Best 20 inch Bike for Boys & Girls- Top 3 Picks

Ready to bring an awesome bike for your youngster? In this coronavirus pandemic situation best 20 inch bike will be the ideal choice to reduce some boredom.

But they are thousands of options in the market to make you dizzy. Okay, I exaggerated a bit but this is a fact.

Don’t worry we have covered your back. This season our research team has spent hours digging out the best 20-inch bike for kids.

They are strong, comfortable, reliable, have exciting speed levels, ensure proper safety, and look outstanding.

We handpicked the bike considering our reader’s requirement.

That’s why we can assure you they will stand up to your expectations. You can thank us later but you’re welcome.

best 20 inch bike for kids

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Our Top 3 Picks for Best 20 inch Bikes:

1. RoyalBaby Freestyle Bicycle (Best for Both Boy and Girl)

RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle BMX Bicycle With Kickstand Gifts for Children Bikes 18 Inch White

Key Specs: • Weight: 31 lbs., • Material: Steel, • Speed: 1, • Brakes: Caliper, • Tires: 2.4-inch rubber knobby tires, • Our Ratings: 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Beginner-friendly bike for both boys and girls, an ideal choice for kids 7+ age at this affordable price. Training wheels and kickstand together can make an awesome deal.

2. Schwinn Koen 20-Inch Boys Bike (Best for Boys)

Schwinn Koen Boys Bike for Toddlers and Kids, 20-Inch Wheels, Red

Key Specs: • Weight: 27.05 lbs., • Material: Steel, • Speed: 1, • Brakes: Front Caliper and Rear Coaster, • Wheel: 20-inch, • Our Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Smartstart technology bike is perfect for growing boys. This bike might be the boy’s best friend in this coronavirus pandemic situation.

3. Schwinn Elm 20-Inch Girls Kids (Best for Girls)

Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for Toddlers and Kids, 20-Inch Wheels, Purple

Key Specs: • Weight: 26.6 lbs., • Material: Steel, • Speed: Single Speed, • Brakes: Linear Pull and Coaster Brake, • Wheel: 20”, • Our Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Best bike for 6+ years old girl for riding around the park and neighborhood. Adjustable seat and training wheels might give this bike extra points to purchase.

best 20 inch bike for girls

How to choose the best 20-inch bike?

No doubt, buying something like a bike requires attention to every attenuating detail. And when you want to get one for your kid, considering the details is of utmost importance.

There are some vital factors that determine the quality & performance of a kids’ bike.

• Age & Height Limit: The foremost thing to check is the kid’s height & age. Each 20-inch bike age range has certain limitations. Make sure you pick the bike that matches user height & age perfectly.

• Construction: Regrading quality, the first thing to consider is construction. The steel frame with aluminum parts delivers serviceability. You have to ensure a stable base with wide tires to get maximized driving efficiency.

• Braking System: For kids’ bikes, you should pick a coaster lever brake that comes with kid-specified functionality. Both front & rear brakes can help your kid with the control, but you can go for basic ones as well.

• Seat Height: Despite fitting your kid, you must ensure the seat height customization. As the kids’ tends to grow, adjustability of seat height will help to attain comfortable riding.

• Gear Speed: There are particularly three gear speeds available, and you can pick as per the kid’s necessity. Single-speed gear imparts incredible lightness to the frame, whereas multiple ones impart greater functionality & variation.

• Grip & Pedaling: Soft gripping & smooth pedaling is prerequisite to give the riding freedom & enjoyment. Cushioned grip with a narrower pedaling position can help in this regard to a great extent.

• Overall Safety: Obviously not the least, when it comes to safety. All the aforementioned are essential to induce maximum safety for your kid. For beginners, you have to ensure the least shock from bumps & accidental falling.

Top 10 Best 20 inch Bikes For Kids | Thoroughly Reviewed

Here now we are going to review the top 10 best 20-inch kids bike in the market right this moment. We have ensured the built quality, material, user experience while making the list.

You will find our reviews useful for sure. Therefore spend few minutes here before making any purchase to get a clear idea and views from our expert team. So starting the reviews with RoyalBaby 20 inch kids bike.

1. RoyalBaby Freestyle 20-Inch Bicycle for Kids

RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle BMX Bicycle With Kickstand Gifts for Children Bikes 18 Inch White

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Who Should Buy:

This is a beginner-friendly bike with simple features. Anyone starting cycling for the first time will find it easy and fun to ride. Kids age 7+ are suitable for this bike.

Key Specs:

• Weight: 31 lbs.

• Material: Steel

• Speed: 1

• Brakes: Caliper

• Tires: 2.4-inch rubber knobby tires

• Our Ratings: 4.8 out of 5 stars

We Like:

The bike is built with strong steel material for robust and comfortable performance. It features a kickstand for convenient parking.

