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Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

Sixthreezero – Following its invention in the 19th century, the bicycle was predominantly a male’s transportation &recreational asset. With the passage of time, the asset becomes common &women on a large scale started to enjoy the thrill of the ride using bicycles. Currently, there are lots of bicycles available, specially designed for female riders.

Providing the epitome of utmost comfort & modern style, hybrid cruisers are one popular choice among adventurous women. Being a perfect masterpiece of advanced engineering, Sixthreezero Evryjourney Hybrid Cruiser offers optimum functionality, performance & style.

Whether it’s about cruising on the beach at dusk or riding the trails on dawn, Sixthreezero cruiser bikes come with the best summer package. Glistening sheen with glossy components induces a sleek one to hit the street. The design results in a lower gravitational center & foot-forward pedaling, highly suitable for female body posture.

Let’s check out for which this stylish bicycle holds best.

Why Sixthreezero Evryjourney Cruiser Bike is Best for You?

The hybrid Sixthreezero cruisers feature multi-faceting that is quite suitable for lots of women. There are both 24” & 26” wheels & there comes 4 different speed settings (single, 3, 7 & 21). So, there are a wide number of options to pick up the most comfortable & safest one.

Therefore, it holds perfect for females looking forward to casual commuting, fitness riding, urban cruising & transport alternating.

One of the most incredible features is its welcoming construction & versatile adaptability for females of different sizes& ages. Being suitable for 14 years old & up, the sixthreezero bicycles easily accommodate women having 5’ up to 6’ tall.

Having the basic knowledge of brake pulling & gear shifting, anyone meeting the size & height requirement is good to go.

Sixthreezero evryjourney cruiser bike

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Features with Details

Light Aluminum Frame

With an aluminum city construction, the bike comes with incredible sturdiness, despite being lightweight. Weighing about 33.9 pounds only, the cycle is obviously one of the lightest models in the market. Meanwhile, it can hold about 300 pounds which seems a pretty reasonable deal concerning your weight.

The forward pedaling mechanism induces comfort for female riders. There is long-lasting leather stitching for the grips, saving the soft skin all along. Having high-quality polish for the exterior, the frame metal remains weather resistant.

Luxurious Custom Design

A perfect design is crucial when it comes to girlie things. Considering the importance of an appropriate combination of bicycle geometry & external design, this sixthreezero cruiseris is obviously a winner.

The exceptional blend of cream, navy & teal induces an incredible deck for the rider. The color suits perfect over the aluminum & therefore delivers the most attractive company to the beach.

Having beauty & elegance, the cruiser comes with optimum luxury in every aspect.

Reliable Suspension System

Featuring a double spring saddle, the rider gets minimum shock & bumps. And going through the rough terrain becomes reasonably easier, thanks to the high shock-absorbing cushion. Therefore, a seamless rolling sensation prevails all the time.

Despite having a difference in wheel size, the cruiser includes 1.95” tires with double wall. The tire, therefore, imparts great smoothness, stability & balance even on irregular surfaces.

Simple Braking Mechanism

The integrated stopping mechanism features a convenient handbrake on both rear & front sides. Although the brake is conventional, sixthreezero women’s bike initiates a powerful stopping efficiency in no time.

The compatibility of the mechanism provides an almost instantaneous response with traction resulting from the semi-slippery wheels. With the smooth braking mechanism, stopping becomes pretty safe & incredibly quick.

Incredibly High Flexibility

The overall construction of metal, leather, plastic ensures maximized flexibility over prolonged riding. It induces optimum smoothness & functionality for the bike to a great extent. In fact, the flexibility can handle the surface irregularity, bumps & impacts quite well.

Meantime, the reasonable leg extension induces consistent & uninterrupted pedaling. Therefore, the sturdiness gets retained & encourages the serviceability of the cycle for a longer time.

Optimum Riding Comfort

Featuring leather stitched grips, you can get a comfortable holding of the handlebar. With a lower swooping, the entry steps become incredibly easy.

Not to mention, the design introduces a lower gravitational center which allows further control over the speed. With superior maneuverability, you can ensure riding safety.

Also, Sixthreezero Evryjourney allows the rider to get perfectly stand-over position when necessary

Built-in Clamp & Fenders

The complete package contains a rear rack to offer outstanding mobility on the road. The included quick-release clamp initiates control over the gear shifting. In the meantime, there come front & back fenders that keep your skin safe from road dust & dirt.

Obviously, the built-in clamp & fenders help with the pedaling & speed control.

Quite a Simple Assembly

According to the manufacturer claim, the Sixthreezero women’s beach cruiser bike arrives at your doorstep with 80% assembly. You just need to put together the handlebar, brake, chain with the basic mainframe.

For the rest, you won’t even need any particular guidance except for the instruction manual. Using the required tools, completion of the assembly is only a matter of minutes.

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  • Versatile & lightweight frame.
  • Multipurpose functionality.
  • Incredibly smooth for a longer ride.
  • Safety through reflective gear.
  • Good speed for various positions.
  • Comforting ride over flat terrain.


  • Unsuitable for off-road cycling.
  • Loosely attached leather handle.
  • Poor quality for fender screws.

Bottom Line

Sixthreezero – Costing a reasonable price from the purse, the hybrid cruiser is worth every penny of its investment. Specifically constructed for street adventure & riding comfort, this is undoubtedly a holistic asset through effortless

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