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How to learn to ride a bike without an instructor?

How to learn to ride a bike – There are not many instructors that teach people. Most people learn to ride bicycles at a very young age. So, how to learn to ride a bike without an instructor? People say that if you didn’t know for learning to ride a bike for the best city bikes at a very young age, then it is too late.

That is not true, there are a lot of people who had learned to ride a bike after growing up. And they did that without an instructor as well. There are a few easy steps to follow if you are trying to ride a bike without an instructor.

Honestly, it is not a very complicated process that you need an instructor on how to learn to ride a bike. In this article, we will discuss this not so complicated process so that you can know to learn for riding on a bike without an instructor. Plus things to consider before buying the best city bikes –A buying guide.

Getting the right bike on how to learn to ride a bike 

There are many types of bikes available in the market right now. They come in all shapes and sizes and cater to different needs. You should get a bike that you are comfortable with. The height and weight of the bike should fit your physical attributes. Amongst mountain bikes, commuter bikes, hybrid bikes, and road bikes, you should go for road bikes.

The best road bikes are very beginner-friendly. If you are trying to how to learn to ride a bike without an instructor, road bikes will be your best friend.

How to learn to ride a bike

How to learn to ride a bike

Wear the right gears

When learning to ride for the first, you are more likely to get injured. That is why wearing safety gear and the right clothes in more important when learning to ride the bicycle. Make sure your attire is not loose and also not too tight. If it is too tight then your movements will be restricted and if it is too loose then the cloths may get stuck in different parts of the bikes, like the chains.

Other than your attire, wearing safety gear is also a priority. Safety gears like helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads will save you a lot of pain. You should also wear padded gloves because we tend to break our falls with our hands. Last but not the least, wear good shoes that will not slip off the pedals when riding.

The location for practice

The location plays a huge role when trying to know how to learn to ride a bike. Try to practice in an uncrowded are because staring eyes may be demotivating, especially when trying to get the basics down. Your safety and well as the safety of others should be your main concern.

So, look for a straight and empty road with little or no bumps. An empty parking lot is typically the best place to learn to ride a bike without an instructor.

Getting started

Getting on the bike for the first time may feel uncomfortable. You need to learn to balance and also pedal at the same time. Before getting started, ensure that the tires are pumped and all the screws and nuts are in place.

When all is in check then get on the seat and see if the height of the seat is convenient for you. If you are unable to place your feet comfortably on the ground then lower the height. If you’re unable to straighten your knees while sitting on the seat with your feet on the ground, then increase the height of the seat.

Then try walking the bike while you are on it and braking to a stop. Practice this until you are comfortable doing this.

Learning to balance

Balancing is the most important part of riding a bike. It is hard to teach how to balance because it comes from the instinct and needs to be practiced. To practice balancing on the bike, push the bike and try putting your feet on the pedals.

It will be best if you can practice this on the slightly downhill path. Let the bike roll down the hill and try keeping your feet on the pedals. Another way is to have someone push you while you try keeping your feet on the pedals. Whichever system you prefer, in the end, balancing requires a lot of practice. So, keep at it.

Start Pedaling

When you are comfortable with keeping your balance with your feet on the pedal on how to learn to ride a bike, its time to start pedaling. Once you have the balance down, it is very easy to learn to pedal. When pedaling for the first time, using the brakes may put you off balance. So, brake using your feet at first then move to the brake on the handlebar.

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Practice makes perfect

It does not matter even if you get the best road bike in the market if you do not keep up the practice. So, keep going at it and you can know how to learn to ride a bike without an instructor in no time.

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