Furthermore, the bike lever is user-friendly so one can easily manipulate the caliper brake to stop the bike. With a soft special juvenile saddle, one will feel comfort and relief while riding.

Besides, the tires are wider to provide cushioned grip and smoother rolling over any surface.

We Dislike:

It has no water bottle holder. Young riders find this feature handy during the strenuous ride.

Our Verdict:

RoyalBaby is an expert in the field of kid’s bicycle. One of its amazing bikes is the Freestyle 20-inch kids bike. It is built with a rugged TIG welded steel 1.2mm frame for improved strength and durable performance.

Besides, to support this strong frame, the bike has a BMX TIG welded steel fork with leading edge dropouts. Thus, it assures you a reliable riding experience.

It looks stylish and charming due to the amazing design and bright colors. You can get this bike available in 7 different awesome colors.

The bike features an ergonomic soft seat. It is well-padded to support your sit bone for a comfortable long ride.

In addition, the riser handlebar is easy to maneuver regardless of the road type. And it has Kraton soft rubber handgrips that offer a nice and safe hold.

Altogether, the seat and height position will provide an upright riding position to your kid. And it will further encourage them for riding.

This 20-inch bicycle features a caliper brake for safety. It has an exclusive brake lever that allows the little rider to clutch the brake easily and efficiently.

However, the number of speeds is just 1 and they can give more in this cool bike.

There is a chainguard in the bike to protect the chain from rust and damage. Plus, there are two mudguards in the bike to stop flying dirt and mud into your child.

A kickstand is featured in the bike to park it in a suitable place. Besides, there is a front reflector to keep the bike visible if your kids are into night riding.

To enjoy a smoother ride, there are sealed bearings in the bike. Besides, non-slip resin pedals are given to prevent your kid’s foot from slipping during the ride.

The bike has 20-inch wheels that are fitted with 2.4-inch rubber knobby tires with custom Royal Baby tread. With the exception, steel rims are there to last long.

2. Huffy Kids 20-Inch Hardtail Mountain Bike

Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike for Boys, Stone Mountain 20 inch 6-Speed, Metallic Cyan (73808)

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Who Should Buy:

This can be a perfect birthday gift to your son. Especially, growing kids look for multiple speeds to have an adventurous ride. So, gift them and they will love you more.

Key Specs:

• Weight: 35.2 lbs.

• Material: Steel

• Speed: 6

• Breaks: Linear Pull Brakes

• Tires: 20″ x 1.95″ tires

• Our Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

We Like:

This Huffy Hardtail is an amazing bike for growing kids. It has 6-speed levels with easy-to-use shifters. For smooth riding, the bike is fitted into 20″ x 1.95″ tires and features linear-pull brakes for stable stopping power.

Made with strong steel material for long-term service and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The bike is built to handle pavement, gravel, dirt, and mountain, etc.

We Dislike:

Some are saying the bike lacks in quality. Sure, you can buy high-end bikes if you can afford them. But at this price, this bike works fine.

Our Verdict:

Need for speed? Then you should definitely check out the Huffy 6-speed hardtail mountain bike for kids. It includes an indexed Shimano TZ-31 rear derailleur to deliver 6-speeds.

These speed levels are exciting and great for pure acceleration, uphill climbing, or downhill riding. You can easily shift the speed with the micro-shift twist shifter.

So, let your child enjoy their ride to the fullest with this excellent bike.

For a consistent stopping action, the bike comes with linear-pull brakes. It stops the bike even at the top speed and ensures safety.

Besides, the bike is fitted into 20″ x 1.95″ tires that can handle gravel, dirt, dust, and pavement with ease.

See, the bike is designed with some amazing factors to make their ride buttery smooth.

Speaking of which reminds me, it is built with a strong steel frame for lifelong service. It is supported by the durable Kolo 1200 suspension fork that handles bumps and dips gently.

The bike has an ATB saddle that is well-padded and stitched for long-lasting quality.

Apart from that, it has alloy quick-release for easy seat height adjustment. This bike also features a slight-rise handlebar to offer upright riding.

As a result, this prevents you from shoulder and back pain. With the exception, for a comfortable touch, the Kraton hand grips are used in the bike.

To ensure a smooth pedaling experience, the Huffy has given ATB resin pedals. These pedals are super responsive on the 3-piece crank system.

Plus, a kickstand is included to park the bike in a suitable spot.

Now, speaking of the bike’s look, it is painted in Metallic Cyan color which looks absolutely stunning and stylish. It can catch the eyes of anyone on your kid’s bike.

So, give them a reason to brag about something.

3. Schwinn Elm 20-Inch Girls Kids with Adjustable Seat

Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for Toddlers and Kids, 20-Inch Wheels, Purple

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Who Should Buy?

