Schwinn Hybrid Bike – Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Hybrid Bike – Decide the right type of bike at the beginning and you might be opening a whole new world that will offer you years, maybe a lifetime, of pleasure.  Choose the wrong kind of bike and you might have just bought a luxurious garage ornament.

There are so a lot of dissimilar types of bicycles out there and so numerous variants on each of those dissimilar types that it would take a book to cover them all.

It would also be ineffective information for numerous new riders because most of the variants are designed to fit a highly specific requirement or little niche in the cycling marketplace.

Schwinn Hybrid Bike – Discover Men’s bike Basic Information

Schwinn Hybrid Bike Discover Men's Hybrid Bike (700C Wheels),Black

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Bicycles have constantly been a man’s thing as time immemorial. From the days of our father still until now, bikes have continued to hold a strong place of connection and relationship with men.

That is why each manufacturer who wants their business to remain floating requires to come up with relevant and stylish models that are customized to assemble the modern man’s biking requires.

Technical Information

Discover Men’s Schwinn Hybrid Bike has a number of technical dimensions. Look at bellow for watching the entire info.

  • A 700c wheel size
  • Product dimensions: 53.9 x 7.5 x 31.9 inches
  • Comes in a man’s color, black

Bike Features

This Schwinn Hybrid Bike Outfitted with an aluminum city frame, a Schwinn suspension fork to soak up the shock and a padded saddle through a suspension seat post, the Schwinn Discovery men’s console bike is ideal for commuting to work or cruising down a relaxed bike path. SR Suntour alloy crank presents a wide choice of gearing Padded saddle through suspension seat post-Swept-back vertical handlebar with adaptable stem Fenders.

 Special Features

The bike presents such extra features as 21-speed SRAM grip shifters for fast, simple gear changes, a Shimano TX-31 back derailleur, a Schwinn alloy crank, Promax alloy linear drag brakes, a swept-back upright handlebar with an adaptable stem, fenders, and a back gear carrier.


This is an additional portion of this Schwinn Hybrid Bike. Even though most men are logically wired for “spanner and grease” type of technical jobs, this bike though does not need too much assembling work. So, Schwinn had this in mind and planned the bike in such a way that it does not oblige any type of rocket science to assemble it and hence you create good savings on your valuable time.

Design and Comfort

Good business judgment and prudence necessitate that every seller and maker should price their products in such a method that all their target clientele can contentedly afford them.

When an enormous product is overpriced, it will finish up benefitting neither the seller nor the purchaser. Braking is one of the main features that form the safety of every bike. This benefit provides the power of control over the bike as you cruise through the streets.

Better bike control principally means that you contain another feather added to your hat of security, thus benefiting evenly you and other road users. Besides its capability to carry heavyweight riders, Discover Men’s Schwinn Hybrid Bike is also made with tall riders in mind.

This constructs it a worldwide favorite between men who are endowed with changeable heights. This machine is also tailored to contain dudes with heavy body frames.

The bike can contentedly accommodate a father, a child & other luggage.


  • Schwinn suspension fork
  • Schwinn alloy crank
  • Men’s console bike with aluminum city frame Schwinn Hybrid Bike
  • 21-speed SRAM grasp shifters; Shimano back derailleur
  • Promax alloy linear-pull brakes; back gear carrier
  • Swept-back standing handlebar and padded saddle
  • Shimano TX-31 rear derailleur designed to shift gears
  • A strong hybrid with aluminum city frame
  • A ProMax linear-pull brakes tailored to provide you greater control
  • A relaxed padded saddle with suspension seat post
  • Schwinn suspension forks for best response and comfort
  • Sweptback standing handlebar with an adjustable stem


  • The gear shifter is not smooth
  • The water guards are weak
  • The tube for the rear tire went flat
  • Pedal broke after less than 30 miles of utilize.
  • The handlebars can just be adjusted within a very narrow range
  • Low-quality bike.

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Bottom Line

In the conclusion of our review of the Schwinn Hybrid Bike for Men, we are in a more advantageous location that enables us to create sound and informed conclusions in regard to this bike.

As we topic, this bicycle to an essential product feature criterion below, every buyer or possible buyer will be in an advantageous place to make a well-informed choice that is backed by adequate facts.

Let us take a look at several of them and locate out if truly this bike deserves the put it occupies in the lives of men who have spent their cash on it.

Thank you.


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