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How To Ride A Road Bike

Road bikes are specially designed bicycles made for the road. These bicycles are made to go as fast as your legs can manage. Road bicycles usually have an aluminum or carbon frame with little to no suspension. Some fancy models also have steel and titanium frames. The wheels on road bikes are also thinner and lighter. The wheels have narrower rims and fewer spokes. Overall, all the road bikes are perfect for long rides on solid roads.

How to dress for a road bike?

When riding a road bike, it is important to wear clothes that you are comfortable wearing. If you are comfortable in tight clothes, you should always opt for them. First of all, tights clothes will not get caught in the chains of the bicycle. Tight clothes also reduce friction from the wind and make rides more efficient. Comfort is important, as well. Ensure that the outfit you choose is not too tight, or you will not be comfortable on rides.

If you intend to hit the roads, safety gears are important as well. Your head is the most at risk when you go for a ride, so always wear a helmet. Different helmets are padded in different ways, so make sure the helmet you buy is comfortable for your head. At first, it may seem like style does not matter. But if you buy a helmet that is not stylish, you will not want to wear it during rides. Buy a helmet that makes you feel good when you wear it.

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How to position your body?

The seat, or saddle, of the bike, is adjustable. You need to adjust the saddle to fit your height. To get the correct adjustment, stand straight next to the bike. Then raise or lower the saddle so that it is level with your hips. If the saddle is at the correct adjustment, you can ride the bike without having to rock the bike at either side.

How to position the pedals?

When you start the ride, you should start with the pedals in a horizontal position. This helps you get the initial balance right. It also helps you get the downstroke on the pedal easily. If the pedals are diagonal when you start, the downstroke will be tougher. But as long as the pedals are not in a vertical position, you can start your ride.

How to position your head and shoulders?

When riding, your head should not hang too low, and it should not be too tense either. For safety reasons, you should always look in front of you. But your neck should also be comfortable. For long rides, gently move your head a little so that it does not stiffen up.

Your shoulders should feel comfortable on rides. You should not hunch forward with your shoulders when riding. That will cause them to get tensed up after a while. Let your shoulders hang in a natural position. Move them a little to loosen up from time to time.

How to position your elbows?

Do not lock your elbow and straighten your arm when riding. This may cause injuries when you hit bumps on the road. You should keep your elbows bent and close to your body. This helps absorb the shock of bumps and reduce the chances of injuries.

How to go downhill?

When going downhill, consider holding the drops. The drops are the lower part of the handlebar. Holding the drops causes you to put more weight on the front wheel. This helps you balance your bike when going downhill. Another advantage of holding the drops is that it creates better aerodynamics as the wind able to pass you easily.

Last but not least

Pay attention to your surroundings. Keep to the side lane and ensure you are safe from motorized vehicles. There are different bike brands and also specialized bikes for men and women. The best road bikes are safe and easy to ride, as well.

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