You can get this bike Schwinn Elm bike to your girl who is 6years or more. It is ideal for riding around the park or on the sidewalk around the neighborhood. 

Key Specs:

• Weight: 26.6 lbs.

• Material: Steel

• Speed: Single Speed

• Brakes: Linear Pull and Coaster Brake

• Wheel: 20”

• Our Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

We Like:

The Schwinn Elm bike is perfect for girls because it has a narrow Q-factor to match with their smaller hips.

Besides, the lighter frame is easier to pedal. To ensure double safety, the bike comes with both a linear-pull brake and a coaster brake.

Plus, the bike is available in three different pretty colors. There is a front basket in the bike to keep dolls, action figures, foods, or water bottles.

We Dislike:

The given pedals are not so up to the mark. They can improve the quality.

Our Verdict:

If you are thinking of getting an excellent bike for your girl, then you should have your eyes on the Schwinn Elm girl’s bike. This is designed with SmartStart Technology to perfectly match the bike’s geometry with your child.

So that they can have a more comfortable and upright riding. Not only that the bike is also built with lightweight steel to keep the frame lighter.

So, they can ride the bike freely without feeling it like a burden.

As the bike is designed for the younger rider so it features a linear-pull brake at the front wheel. And a coaster brake at the rear wheel.

During the learning stage, your girl can take the help of a coaster brake to stop the bike. Then gradually they can easily transit to the linear-pull brake when they are advanced in riding.

Besides, the bike has smaller hand grips to match your child’s hand. So, they can easily hold it and efficiently manipulate the brake.

Here, the bike has a single speed and we think it is sufficient for casual riding.

It has a soft ergonomic saddle that is filled with sufficient foam. So, your girl can feel nice and comfy while cycling.

Apart from that, the seat height can be adjustable and it has slack tube adjustment. So, you can easily change the post height to keep up with your child’s growth.

For stability and better control, the bike has a riser handlebar. And in the middle, it has padding with some amazing graphics.

On the front, there is a plastic basket so your child can keep their dolls, action figures, food or water, etc.

This Schwinn Elm bike features Kid-specific Q-Factor technology that includes a narrower pedal position to match their smaller hips width. This enables easier handling and pedaling.

Furthermore, the bike doesn’t wobble while pedaling. So, your girl can ride the bike with full confidence.

And it comes with a kickstand for convenient parking. The bike features 20″ wheels and it has black color threaded tires for smooth rolling.

Overall, it is a beautiful girly bike that provides an amazing ride.

4. Mongoose Legion Mag Sidewalk BMX Bike for Boys

Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike for-Kids,-Children and Beginner-Level to Advanced Riders, 20-inch Wheels, Hi-Ten Steel Frame, Micro Drive 25x9T BMX Gearing, Orange

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Who Should Buy?

This Mongoose Legion Mag BMX Bike is for daredevil riders. The mag wheel design gives a stunning look to the bike. You can do some serious rides with this sturdy bike. So, riders from 7-13 years will surely find it fascinating.

Key Specs:

• Weight: 32 lbs.

• Material: Steel

• Speed: 1

• Brakes: Caliper and U-brakes

• Tires: 20” x 2.3” tires

• Our Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars

We Like:

We really like the design of the strong cast aluminum mag wheel. It catches the attention of people. Besides, this bike has two strong brakes- caliper and u-brakes for great speed control and efficient stopping power.

With the exception, you can do lots of tricks and stunt with the 4 freestyle Mongoose pegs.

We Dislike:

Considering the price only we can give it a drawback.

Our Verdict:

Let your youngster push their limit with the aggressive Mongoose Legion Mag BMX Bike. This is made of premium quality hi-ten steel frame and supported by a durable steel fork.

Plus, it has a low stance geometry to offer a durable and responsive ride. So, it stays ready for action every time.

Furthermore, the bike is designed with an alloy caliper brake and U-brakes for confident speed control and instant stopping power.

The youngster can impress their friends with epic sidewalk tricks due to the BMX freestyle brake rotor and axle pegs. That’s why it includes 4 freestyle Mongoose pegs for unlimited trick potential.

Apart from that, this Legion Mag comes with 40 x 16T gearing with durable one-piece forged steel cranks. Together, they offer simple and single-speed riding.

The bike has a well-padded saddle for a comfortable ride. Plus, it comes with 7.75” steel handlebars that have a cable detangler to offer 360 degrees spin to the grips.

Seat and handlebar position can offer upright riding to your kid.

The biggest attraction of the bike is its cast aluminum mag wheels with sealed bearing. It gives an ultra-stylish look to the bike and attracts the attention of many passersby.

Besides, it has black color 2.3” tires fitted into the 20″ inch wheels for cushioned grips on dirt, trails, paved street, and off the ramps. I am sure your kids will get nuts for this bike.

