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The Best 24 inch Bike for Kids | Boys & Girls

24 inch bike – For kids, 8 – 11 years old is a good time to allow the youngsters to explore newer trails & off-road places. Having 24” bikes for the kids would hold the perfect choice from the overall perspective.

There are lots of 24” bikes with variety in forms & function. It’s no surprise that you may get in trouble finding the most suitable & safest one for your youngster.

Enlisting the top 10 from all the available ones, we tried to ease your quest. Each one from our 10 Best 24 inch Bike for kids is definitely worth your consideration & investment.

Things to Consider Before Buying 24 inch bike for Kids

There are some particular factors while getting the right bike for your kids. Presence of certain features regarding the criteria will help you to ensure further safety & functionality.

Size & Weight:

While buying, you have to ensure that the kid holds suitable for 24 inch bike. The height of the kid should match the recommended user height. In the meantime, the weight also needs to remain within the acceptable limit.

Frame Construction:

The construction material holds quality & performance. Both aluminum & steel bikes are the most preferred regarding stability. Lightweight aluminum provides incredible handling whereas steel ones offer better durability.

Holding Capacity:

For 24 inch bike for kids, the weight capacity of 250 pounds remains sufficient. But for adult use, you better check out the capacity more closely.

Included Seat:

Padding adds up comfort to a great extent. Of course, you need to observe the seat size as well. Most of the quality ones come with easy & smooth seat height adjustment which you should get.

Controlling Ease:

The control is an important factor regarding a safe ride. Maneuvering ease for gear shifting & speed control has to present in the features.

Brake Efficiency:

Brake system tends to differ a lot. With front & rear brakes, the stopping actions remain at its best. Obviously, more experienced kids may settle down with less brake performance.

Comparison Chart – Best 24 inch Bike for Kids

ProductWeight (lbs)GearUser Height (inches)KickstandWeight Capacity (lbs)BrakeSpecial Feature
Mongoose R3577 Girl's Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle37.421-speed56 - 62Yes250Linear PullReflector
Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos267-speed49-61Yes220Front & RearEye Candy Decals
TONY HAWK Boys BMX Freestyle Bike31.1Single52 - 68Yes275Rear UAlloy Rims
Roadmaster 24" Granite Peak Girls' Mountain Bike5018-speed53-69Yes250Front & BackSuspension Fork
Huffy Bicycle Company Hardtail Mountain Bike41.121-speed58 - 70Yes250Linear Pull HandRear Derailleur
Diamondback Bicycles Tess 24 Youth Girls Mountain Bike2921-speed53-62No250Linear Pull40mm Fork
Kent 24" Girls', La Jolla Cruiser BikeN/ASingle54 - 62Yes250Rear CoasterFender
Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike653-speed62-74No300Front & RearRear Basket
Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike25.116-speed62 - 74Yes250Front & Rear1 - 1/8” Stem
Dynacraft Women's Rip Curl Bike4221-speed56-64No200Linear PullSwirl Exterior

1. Mongoose R3577 Girl’s Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle

Mongoose R3577 Girl's Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle

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Only a few ones like Mongoose can provide optimum customer satisfaction when it comes to specific bicycles. And the R3577 Maxim induces the safest on-trail performance with its superb efficiency for female riders.

With lightweight yet sturdy aluminum & linear-pull braking, the suspension frame holds the right gear to hit the road. Smooth brake & complete control provide utmost safety with the maximum movement for the best 24 inch bike for kids.


Sturdy Aluminum Body

The suspension frame comes with lightweight aluminum construction. Being sturdy, the frame can easily hold & maintain the imposed user weight.

Incredible Maneuverability

Featuring suspension fork, the motion remains smooth over bumps. With increased control, you will go through the least impact & shocks.

Easy Gear Change

The 21-speed rear derailleur includes SRAM twisting shifter that eases the gear change. Included 3-piece mountain crank, the bicycle offers a wide gear range.

Comfortable Fitting Seat

24 inch bike for kids, the padded seat induces maximized user support while riding. The height is adjustable & therefore, allows perfect fitting to the body.

Smooth Linear Brakes

Using the alloy pull brakes, the stopping remains super easy & smooth. The linear brake ensures a safe & almost instantaneous halt.

2. Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos


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Ethos series by Guardian manufactured some of the best-quality bicycles in the entire industry. The steel construction imparts a strong & reliable support system to get on the road trail.

Having SureTop technique, the brakes offers a safe stoppage, permitting a rather easy control. Complete assembly within 10 minutes gets the ultimate perfection for your ride over the pavements.

