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NAKTO Electric Bike – Ebike Adult 

If you want to buy an E-bike, especially for adults, the Nakto electric bike can be ideal for you! This excellent bike is highly perfect and has come with the features only suitable for an adult. That is why we always recommend not to buy this one for your kids! Otherwise, you have to suffer in the long run.

However, you may look for a variety of E-bikes on the internet like NAKTO electric bike – ebike adult. But unfortunately, you cannot make up your mind which one you should buy! Sometimes, your brain hangs! Don’t worry. The Nakto electric bike reviews, in the following, will help you find the solution to your problems. We guarantee, after buying this vehicle, you can make your biking experiences better than ever! Let’s have a look:

NAKTO Electric Bike – Ebike Adult 

Key features:

  • Comes with black and white colors
  • High version configuration level
  • Brushless camel/classic 36V 250W motor
  • For easy charging, 36V 10AH/36V 12AH removable battery with a standard charger and battery indicator
  •  Aluminum alloy hub with Q345 carbon steel frame
  • Shimano high-quality 6-speed gears
  • Variable speed control v-drum front and rear brakes
  • 1-year warranty with each part.
NAKTO electric bike

NAKTO electric bike

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Frame & Fork

As load capacity depends on the frame and fork of a bicycle, they have to be sturdy. Otherwise, by breaking down, they may cause an accident easily! Therefore, you have to be more conscious in this regard. But if you buy this model, we assure you that you don’t need to encounter this kind of problem at all! Surprisingly, the frame is made of streamlined carbon steel! Don’t you know how long-lasting it is?

The fork perfectly supports the frame! The cantilever shock absorber front fork is world-class. To cut bumps, its performance of absorbing shocks is unmatchable! To make the frame and fork more effective, rust-proof powder coating has been used to cover them. As a result, they always remain stainless under all weather conditions.


Whether you are satisfied with your e-bike will also depend on the performance of the battery it includes. As the Nakto electric bike parts are made with extra care, you need not think about the battery. The 36V/10Ah lithium battery is removable. So you can charge it in two ways. By charging once for 4 to 6 hours, the battery can run the bike up to 25 miles. As the bike has an electric assist feature, it ensures more distance riding.


With some other factors, speed also depends on the capacity of the motor. This best Nakto Electric bike includes a high-speed brushless 250W motor. For this reason, you can ride this with a maximum speed of 20 mph. To make things easier, you will have a 6-speed shifting system. This system is perfect as you can meet your needs for speed according to your wish. Conveniently, you can shift the gears comfortably and ride smoothly.


Your brake may have a great speed. But without a high-class braking system, the great speed may cause danger. But you don’t need to worry if you buy this Nakto electric bicycle. It has come with a V-drum front brake and a V-drum rear brake. As a result, you will get great safety with this hybrid braking system.

Bike Assembly and Warranty

As you know, most of the bikes come with 85 to 90% pre-assembled. Surprisingly, this Nakto e-bike arrives with a 95% assembly. Only, you have to work on the handlebar and front wheel. You can do it by yourself, or call a professional mechanic to avoid damage if you failed!

Fortunately, you will get a limited one-year warranty with each part. Isn’t it convenient enough? What are you waiting for then? Just go and buy it with confidence!

Other Facilities

The bike features three riding modes, such as pure electric, auxiliary, and pedal modes. You can select any according to your wish! It also includes a basket, luggage rack, simplified operation button, LED turntable instrument, reflective tail-light, high-intensity headlights, and horn. So riding safely with this NAKTO electric bike – ebike adult is so simple!

NAKTO electric bike

NAKTO electric bike

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  • Easy assembly and 95% pre-assembled
  • An amazing bike for the price
  • Great customer service
  • Can run smoothly
  • Lightweight


  • The brake levers are reversed
  • The seat should be more comfortable

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The Conclusion

Nakto always maintains quality and is ruling the cycling world for ages. You can buy this e-bike without thinking twice. The construction materials belong to the high-class. That’s why the NAKTO electric bike – ebike adult parts are durable and will serve you for a long time with ease. You must not repent after riding it for once!

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