5. Huffy Go Girl and Ignyte 20-Inch Kids Bike

Go Girl 20" Girls Purple Quick Connect

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Who Should Buy?

This is a perfect bicycle for young girls to lift their attitude. They can take this bike in the park, neighborhood, or even on the streets. With beautiful design, they will feel encouraged to ride more.

Key Specs:

• Weight: 32 lbs.

• Material: High-Tensile Steel

• Speed: 1

• Brakes: Caliper, U-brakes

• Wheel: 20”

• Our Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars

We Like:

The Huffy Go-Girls is a gorgeous bike with a comfortable seat and handlebar. It has multi-color shimmering streamers to enhance the bike’s charm. With a double brake system, riding gets easier. And the price of the bike is also affordable.

We Dislike:

Some users said the bike quality has room to improve.

Our Verdict:

Huffy Go Girls is a free-spirited bicycle for young girls. It is made of a durable steel frame that has inspirational scripts like “Believe in yourself”. Besides, the frame is splashed with fun graphics and violet purple paint for a beautiful look.

The bike is armed with a softly padded ATB seat that is white and has a pretty design on it.

Plus, the seat comes with a quick-release that makes adjusting the seat height easy and quick. This ensures your kid has the right fit.

The Go Girls is designed with hot pink riser handlebars for easy handling and it has periwinkle blue soft grips.

At the end of the grips, there are shimmering multi-color streamers that look fascinating when flow in the wind.

The bike includes a front caliper brake and a rear coaster brake for double safety. In the initial stage, they can stop the bike with a coaster brake.

Later, they can easily take up the caliper brake when advanced. Apart from that, single speed is adequate for your kids to do causal riding around the neighborhood.

The overall look of the bike is gorgeous. It has classic white-walled tires fitted into hot pink wheels to enhance the charm of the bike.

Plus, it has a translucent chain guard that protects the chain from dirt and rust. As a result, you can provide minimal maintenance to the bike.

There is a kickstand in the bike as well for parking in a suitable spot. Also, to enjoy a simple ride the bike will provide screw-on pedals.

Above all, the bike’s price is quite reasonable for all such great features.

6. Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys 20-Inch BMX Bikes

Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike 20", Black/Red/White

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Who Should Buy:

This Dynacraft Magna Throttle bike is suitable for kids 6 to 10 years old.

Key Specs:

• Weight: 26.95 lbs.

• Material: Steel

• Speed: 1

• Brakes: Coaster

• Wheels: 20-inch

• Our Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

We Like:

We are impressed by the deluxe paint finish and fun graphics on the bike. It has a rugged steel frame to endure bumps and shocks while riding. Available at a very reasonable price.

We Dislike:

The bike only features a coaster brake and I think it is not so efficient.

Our Verdict:

The Dynacraft Magna Throttle is a fast and furious bike for the youngster. They can move in great agility with this bike. That’s why it is made of a tough steel frame to endure bumps and it is lightweight for fast cycling.

This BMX street bike comes with a coaster brake to stop the bike. Here, a kid needs to use his leg to glide to stop the bike.

The coaster works solid even at high speed. Besides, it is pretty simple and quick in response.

Moreover, with a single-speed, this bike can eat up any type of terrain.

There is a riser handlebar for precision control over the bike. Besides, it has a rubberized handgrip for a nice and firm hold. And it has a two-piece pad set with cool graphics to give a stylish look to the bike.

Apart from that, the bike’s saddle is soft, well-padded, and covered with black leather for a comfortable ride. The seat is adjustable to suit your kid’s height.

Your kid will get upright riding due to the perfect seat and handlebar position.

Talking of the bike’s look, it has deluxe red and black graphics painted in the frame. This gives a charming appeal to the bike.

There are few reflectors in this bike to keep it visible during night riding. Besides, it has a kickstand to park the bike at a suitable spot.

The 20” wheels are used in the bike and it has black tires that offer a smooth ride regardless of the terrain type.

7. RoyalBaby Jenny Bunny 20-Inch Girls Bike

Royalbaby Girls Bike Jenny 20 Inch Girl's Bicycle With Kickstand Basket Child's Cycle Pink

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Who Should Buy?

You can gift this amazingly pretty bike to your princess. It is easy and comfortable to use. They can take it anywhere they want. Also, its extras are fascinating.

Key Specs:

• Weight: 29.85 lbs.

• Material: Steel

• Speed: 1

• Brakes: Front Caliper and Rear Coaster

• Tires: 2.125” Pneumatic tires

• Our Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

We Like:

This Jenny Bunny is a pretty bike with a sturdy steel frame. It has a fully enclosed mudguard. That means you need to pay low maintenance. It has a rear rack to carry any items, backpack, or anything.

