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How to Ride on a Bicycle Perfectly?

Ride on a Bicycle – cycling is a healthy, fun, and environment-friendly pass time. It is perfect if you want to stay fit, have an enjoyable experience, and conveniently go to your destination. But bike riding has to be done in a proper way. Otherwise, you might get into an accident and hurt yourself.

Learning to ride a bike is not that difficult. With enough practice, you could master it easily. In order to help you do that, we have provided a detailed description of the whole process in this article.

Best way to ride on a bicycle

We have described the step by step process of properly riding a bicycle down below:

1. Find a good location for practice

The best way to learn to ride on a bicycle is to keep practicing until you have mastered it. For that, you need a location where there is plenty of space. We suggest riding on an open grassy field the soil is soft and it wouldn’t hurt that much if you were to fall.

The surface has to be flat and wide. You could practice riding your bike in a park or on a road where there is less traffic.

2. Wear flexible clothes

You should wear comfortable and flexible clothes that make it easy for you to move around.

3. Safety gear

Always remember to wear a helmet when you ride on a bicycle. This is the most basic safety precaution you could take. Minor accidents might only leave you with some bruises but you have to avoid head injuries at all costs. You should also wear elbow pads and knee pads.

4. Adjust the seat and check the brakes

Adjust your seat to a comfortable height. Keep it low enough so that you can just stand on your feet if you were to lose balance. This will prevent you from falling over. Walk with the bike for some time and then squeeze the brakes to see if the brakes are working properly.

5. Pedaling

Now get on the bike and put your dominant foot on the pedal and keep the other one firm on the ground. Then push the pedal down and put the other foot on the remaining pedal. Try to maintain the balance and keep pedaling slowly. Then start pedaling faster. Riding at faster speeds helps you maintain your balance better.

6. Focus on the road

Always keep your eyes straight and your form steady. Don’t keep looking for obstacles that you may need to avoid. This is a mistake all beginners make. Always remember to focus on where you need to go and just ride accordingly.

7. Choose a good time to ride

Going out on a ride early in the morning is the best idea. If you are a beginner don’t ride at night as there will be less visibility and it would be quite tough for you to avoid obstacles.

8. Applying the brakes

Put pressure on one of the pedals and then push both of the brakes at once. As the bike stops place one foot firmly on the ground and gets off the bike.
Don’t just stop the bike abruptly. First, slow down your cycling speed and then go for the brakes.


Bike riding is an amazing hobby to have. That is why learning the proper way of doing it is necessary. By following the steps written above you should be able to get the hang of it easily.
And of course, these tips will make your ride on a bicycle more effective than before.

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