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Raleigh Bike Women’s Superbe City Bike Review

The Raleigh Bike Women’s Superbe City Bike is not just a bike for riding from one place to another in a convenient way but also a fashion accessory.

This Superbe step-thru steel bike is designed for women and as you might have guessed, the style was the primary concern for the manufacturers when they made it.

This gorgeous new bike from Raleigh is for those who have an appreciation for finer things. This bike is like a work of art and it is incredibly comfortable to ride. There are many color accents to choose from, the pink one being the most recognizable one.

Why Raleigh Bike is best for you?

The Raleigh bike for women comes in different colors which represent famous shopping districts all over the world. For example, the classic black represents SoHo district of New York and the British green for Regent Street of London. The bike is dressed with leather grips. There are also soft leather saddles with coil springs.

There are tons of intricate features in this bike Raleigh like nameplates etched with copper and brass.

Features with details

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Here in this Raleigh bike review, we will discuss its features in detail.

  1. Frame

This bike has a sturdy Raleigh bike steel twin-tube frame. This low step-thru frame gives the bike a distinguished look. It makes sure that the rider’s riding position remains upright. You will be able to ride it in a relaxed position.

  1. Speed

The Raleigh bike for women comes with 7 speeds Shimano Tourney twist shifters which are easy to operate. You can shift the gears just by flicking with your wrist.

  1. Tires

The rims of this bike are large and made of alloy. They are also double-walled. The Kenda 700x35c urban brown tires are combined with the gum sidewall that gives the bike a nice vintage look.

  1. Rack

There is a removable rear rack basket with a handle that makes your shopping trips way more convenient for you. The basket is recyclable and it is big enough that you can carry all your groceries in it quite easily. The bottom bracket is made with cartridge steel and has oversized bearings.

  1. Fashionable features

The Raleigh Superbe women’s bike’s fashionable features include the leather grips and matching soft leather dual-spring seat. There is also a brass bell which shows off Superbe’s signature style.

  1. Additional Features

The Raleigh Superbe female bike has wrap-around chain guards to keep your clothes from getting dirty. There are also an etched nameplate and white-tip fin fenders.

  1. Additional Features

The Raleigh Superbe women’s road bike comes half-assembled. Assembling it may seem a bit tricky so we suggest you take the help of someone expert at it. The assembling process takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours. The required time will completely depend on your skill level.

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  • The bike looks beautiful because of its intricate design
  • Shifting the gears is quite a smooth
  • Made with high-end, quality materials
  • You will be able to ride the bike in a relaxed position and look ahead of you and stop easily when you see an obstacle
  • The basket is extremely convenient to have
  • Easy to assemble


  • The seat has practically no padding. So sitting on it may feel like you are sitting on a metal frame
  • Some customers complained about the bike getting damaged while shipping

Final Verdict

The Raleigh bike is super specifically designed and made for those who seek an urban or city bike. This is a commuter bike that represents the rider’s sense of style. Raleigh shows excellent craftsmanship through their products.

This bike is gorgeous, classic, and comfortable and we believe that you will love it. For a reasonable price, you will love to get one of the most stylish women’s bikes in the market.

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