A dual brake system ensures improved safety. Besides, a comfortable seat and handlebar will make the ride relaxed.  Available at a very reasonable price.

We Dislike:

Some receive the bike with missing parts. Make sure you are getting everything you need.

Our Verdict:

RoyalBaby has brought a super stylish and cute bike called Jenny Bunny. Today we will look at its 20-inch bike. It is made of a strong steel frame for great shock absorption and comfortable riding.

You can get this bike in three colors and all of them are charming and feminine. Your girl will love it.

The bike saddle is softly padded for a comfy ride. You can adjust the height of the seat post to fit your child’s needs. Again, a riser handlebar is designed in the bike for stability and easy control.

Other than that, its grip dimension is shortened by 10% to fit a kid’s power. As a result, they can stop the bike efficiently with the brake lever.

Similarly, you can adjust the handlebar height as well.

To ensure better safety, the bike comes with a dual brake system. There is a caliper brake in the front and rear coaster brake.

At first, your child can stop the bike with a coaster brake then they can easily shift to the caliper brake. The bike has a single speed level and I think it will suffice.

For a cushioned ride, the bike features wider 2.125″ pneumatic tires. It adds more stability and ensures a risk-free ride.

There is a kickstand in the bike to park it in any place they want.

In extras, the bike includes a beautiful pink and white front basket. Your child can store her food, dolls, or water bottle here.

Excepting, there is a rear rack in the bike for fancy or to carry your younger kid. Also, the bike has an integrated bell ring to move people ahead.

This Jenny Bunny also features some reflectors in the bike in case your kids will do cycling after the sunset. Then their bike will be visible to others.

There is a fully enclosed mudguard in the park that will protect the chain from damage and prevent your kid’s cloth from getting dirty.

Aside from that, the bike includes an anti-slip resin pedal. It can cover the full feet and offer good balance while pedaling. And the sturdy steel crank arms have sealed bearing for higher drive efficiency and lower rolling resistance.

Overall, the Jenny Bunny bike is up for the game.

8. Schwinn Koen 20-Inch Bike for Boys

Schwinn Koen Boys Bike for Toddlers and Kids, 20-Inch Wheels, Red

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Who Should Buy?

The Schwinn Koen is a perfect bike for growing children. It has a SmartStart Technology frame to match up with the growth of your kid. 

Key Specs:

• Weight: 27.05 lbs.

• Material: Steel

• Speed: 1

• Brakes: Front Caliper and Rear Coaster

• Wheel: 20-inch

• Our Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

We Like:

The Koen has a strong yet lighter frame. It has a narrow q-factor to match with the narrow hips of the kid. With a double-disc system, they can safely ride the bike.

Other than that, the bike doesn’t wobble while riding. So, your kid can ride it confidently. The price is affordable as well.

We Dislike:

There is no mudguard. Also, the pedal quality is not so good.

Our Verdict:

Right now, we will talk about a cool and excellent bike Koen from the brand Schwinn. It is available in three amazing colors- Red, Black, and Blue. All of them are stylish and easy to ride. The Koen 20-inch bike is suitable for kids 6 years or above.

It is designed with SmartStart Technology as well. So, the frame geometry can better match the child’s body type for comfortable and upright riding.

Thus, the bike frame is made of durable steel material which is lighter and eats up bumps well.

Like any other kid’s bike, it also includes a dual brake system-front caliper and rear coaster brake. So that, when they advance in riding, they can easily shift to the handheld brake.

Also, there is a single speed which is perfect for the ride to the park or moving around the sidewalks of the neighborhood.

The seat seems padded well and has a riser handlebar with middle padding. Plus, the handgrips feel smooth and smaller in diameter to match the child’s hand.

So, your boy can easily control the bike regardless of the road type. Together, the seat and handlebar position keep your shoulder and back straight and offer an upright riding.

There is a chainguard in the bike to protect your child’s finger from the chain and also protect the chain from damage.

The bike has a narrow Q-factor to match the narrow hip size of a kid.

A kickstand is included to park the bike in any place like the front of the shop or house.

Besides, the 20-inch wheels are fitted into well-griped black tires. It offers a smoother rolling experience.

9. Diamondback Bicycles Jr Viper 20″ BMX Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Mini Viper Youth BMX Bike

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Who Should Buy?

This BMX bike is suitable for beginners. Whether it is for racing or some tricks and stunts, the bike won’t let you down with its safety.

Key Specs:

• Weight: 32.08 lbs.

• Material: Steel

• Speed: 1

• Brake: Front-Linear, Rear-Coaster

• Tires: 20” x 2.125”

• Our Ratings: 4.3 out of 4 stars

We Like:

The Diamondback Jr. Viper is made of a sturdy steel frame and is supported by a durable fork. It can endure the harsh treatment of the road.