Features & Benefits

Durable Steel Framework

Overall steel body comes with considerable stability & balance. The frame simply withstands common riding rigors to ensure long-lasting performance.

Professional Construction

Unsurpassed quality & consistency induce safety with professional construction. The 34 point safety check makes the 24 inch bike for kids one of the most reliable.

Outstanding Brake Function

The unique SureTop technique is provided for both the rear & front wheel. Featuring one brake lever, it offers quick control over the wheels.

Superb Wheel Control

Having traction tires, you can enjoy the optimum distribution of trailing motion. It enhances the maneuvering of the wheels & brakes.

Adjusting Seat Post & Saddle

In the 24 inch bike for kids, both the seat post & saddle are adjustable to give you a comfortable fitting. With a quick-release system, the adjustment is incredibly easy.

3. TONY HAWK Boys BMX Freestyle Bike

TONY HAWK Boys BMX Freestyle Bike

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With the BMX freestyle by Tony Hawk, manly design for manly ride prevails on the road trail. The 24 inch bike for kids comes with a simple design with great functionality through sturdy construction material.

Reasonable adjustment provides the perfect body fitting, allowing you to enjoy maximum comfort. Control brake using balanced handlebar & alloy U-lever, the system is pretty smooth & reliable.

Features & Benefits

Strong Alloy Construction

The parts are of sturdy and durable alloy metal. It imparts strength & stability for safe on-road biking 24 inch bike for kids.

Incredible Exterior Design

The matte black exterior contains superb graphics. Covering the interior metal, the entire black exterior ensures greater appeal.

Adjusting Clamp for Saddle

The saddle seat is adjustable to fit with the user height. Using the alloy clamp, setting the height is pretty simple.

Effective Rear Brake System

Featuring U-brake for the BMX rear, it encourages a safe stopping. The brake is smooth & therefore, gives no heavy shocks.

Threaded Handlebar Stem

There comes a threaded stem for the handlebar for further functionality. You can maintain an overall balance.

4. Roadmaster 24″ Granite Peak Girls’ Mountain Bike


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Cruising street or unpaved trailing, the 24” by Roadmaster holds perfect in every aspect. The excellent steel framework ensures a balanced & comfortable ride for adventurous girls.

Great appeal and enduring functionality of the best 24 inch bike for kids are capable of suiting your riding time. Superior safety prevails for the durable body that comes with maximized shifting efficiency.

Features & Benefits

Heavy-Duty Steel Body

The steel construction comes with considerably less weight. The durable design easily withstands mountain riding rigors.

Frontal Suspending Fork

With suspending fork at the front, you can control the wheels. Therefore, it becomes easy to maintain & control speed.

Featured Twist Shifters

There comes an 18-speed twist shifting functionality. Using the rear derailleur, it induces a quick & safe gear change.

Rims with Tire Treads

The included alloy rims increase stability. Meanwhile, the tire treads ease motion over pavements & off-roads.

Comforting Navigation

Vertical adjustment of the seat allows a comfortable fitting. Using simple quick release, you can attain the right height.

5. Huffy Bicycle Company Hardtail Mountain Bike


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Combining performance & appearance, Huffy introduced one of the best mountain bikes. Steel body including suspending forks & linear hand brakes enables a smooth & efficient ride with the 24 inch bike for kids.

Being responsive & comfortable, the bicycle induces optimum riding efficiency on rough, flat terrains. The 24” wheel with tires tears up the road to create your bike paths upon easy gear change.

Features & Benefits

Complete Steel Construction

The exclusive construction includes steel parts to imparts sufficient strength. Being durable, the frame resists weather & rigorous actions.

Supportive Handlebar Rising

The featured handlebar allows slight rising to enable comfortable handling. It reduced back, shoulder pain through upright riding.

Premium Padding for Comfort

There comes premium padding for the included seat. The height being adjustable, you can attain maximum comfort throughout the ride.

Linear Pull Braking Action

Using the featured linear-pull brake, you will receive a consistent stopping action. The hand brakes permit a safe & smooth halt in motion.

Convenient Gear Operation

Having 21-speed combined with twist shifters, the gear change remains incredibly easy. The removable rear derailleur imparts consistency.

6. Diamondback Bicycles Tess 24 Youth Girls Mountain Bike24-ins-kids-bikes-4

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Developed for growing girls, the Diamondback bike holds incredibly safe & smooth for mountain trails. The supportive & stable steel construction imparts great serviceability, performance regarding your satisfaction with this 24 inch bike for kids.

The simple design remains incredibly perfect for both on-road & off-road female biking. 21-speeds, stronger brakes, suspending fork – everything is there to give a pleasant ride with utmost safety & smoothness.

