is 63cm/24.8”. Below is the diagram of this powerful electric bike which illustrates and visualizes all of its dimensions.

Testimonial / Why You Should Buy?

The various testimonials and customer reviews have highlighted that powerful electric mountain bikes from HOTEBIKES have the superior build quality, which is comparable to even the most expensive electric bikes in the industry.  Various customers have started using these fat tire electric bikes for their daily commute. The design team has hidden the battery in the frame, so that the battery is positioned in such a way that most people do not recognize, that it is an electric bike, rather they mistake it for a designer mountain bike. Most customers have stressed that the electric bike is reliable for a daily commute and some even acknowledge that it has the capacity for even adventurous tours. This bike is specifically powerful when going uphill because that is when its powerful electric motor shines and delivers the required thrust to make the uphill movement seem effortless. The extra grip on tires helps in riding the bike during rainfall or while negotiating tight turns. The brakes are really powerful and help in bringing the bike to a stop in case of emergency situations. The bike assembly is easy if you follow the visual and printed guidelines. It is a good investment in the long term.

Some snapshots of customer testimonials and reviews are shown below:

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Check the latest price on amazon


The crux of this article is that Cycling is healthy and it can help to protect you from serious diseases. Those people who regularly take a ride on their bicycles are almost immune from diseases such as a stroke, or a heart attack, some types of cancers, even depression, all types of diabetes, obesity and even arthritis. Riding a bike has various health benefits, it is fun and is a low-impact form of exercise for all ages. Cycling is easy to fit into your daily routine by riding to the shops to buy essential daily use items, going to a park, and for daily commute to school or work. This electric bike by HOTEBIKE is a perfect fit for all scenarios. This fat tire electric bike is not only comfortable but also extremely powerful for those of you who have an adventurous nature.

In the current pandemic, it is rather advisable to adopt healthy habits and especially those which are in compliance with social distancing SOPs.


HOTEBIKE is a professional ebike company. They have more than 14 years of experience in the development, production, and marketing of electric bikes. HOTEBIKE is one of the highest-rated company and has been selling its products through Amazon for almost 10 years and have accumulated numerous 5 star testimonials. They have one of the best after-sales service and technical support in the industry of ebikes. Furthermore, they use high quality and long-life battery in their products and also have various certifications including MSDS/UN38.3/CE/TUV EN15194 Certification.

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