Other than that, the bike is comfortable enough for BMXing and you can confidently ride it. It has a safe braking system and a single-speed that requires minimal maintenance.

Overall, it is a stylish-looking bike at an affordable price.

We Dislike:

It lacks a kickstand and there are no pegs for front and rear hubs. Apart from that, some parents are concerned about the transition to hand-brake.

Our Verdict:

The Diamondback presents the perfect BMX bike for your kids and it is in the series Jr. Viper. This athletic bike is designed to give your boy the initial experience of BMXing.

So, the frame of the bike is made of durable steel. While it is supported by a sturdy steel fork to endure the harsh situation on the road.

To efficiently stop the bike, there are the front linear brake and rear coaster brake. Your kid can stop the bike initially with the coaster brake just like any other bike.

When they are advanced in their riding, they can switch to the hand-brake aka linear brake.

Speaking of the speed, the bike features a single speed with an 18t cog chain KMC Z410 1/2 x 1/8. I think it is sufficient for taking it to school, cruising along park paths, or going to the BMX park.

The Jr. Viper features a Diamondback BMX padded seat that has a steel pillar seat post. This gives a stylish and aggressive look to the bike with black paint.

Excepting that, a riser handlebar is given in the bike for easy control.

Furthermore, the bike has 30mm Aluminum wide black rims to endure all the abuse in the way while BMXing.

Also, the tires used in the Viper are 20 x 2.125″ tires that provide a balanced grip and smooth rolling experience.

To protect your kid’s cloth from dust and soil, there is a chain guard in the bike. It also protects the chain from damage.

Hence, you don’t need to pay much maintenance. For a smooth pedaling experience, the bike has Standard resin pedals.

Considering everything, your kids will have a great BMXing performance on this bike.

10. Dynacraft Tony Hawk 20” Jargon BMX Bike

Tony Hawk 20" Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike

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Who Should Buy?

Looking for a tough bike? Then you can try this as well.

Key Specs:

• Weight: 39.95 lbs.

• Speed: 1

• Brakes: Caliper

• Wheels: 20-inch

• Spoke: 48

• Our Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

We Like:

The bike has front and rear pegs to do some stunts and tricks. It has a caliper brake to stop the bike instantly and smoothly. Besides, the bike sits on sturdy 48 spokes for reliable performance. It has comfortable seat for a good ride.

We Dislike:

Doesn’t feature any mudguard or water bottle holder. More speed levels are expected from such BMX bikes.

Our Verdict:

At last, we have brought the Dynacraft Tony Hawk Jargon 20-Inch BMX bike to speak the volume for itself. Alright, I will speak on its behalf.

The stunning-looking bike is crafted from High-Tensile steel material. It has a deluxe Tony Hawk Branded paint finish.  This bike is a beast that can eat up the torment of all types of roads. So, tricky terrain here we come.

The Jargon BMX bike features front and rear caliper brakes to smoothly stop the bike on any given road. It works instantly and offers good safety to your kid.

There’s nothing much to talk about speed since it is a single-speeded bike.

The bike has a softly cushioned seat to give you a comfortable ride and it will support your sit bone. Besides, the bike features a riser handlebar with custom grips.

And it is a freestyle handlebar rotor that will help you to move swiftly. Overall, the bike can offer you upright riding.

The bike sits on 20-inch wheels that have sturdy 48 spoke with front and rear pegs. This allows your kids to perform some stunts and tricks.

Moreover, there is a solid kickstand in the bike for easy parking.

In additional features, the bike has a chain guard to protect the chain and to keep your children clean from dirt.

Plus, there are two reflectors on the wheels and two other reflectors on the bike’s frame. So, the bike can be visible during the night ride.

Some critical considerations of 20-inch kids bike:

best 20 inch kids bike

So, are you all set to bring an amazing bike for your child? Perhaps, you should halt for a while and see what things you should consider before buying a bike. These will clear your ideas and help you in making the best purchase.

Alright, let’s dig in.

Bike Size:

Your 5-8 years old kid is ready for a 20-inch bicycle. Actually, it depends more on his height and the inseam measurement. So, what is inseam measurement?

Well, it is the length from his crotch to the floor. It should be 22″-25″ to fit a 20-inch bike.

For an adult, the bike is measured depending on the size of the bike frame. Whereas a kid’s bike size depends on the size of the wheel.

That being said, the toddler bike size starts from 12″ and the sizes increase by 2″ up to 24″.

Now, a common mistake parents make is they get a big size cycle thinking later their kids will grow up into.

However, with large size comes extra weight that can be difficult for your kid to handle and steer. Plus, it can be dangerous if an accident occurs.

So, you should avoid bigger size bikes. Thus, keeping that in mind buy a bike that is perfect for them.


