How to Ride Safely (safety riding) Right Now During Coronavirus or COVID-19 Concerns?

During these tough times of noble coronavirus or COVID-19 concern, governments all around the world have suggested people avoid public gatherings. The tension around this COVID-19 virus is rising, and the economy all around the globe lies in ruins. In these tough times, we all could use a bike ride to clear our heads right now if your locality or neighborhood is not in lockdown.

You can go on a ride with a few extra precautions if you are placed, or even advised to be, in quarantine. You should not go for a ride right now. For your own safety and the safety of those around you as well.

Here are a few precautions you can take to ensure you are safe while on a bike ride in these troubling times coronavirus pandemic.

How to Ride Safely During Coronavirus

Communication is key during Coronavirus or COVID-19

When you leave your house, be sure to let your family members know where you are going and which route you are going to take. If you have GPS tracking options, let your family track you. If you get stuck in a pickle, let your family know through text or a call. In this dire time, keep your family in touch.

Keep the essentials

When you go outside for a ride, be sure to have the necessary materials with you during coronavirus. Always double-check for your phone, ID, insurance, debit, or credit card. Keep the electronics on your bicycle charged. For example, ensure the lights, horns, and electronic shifting are charged.

Keep your toolkit with you, if you do not have a toolkit, consider forming one. Finally, make sure you have water and food with you as well.

Essentials for your toolkit

Most cyclists keep a toolkit for emergencies all the time. But in these dire times, a toolkit is a must. But a toolkit alone will not be enough. You need to ensure the toolkit has all the essentials you may require on the road.

For example, be sure to have a glueless patch kit so that you can patch up any leaks on the tire. An air pump is a must as well. Check the nuts and bolts on your bike, and keep the corresponding tools in your toolkit. If you want to be a little extra safe, carry a spare tube as well.

Choose the shorter routes

If you are planning to go biking for the sake of exercise, be sure to do so close to your home. If you have to go, someone, like the store, for example. Then consider taking the shorter route to the store during coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. But if the shorter route is more congested or crowded, the longer route will do just fine.

Avoiding crowded places should be your number one priority in this pandemic. If you plan to get an exercise in, be sure to avoid high loads. Exhaustion can suppress the immune system. The plan should be to maintain your fitness right now, not to build physique.

Go solo

Remember always, coronavirus or COVID-19 is a pandemic, still, research keeps going. Last but not least, if you get this disease, it will be from other people. We know going to bike rides with other people in the community is what makes the experience fun. Keep protected from viruses and stay virus safety.

But for the sake of safety, we need to ride solo for now. If you must have someone with you, ensure a distance of at least six feet between you and them.


Being healthy will be of no use if you are not alive. So, ensure you maintain the social distance of six feet. Avoid crowded areas as much as you can when you go for bike rides. Do not overdo yourself and stay safe fellow cyclists in this coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic crisis moment.

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