Swagtron City Electric EB10 Cruiser Bike | 11 FAQ Revealed

Do you need an e-bike with exceptional performance? Why aren’t you looking at the Swagtron City Electric EB10 Cruiser Bike then? It has every feature you need! It’s extremely lightweight, made with solid materials, and can speed up like a storm.

Surprisingly, this high-class Swagtron electric bike EB10 is so sturdy, and can go with you for ages even without any hindrance! After all, it would be a good buy if you select this e-bike for your day-to-day use.

Key specs:

• Pure comfort full-sized 26-inch eBike.

• EB10’s high-capacity removable battery.

• 21-inch low step-through frame.

• Digital LCD EB10 battery display and odometer.

• Swept-back wide handlebar.

• 26 inches wheels with 2.1 inches tires.

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Swagtron City Electric EB10 Cruiser Bike Review:

Swagtron City Electric EB10 Cruiser Bike

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Swagtron City Electric EB10 Cruiser Bike is capable of providing exceptional performance.

The 26 inches wheels are made with solid aluminum, and the 2.1 inches e-cruiser high-volume tires are made in such a way that they ensure a smooth and luxurious ride.

And the motor! The 250W motor can produce a maximum speed of 16 mph. And the battery belongs to the high-class and can go up to 28 miles on charging for once!

Isn’t it enough for you? What’s more – it can conquer 25-degree steep hills with ease and even like a superhero based on throttle only.

High-level comfort

The inclusive design is convenient enough to provide extreme comfort.

Fortunately, it contains a 21-inch low step-through frame. Conveniently, it helps you climb up and down a mountain with ease!

And the bike includes a swept-back wide handlebar that provides the facility to ride a relaxed and upright riding posture.

Truly, this City Electric bike will be a great one for you.

Extra-ordinary control system

Do you want a master-class control? Then you must stick to the product! Its quick-shift Shimano gears are high-class, and they ensure superb shifting with the help of their easy switch!

The system provides you enough comfort when you tackle hilly roads. And you can control the whole system with its 3 riding modes, such as pedal-only, pedal-assist, and throttle-only.

Therefore, you can do a huge amount of work with minimal effort!

High-quality Battery

If you don’t have a high-quality battery, all of your efforts will go in vain. In that case, you need not bother at all.

This Swagtron e-bike contains a high-capacity battery. It’s removable. So you can charge it separately.

On the other hand, you can buy an extra battery for your extra-advantage. This will double your riding time! This EB10’s battery is highly efficient. And it is durable also.

So you will have no hassle of changing it frequently.

SWAGTRON EB10 Electric Cruiser Bike w/ 7SPD | Pure Comfort Full-Sized 26-Inch eBike w/ Removable Battery | Low Step-Through Frame, 2.1” Tires, 264.5 LB. Max. Weight (IPX4)

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A Full Package

Make your every ride an adventure – this is our motto. Keeping in mind that the manufacturer has added every feature you need!

The digital LCD EB10 battery display and odometer, adjustable seat, rear and front fender, and bell are added with the package.

Aren’t you satisfied with having a full package? The good news is that you can also use the battery mount as a cargo rack!

Support of the manufacturer

The support from the manufacturer plays a vital role in your riding life. To think about that, the company provides one-year support for you!

They have expert and world-class customer service. Even you can contact them any time after the period over the phone, chat online, or email. How convenient this is!


• Lightweight and runs smoothly

• Attractive frame

• Unique color and design

• Comes with a complete package

• Provides high-speed and can climb the hills


• The quality of the pedals should be improved

Some important Electric Bike FAQ:

SWAGTRON EB10 Electric Cruiser Bike w/ 7SPD | Pure Comfort Full-Sized 26-Inch eBike w/ Removable Battery | Low Step-Through Frame, 2.1” Tires, 264.5 LB. Max. Weight (IPX4)

1. Are Swagtron bikes good?

The best way to know if the Swagtron bike is good enough for you is to check the review of the buyers. Some of the buyers said that they loved their Swagtron bike and think it as a pretty cool bike.

According to some reviewers, this bike’s battery life is quite good and lasts long with a strong motor.

Some buyers said that this bike is an extremely well-built, high-quality bike with perfect paint finish and decorations featured with comfy seats and handlebar grips.

Some riders also suggested that if someone wants a simple, small, portable, well-built, affordable, fun to ride, and extremely useful bike in this pandemic situation of COVID-19, then they should get the Swagtron electric bike.

2. How do you charge a Swagtron bike?

To make sure you can take your bike out for a spin, you have to fully recharge it.

So, when you see your bike’s battery life is low, then it’s time to charge it and take a break from riding since the high-capacity batteries of electric bikes take hours to recharge.

 We will talk about how you can charge a Swagtron bike, but before that let’s talk about the factors that affect the range of your bike and tells you to recharge.

Conditions of riding:

• Headwinds and hills can tell you when to charge your bike’s battery, as the more often you face these conditions, the more often you will have to recharge.

• In warm temperatures, your bike’s battery will perform better than in cold temperatures.

Riding style:

• Answer the question, How much pedal power you provide to the electric bike, and how much you rely on its electric assistance? As heavier your reliance on electric assistance will drain your bike’s battery life faster.

• Your riding speed also determines how often you will have to charge it, as if you ride your bike at top speed all the time then your bike’s battery will be drained faster.

• The number of starts and stops you make will also let you know how often you should recharge. And also remember that uphill starts consume battery life more quickly.