Basically, the lesser the weight of a kid’s bike, the better it is. Lightweight bikes are strong and durable. Your kid can easily maneuver it, it’s easier to climb up hills and more enjoyable to ride long distances.

However, lightweight bikes are expensive since they are processed under various steps for being light. Most of the cycles in the market are 50% lesser than your child’s weight.

Though it will be a trade-off between price and weight. But the thing is your child should feel free when cycling instead of feeling dragged.

20 inch bike saddle


Children’s hip is narrower than adults, so pick up a seat with a narrow saddle. The seat of a kid’s bicycle should be ergonomic and comfortable.

It should be well-cushioned so it does not prick the soft buns of your munchkin. Also, make sure it does not chafe the skin when remains seated for long while.

So, when you go to a bike shop, make your kid sit in the bike saddle and ask him how he feels. If it’s nice and comfy for him then it will stay the same in the future too.

Furthermore, adjustable seats are great since they can fine-tune as per your child’s convenience. Hence, even if they grow in length you can increase the seat height for efficient riding.

Handlebar and Grips:

For confident cycling, the handlebar plays a great role. In a kid’s bicycle, the width of a handlebar should be approximately around the same width as the gap between their armpit creases.

A straight handlebar is a great choice for children. It is easy to handle in any type of casual terrain or simply a long ride.

Note: The perfect riding position for a child is his back leaning forward slightly at an angle of 65 degrees.

Considering this point, a mid-rise handlebar is a good choice since it offers ample space for the knees and let your child incline a bit forward.

As a result, it enhances security, balance, and makes pedaling easier. Avoid choosing high-rise handlebars because it is not well suited for the kid. Since it requires them to lean too forward.

The grips should be designed with soft materials and gentle to the skin of your children. Best, if it’s moisture-wicking and doesn’t chafe at all.

Thus, the cycling experience of your kid can be enjoyable.

20 inch bike brake


Coaster lever brake (pedal brake) is so a thing of yesterday. It works by pedaling backward and allows a kid to enhance balance.

It is some sort of dangerous for kids since it lacks modulation and control like a handbrake.

Most of the 20 inches kid bicycle is equipped with V-brakes or rim brakes. It works by squeezing the brake pad against the rim of the wheel to slow down wheel circulation.

This type of brakes is good for smaller and immature hands.

Some costly bicycle also comes with disc brakes to provide enhanced stopping power. Experts suggest opting for disc brakes if you reside in a wet or rainy climate.

It is also a good choice if you live in a city that has lots of steep hills.

Gearing Options:

If your child is a confident rider then going with a gear-packed bicycle won’t be a problem.

Besides, gearing is also introduced in 20 inches kid bikes. However, wait a little bit if your child is a timid rider.

In general, there are two types of gear namely internally-geared hub and traditional drivetrains. There is no derailleur in the internally-geared hub and features a few gears to keep things neat and clean.

In contrast, a traditional drivetrain features a rear derailleur and cassette that can include 5-9 gears.

Don’t worry, these gears are ample for your kid.

Well, there is three gear speed available to choose according to the kid’s necessity. So, you may find out a bike with 6,7, or 8 gears. The number of gear present is dependent on the number of cogs at the rear.

Anyways, most kid bikes have single-speed gears that can convey remarkable lightness to the bike frame. Furthermore, multiple gears convey functionality and diversity.

20 inch kids bike under $300

Gear Shifter:

You will find two common types of gear shifter. Such as Grip Shifters and Trigger Shifters. Your kids won’t have any idea about it. But as a parent, you should know them.

So, grip shifters are constructed into the handlebar grips. You can trigger the gear change by turning the grip.

While the trigger shifter is located slightly below the handlebar. Here gear change is triggered by push action.

Again, some like them as thumb shifters.

To begin with, your kid can go with the grip shifter easily. So, when your kid is finally an expert in handling gears, they can toss to the trigger shifter.

Drive System:

Most of the 20 inches bike comes with a belt drive system which is far better than a chain drive. This system is comprised of a rubberized belt and doesn’t come off as easily as the chain one.

It is good for kids since there is no need for lubrication. Hence, no chance of being messy and eliminates grease, dirt, debris, etc. easily. Plus, it requires low to zero maintenance.

Nowadays, adult commuter or urban bikes also feature a belt drive system. You can check out our Best Retrospect Commuter Bike.



The choice of the tire is based upon the road your child going to ride his bicycle.

If the riding is going to be in your neighborhood street or pavement then you can go with a bike of slick, fast circulating tire.

In contrast, if you are camping or cycling in a harsh terrain full of dirt, mud, grass, and gravel, etc. then you should pick up a wider tire with some extra thread.

However, if you don’t get the best tires for your kid’s bike, then you can always change it with another one later.