Features & Benefits

Hi-Ten Steel Body

With commercial-grade Hi-ten steel, the frame holds strong & efficient. Being sturdy, the bicycle delivers optimum balance & support on the tracks.

Reach Adjusting Brakes

Linear pull brake keeps it easy & smooth, considering the stopping action. The adjustable reach lever allows further control over the wheels.

Inclusion of Travel Fork

There comes a 40mm travel fork to soak up the roots & rocks. Therefore, the least shock, bump & impact throughout the ride.

Great Move on Dirt

Using the 21-speed settings, you can enjoy a wider riding performance. It eases the entire operation to conquer the dirt trails.

Superior Maneuvering

Using reasonable adjustment, you can get the perfect fitting seat. With convenient padding, you will obviously enjoy a decent riding time.

7. Kent 24″ Girl’s La Jolla Cruiser Bike


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Growing teen or petite lady, the best 24 inch bike for kids by Kent comes with the right size & features. With lightweight yet strong aluminum, the frame construction allows incredibly easy handling, maneuvering.

Having a classic plaid design, matching chainguard & comfortable seat provide superb comfort. The adult bike imparts great safety while you pedal to explore the road trails with maximum enjoyment.

Features & Benefits

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

The aluminum body imparts reasonable strength & therefore, durability. Being lightweight, it remains easy enough to move & handle all by yourself.

Downsize Scaling Construction

Regarding the female rider’s biking necessity, the frame has downsized scaling. The pedaling remains considerably effortless & easy enough for a longer ride.

Unique Exterior Design

With a plaid design, the bike offers a great blend of classic style with modern functionality. The colorful exterior will keep you in the center of attention while biking with 24 inch bike for kids.

Great User Accommodation

Using the seat adjustment, it becomes easy to fit yourself in the frame comfortably. Through quick release, making the tool-free adjustment remains simple.

Additional Fender Attachment

There comes an additional fender that allows you to remain dry, clean. On the front basket, you can keep & store vital accessories.

8. Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike


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The unique construction induces a stable & rather unique trike for your kid to ride on. With the steel body, you will receive a perfectly recreational on-trail ride to enjoy the freedom on three wheels.

Providing balanced comfort & style, the trike offers maximized smoothness & pedaling motion. Featuring chain guard with the front fender, your clothes remain dry & clean all along.

Features & Benefits

Steel 3-Wheel Support

Being a 3-wheeler, the frame offers great stability & balance. With the steel framework, it lasts long enough against rough/daily use.

Internal Hub Eases Maintenance

There comes a geared hub on the interior portion. Using the hub, it becomes incredibly easy to clean off the dirt.

Convenient Braking System

The front V brake features a parking lock to ensure its safety. Meanwhile, the coaster brake on the rear gives smooth & instantaneous stopping action 24 inch bike for kids.

Reasonable 3-Speed Gear

You can explore through a reasonable number of gears with this unit. The 3-speed gear encourages perfect pedaling efficiency on the road.

Easy Assembly & Storage

Despite being a wider frame than bikes, you won’t face any trouble dealing with its storage. The complete assembly will require about 10 minutes only.

9. Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike

Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike

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Simple in construction but superb in functionality go perfectly for Giordano bike. Being handcrafted, the 24 inch bike for kids comes with an incredible blend of classic & modern on-road style.

The high-quality aluminum framework provides a stable & balanced motion with optimum safety. Having STI shifters & derailleurs, it offers exact matching to crank, allowing the youngsters to control.

Features & Benefits

Beautiful Hand Crafting

The entire construction is handcrafted & therefore, bears an artistic value. The colorful design holds perfect to suit the kid’s style 24 inch bike for kids.

Stable Aluminum Foundation

Having aluminum parts, the frame remains incredibly lightweight. Weighing only 25.1 lbs, kids can easily handle the bike.

Smooth Gear Change

The included crank comes with derailleurs & STI shifters that allow easy gear change. It enhances further speed control.

Balanced Tire Performance

Featuring 1 – 3/8” tires, it comes with maximized support & balance. The tire also encourages the reduction of bumps & shocks.

Comforting Saddle Support

With the integrated saddle, the kid can enjoy a comfortable ride. Being slightly adjustable, it can fit properly to the user size.

10. Dynacraft Women’s Rip Curl Bike

Dynacraft Women's Rip Curl Bike

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The versatile female bike by Dynacraft holds suitable for both on & off-road biking. The mountain bike comes with a sturdy framework that offers optimum safety & smoothness.