The total weight you are carrying including your own weight, bike’s weight, and weight of your backpack will decrease battery life.

Charging the battery:

Now that we know what factors will decrease your battery life, let’s see how we can charge your bike’s battery.

• Charge your bike’s battery in a dry place where the temperature is stable as extreme temperature may damage the battery life.

• Make sure to charge the battery at the right time, as charging past the recommended time can decrease batteries overall performance.

• Do not leave your bike to charge outside in the scorching sun.

• Never charge a damaged or leaking battery.

• Make sure to check your bike’s battery level after some time passes.

• Check to make sure you are using the correct charger for your bike.

• Follow the user manual or contact the manufacturer for more bike-related advice.

SWAGTRON EB10 Electric Cruiser Bike w/ 7SPD | Pure Comfort Full-Sized 26-Inch eBike w/ Removable Battery | Low Step-Through Frame, 2.1” Tires, 264.5 LB. Max. Weight (IPX4)

3. What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?

Though electric bike offers a lot of advantages and one of the reliable means of transportation, still there are few things which you should consider before purchasing the electric bike.

One of the disadvantages of electric bikes you may face if you have a low budget is that e-bikes are expensive.

The battery life of electric bikes is quite low and needs a long time to charge. They are quite a heavy bike as well and maintenance and repairs are costly too.

Though there are a few disadvantages their advantages are numerous and much more innovative.

4. Are electric bikes worth the money?

If we say simply, then we can say that electric bike offers the same advantages as any other traditional bike.

With electric bikes, you can climb hills or fight the wind efficiently with better range. If you experience pain while riding bikes or exercise-induced asthma, the electric bike is your thing.

E-bikes are fast and flexible with specific boosting technology that can assist you to conquer hills and inclines very easily. Moreover, riding an electric bike will also improve your fitness and health.

So, what do you say, are they worth enough your money?

5. Do electric bikes charge when you pedal?

No, it does not! Some people have this misconception that electric bike charges when you pedal.

But honestly, it does not. Rather, you have to stop pedaling and recharge the bike when it is low in charge.

6. Do electric bikes go without pedaling?

 Actually, it depends on the bike. Some bikes allow riders to operate by just turning the throttle without pedaling.

Again in the case of some bike, you will need to pedal when going up hills or steep hills. Pedaling will increase the range of your battery life and makes your riding experience more fun.

7. How often should I charge my electric bike?

You should fully charge your bike’s battery every once in a few weeks. This will increase the battery’s overall capacity for a long period of time.

We recommend you to charge your bike’s battery when it is between 30% and 60% charge remaining.

Also make sure not to charge your bike’s battery to 100% before going on a ride, as lithium batteries degrade over time and longer they stay on higher voltage, the degradation occurs more quickly.

Also, avoid leaving your battery fully charged if you are not using it for a longer period of time.

8. How long do batteries last on electric bikes?

Electric bike’s life expectancy depends on the battery type. The most common battery used on e-bikes are lithium batteries and they tend to have 1000 charge cycles.

Again the latest iron phosphate battery has more battery life than normal lithium ones. On the other hand, nickel batteries have 500 charge cycles.

Batteries of an electric bike tend to last around 10 years or 1500 full charge cycles.

Though they can still work after 1500 cycles ultimately they will be damaged over time and lose capacity and stop powering your bike.

9. Are e-bikes dangerous?

Let us ask you, what makes you think they are dangerous?

Electric bikes are may be different than traditional bikes and their risks are different too, but they are not dangerous at all. Moreover, you can avoid all the risks with adequate care if you want.

Dangers of the electric bike:

• Careless treatment of electric bikes can make the batteries cause a fire.

As electric bikes have lithium batteries that means they are highly combustible and can catch fire while riding or charging.

Catching fire due to carelessness is the biggest danger related to an electric bike. But you can avoid 80% of such with proper care and precautions.

Make sure to buy lithium batteries from trusted dealers and ensure that it has right design and structure to support high temperature and over-charging.

• Too much acceleration or starting the bike from a high gear from a dead start is one of the major causes of a minor electric bike accident. To prevent them start the bike at a very low speed.

• Not obeying traffic rules are the reason for most e-bike accidents. An electric bike is the product of a regular bike and a regular motorbike, so an e-bike should follow the traffic rules to avoid accidents.

• People over the age of 60 tend to have more risk of electric bike accidents for having on average higher body weight, weaker reflexes, for being not strong enough, and understand less about how modern e-bikes work in various situations.

10. Are electric bikes reliable?

Yes, dear! They are! Electric bikes are becoming more and more reliable as the market develops.

While shopping for e-bikes make sure to buy from a trustworthy source like Schwinn or Nakto, as this will ensure that you get a reliable bike.

Remember that high quality is more likely to deliver the best result. Swagtron City Electric EB10 Cruiser Bike is one of them.

11. Are electric bikes easy to steal?

Electric bikes can also be stolen like other bikes, they can be stolen in two ways, either by scavenging parts from the bike or by stealing the whole bike in one swoop. The best way to protect your bike from being stolen is to use the best quality locks.

The Conclusion:

The Swagtron City Electric EB10 Cruiser Bike Review is nothing but a monster! The storm-like speed can reach you far away within a short time! And the parts are solid and selected with special care. This is why without any hassle, you can ride it for years. Certainly, it will change your biking experience better than ever. Thanks for reading!

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