Another good thing about this 20-inch bike is they have air-filled tires with an inner tube. You can increase or decrease air pressure for certain terrain or road for a smooth riding experience.

For example, for the rough off-road ride, you can decrease air pressure. Again, for casual riding on road, you can increase the air pressure for reducing the rolling obstruction.


The wheelbase is the total distance between two wheels on a bike. So, we will suggest you have a bike with a higher center of gravity and a short wheelbase.

Because they are tough to ride and prone to balance failure easily.

For more stability and control, your child bike should have a longer wheelbase.

Pedal and Q-factor:

Pedals for a kid bike should be smaller. Since it weighs less, your kids will experience lesser pedal strikes, fewer shin knock, and it can offer a better position to the child’s feet on the grippy part of the pedal.

Now, if your child is a casual rider or under the age of 8 then pedals with plastic pins are good for them. Plus, they can offer better safety and sufficient traction.

By the way, you can toss for metal pins in a pedal if your kids are on to aggressive riding. Furthermore, they are durable and provide superior traction.

Alright, let’s talk about Q-factor. So, what is it? It is the distance between the pedal connection point on the crank arms.

For young children, it is best to have pedals with a lower Q-factor.

As a result, they can pedal without tilting and have a powerful pedal stroke.

However, a higher Q-factor makes your child move their legs outward instead of keeping it naturally placed with the bike frame.

This is an uncomfortable position for them and it can also lead to many dangerous injuries. Thus, always go with a lower q-factor in a 20-inch bike.

20 inch kids bike pedal

Other Accessories:

Other accessories may include necessary and fancy things. Such as water bottle holder, bicycle bell, front basket, and back seat, etc.

Your kid’s bike should have a water bottle holder so you can stay hydrated while riding. Most girls love to have a basket in front of their bicycles.

It’s a feminine thing and I used to love the same when I was a kid. Here you can keep your small essentials or pet.

Should you Choose Aluminum or Steel?

Like I said before, lightweight kid bikes are expensive. So, aluminum weighs lighter and it offers great durability and strength.

In contrast, steel is heavier but provides excellent toughness and stability.

We will advise you to have an aluminum bike for your kid. Because it will be easier for him to ride the lightweight bike.

Plus, they shouldn’t be riding anything 2x their weight. Though a lighter bike will cost you more, it is convenient for your little one. 

Do you need to add training wheels?

Typically, 20-inch kid bikes don’t come with training wheels. Because most 6-8 years old can handle the bike without any supporting wheels.

However, if your child needs them then you can add them since most 20-inch bikes are compatible with training wheels.

Boys Bike V/S Girls Bike:

There is particularly no difference between a boy’s bike and a girl’s bike. When I was a little girl of 6 years, I demanded my father to bring me a pink color bicycle with a front basket.

These were my primary wishes to have in a bike, feminine color, and fancy accessories like a basket. That’s all. A girl bike is not something equipped with a unique component that makes it out of the world.

In contrast, my little brother wanted to have a green color ben ten (cartoon) bicycle that must have a fancy water bottle holder.

His wish also got granted. Anyways, so you can see boys prefer masculine colors like blue, green or grey, etc. and a few adds on. And they are happy with these. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

• What inseam is suitable for a 20-inch bike?

Ans: Typically, 22-25” or 55-63 cm

• Is a training wheel suitable for a 20-inch bike?

Ans: No, because a 20-inch bicycle is taller and more tippy. Thus, training wheels are not suitable for a 20-inch bike in general. However, you can still add if your child needs it.

• Are balancing bikes a better option than training wheels?

Ans: Balancing bikes are lighter and more efficient than training wheels. Kids can ride to a longer distance with the balancing bikes.

• What is the best 20-inch mountain bikes for boys?

Ans: Well, there are plenty. But in our expert opinion,

  1. Nukeproof Cub Scout Key Data,
  2. Whyte 203, Specialized Riprock 20w Key Data,
  3. Early Rider Belter 20-inch Trail
  4. Specialized Hotrock 20, and
  5. Vitus 20 Plus.
  6. They will be some of the best 20-inch mountain bikes for boys.

• How much should you spend on a 20-inch kid bike?

Ans: Since it is a gift to your precious one, try to spend as much as you. Because with a better price comes a nicer bike.

Bottom Line:

I hope you already read the article. So, now what do you think which one is suitable for the kid? Look, we tried to bring various types of brands and bikes to help you get the best 20 inch bike for your kids.

All of them are good-quality, feature great properties, comfortable and easy-to-ride. So, it is your time to be careful in making a good decision. And we here with you.

Thanks for reading our article. There are also similar articles on our site regarding various sizes of the best bike. You should check them if you are interested.

That’s for now. Till then adios.

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