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Pros and Cons of the Electric Bikes That You Should Know

We all should agree on the fact that technology has improved our lives to a great extent. It has eased our responsibilities and lessen our worries. On the other hand, we can’t deny the fact that it has brought problems that can’t go unnoticed. With every ease, there comes a difficulty too.

You might have heard about the electric bikes whose popularity increasing with time. Now many people prefer to travel on electric bikes due to various reasons that I am going to mention in this article.

Moreover, it has a few points that force people to stop and think twice about purchasing it. Now, what might be those reasons?

If you are planning to purchase the electric bike, then stop for a while and read all its pros and cons that I am going to mention below. Before moving to the main topic, let me explain to you a little bit about an Electric bike.

What Are Electric Bikes?

There might be many people who have heard this name for the first time. Moreover, there might be many people who have experienced this bike in their life. An electric bike is usually termed as a bicycle in which battery and motor attached to it. It doesn’t require petrol or diesel. The rechargeable battery helps you to ride on the bike and travel long distances with ease and comfort.

Now the question arises that how we are going to choose the best electric bicycle and does they worth purchasing or not? After reading all the advantages and disadvantages of an electric bike, you have to decide what should be your final thought. Let’s proceed with the topic.

Pros of Electric Bikes

Now let’s have a look at all the pros and benefits of electric bike that it contains. The advantages of Electric bike incorporate:

1- It Covers Long Distance Quickly

We are living in a society where we are always short of time. Travelling is one of the essential things that we often need to do. The technology has solved our problems by giving us unlimited ease. If you are living in a busy society where there is always traffic, then the electric bike can help you in numerous ways.

If you ride on an electric bike, then you can easily pass through the traffic, or sometimes you can lift the electric bike on your head and cover the traffic lane easily. Due to its lightweight, it won’t be complicated or burdensome for you. It is how you can cover the distance quite easily without being stuck in the traffic. Isn’t it the most necessary feature?

2- It Keeps You Healthy and Fit

Many people might don’t know about this fantastic feature that riding an electric bike is the most appropriate exercise that you can do daily, even if you can’t find time to go to the gym. Yes, the research has also proved this feature. Riding the electric bike is very good for your physical and mental health.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then it would be great for you. Electric bicycles tend to be a “magnificent type of oxygen-consuming or cardiovascular exercise. Stay fit and healthy and ride an electric bike.

3- It Saves You from Various Expenses

The standard motorcycle might be easy to purchase, but its daily expenses have become a burden for everyone. The price of diesel or petrol is reaching the sky and especially on special occasions when you need to travel the most the price often increases, and it starts giving you stress.

The best thing about riding on an electric bike is that it doesn’t require petrol or diesel, so you don’t need to worry about the price. It has a battery attached to it that needs to be recharged once a day. A few electric bikes have a dual battery feature that will pass more time, and you can travel without any discomfort.

4- It is Nature Friendly

Electric bikes are perfect for the environment and create a very positive impact. Global warming has become a severe issue from which we need to get rid of to save the earth. The petrol or diesel used in vehicles creates global warming that severely affects our health.

You can help by utilizing an E-bicycle rather than a petroleum or diesel vehicle. They use vitality with an average pace of 100 to 150 watts contrasted with 15,000 or so for a vehicle. Therefore, this can assist with improving air quality. It is how you can play your role in controlling global warming.

5- It Is Fun to Ride

Riding a bicycle is always fun as compared to riding a standard bike. It gives you a new experience and brings a smile on your face. Those who ride on an electric motorcycle often travels on the greenery side that cheers their mood and let them enjoy the beauty of nature. You can get a chance to go on any side of the world.

The electric bikers often plan a trip together and enjoy more thoroughly. It gives them immense pleasure and peace that is good for your mental health. If you have experienced it ever, then you might know the fun that it gives.

6- A Future of Transportation

It is said that electric bikes are the future of transportation. Now the number of people who travel on an electric bike has increased. In no time everyone will be seen riding the electric bike. The unlimited features or characteristics it provides will force everyone to have one.

The manufacturers have started manufacturing more and more bikes due to the rapid increase in demand. It is expected that in the coming years its market will multiply and everywhere it will be seen. Well, after knowing all the advantages mentioned above, who can stop themselves from purchasing it?

Cons of Electric Bikes

Now comes a few pros or negative points that the electric bike contains, and that should be known to everyone. The disadvantages of electric bikes include:

1- It is Costly

No doubt it cut down so much expense of petrol or diesel yet the electric bikes are not easy to purchase. It is quite expensive compared to a standard bike. The battery attached to it increases the cost of this bicycle. The motor likewise enhances its price and make it expensive.

If you even succeeded in purchasing a cheap electric bike, then it will not offer unlimited benefits. Moreover, the quality of the bike can be cheap. Anyhow if you pay a substantial amount at the start, then you may enjoy its benefits later.

2- The Battery Issue

You may face the battery issues in the electric bikes more often. There is no guarantee of a battery. Moreover, it takes a long time to get recharged. The minimum time it gets to recharge is 4 hours. This means you will be bound for those 4 hours. Sometimes when you are on your way, and you get out of charge, then you don’t have any other choice than to wait.

The situation may get more difficult if you can’t find any place where you can charge your battery. You have to face that situation all alone. It is another disadvantage that you face after purchasing it.

3- It Has a Short Life

It is said that the electric bikes don’t last for long as compared to the regular bikes. The things that run on technology often have a short life duration. Various factors involved that make its life duration short.

Yet it also depends on the way you take care of it. Before purchasing the bike, make sure to understand the things that need to be avoided or that needs to be done.

You may save the battery life if you put it in a dry temperature and protect it from the things that may destroy it. Even if you take care of it yet, a battery survives for a specific time duration.

4- It Has A Low Re-Sale Value

The resale value of the electric bike is less, so you get into the loss when you sell it. If anyone of you has tried to sell it, then they might know its resale value. It is another disadvantage that let you think twice before purchasing the electric bike. Moreover, the battery makes a big difference. If the battery is okay, then you may get the right amount in return.


These are a few advantages and disadvantages of electric bikes that you should know before making your mind in purchasing it. I have written a detailed article that would help you in making the decision. I think electric bikes are a must-try as you will be able to enjoy its unlimited features.

If you have already experienced it, then it is well and good, yet if you haven’t experienced it, then it is worth trying. I hope you will find this article helpful and informative. Go and grab the electric bike today and try a new experience of life.

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