The beautiful design of the best 24 inch bike for kids includes a scratch-resistant exterior alongside with quick gear shifting. The V-brakes, padded saddle & adjusting Seat post induce maximum riding comfort without bumps & shocks.

Features & Benefits

Sturdy Metal Construction

Through steel construction, the overall frame induces maximum durability. It withstands all the rigors on the ride quite well for 24 inch bike for kids.

Shimano Shifting Technique

Patented Shimano technology imparts incredible ease in gear shifting. It offers smoothness & balance while you ride.

Perfect Handling Efficiency

The combination initiates rather quick & efficient maneuvering. Your kid can simply control the biking speed at once.

Integrated V-Brake System

The built-in V brake offers great safety regarding the stoppage. Both front & rear takes part in brake to enhance the responsiveness.

Adjustable Padded Saddle

The saddle contains padding to ensure comfortable seating. Being adjustable, perfect body fitting on the saddle is possible.

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Buying Guide for 24 Inch Bike

So ready to break your bank for buying the perfect bike for your youngster? Well, we wish you luck with that.  But only luck is not enough. You need to know about various important factors before grabbing the best 24-inch bike. In this section, we will outline them. So, keep your eyes on it.

Bike Size:

Who’s well suited for a 24-inch bike? Well, 24″ is the size of the wheel and typically kids from 8-11 years are perfect to have this bike. Besides, most of these excellent kid’s bikes are sized according to their inseam length. Expert suggests the 24-inch bike for the kids with height 49”-59”. It is pretty much the smaller version of an adult bike.

Note that different manufacturer sizes their bike differently from one to another. Besides each kid differs in height. Thus, measure your child inside leg and match it with the manufacturer sizing chart, especially if you are purchasing from the internet. It is always wise to check the kid’s fit to have the perfect size bike for them.

The greatest temptation of parents is to get their child a big bike hoping the kids will grow into it. That’s an unsmart choice. You won’t only make your kid uncomfortable but also it will diminish their encouragement. So, avoid it. Buy the appropriate size bike for them. They will love you for this.


The lighter the bike, the easier to cycle. Your little one is not so strong to handle a hefty bike efficiently. Thus, they will feel it as a burden and lack of interest in cycling. In general, bicycle weight should be 40% of your child’s weight. A report shows, the majority of 24-inch bike is crafted with the lightweight aluminum. While more often steel is also used but it is heavier.  Both aluminum and steel are durable and provide great strength. However, your kids will prefer the lighter Aluminum bike instead of a hefty steel one. Though steel is affordable and aluminum is expensive.

In a word, the lighter the bike, the expensive it gets.

Besides, weight plays a crucial role in how far and how fast your child can go. For aggressive cycling or riding that requires elevation, experts suggest having a bike weight less than 30% of your child’s weight.

We will suggest having your hand on the lightest bike you can afford.


There are specific frame geometries for certain riding type. So, what are the usual riding type of your youngster? That being said, the construction of a road bike, mountain bike, or BMX bike won’t be the same.

The road bike is meant for casual riding in your neighborhood or long ride. While mountain bike is for an aggressive ride on the steep hills and mountain. You can’t expect a mountain bike will perform well on a long ride on a paved surface. Again, a road bike can’t do well in single-track mountain bike trails.

So, note carefully if the position of the handlebar is set below the rider’s hips, then the frame geometry is meant for aggressive riding. It promotes a leaning riding position.

In contrast, if the placement of the handlebar is located above the rider’s hip then consider the frame is built for leisurely use. This setting encourages a more upright riding position.

Lastly, if your kid is not onto a specific riding type, you can buy them an all-terrain bike.


You can expect to see dual handbrakes in a 24-inch bike such as V-brakes (Rim brakes) and Disc Brakes. This size bike is equipped with both front and rear brakes. Best are the brakes that are kids friendly.

V-pull brake is the common type of brake that you will see in the most 24-inch bike. It operates by pressing the brake lever and applying pressure to the wheel for making it stop. However, the quality and functionality of a v-brake differ from bike to bike. Kids find it easier to activate a high-quality v-brake since it requires less pressure to exert. Anyways, it works great for the majority of 8-11 years old child.

In contrast, disc brake is divided into two categories such as mechanical disc brake or hydraulic disc brake. These two brakes are perfect for aggressive riding. A mechanical brake is cheaper and less functional than a hydraulic brake. But it offers more stopping power than a v-pull brake. Where hydraulic brakes are costly and need more maintenance. However, for the serious mountain bike rider, hydraulic disc brake offers excellent modulation and stopping power.

Gone are the days where kids bike used to feature coaster brake. Because they are dangerous and can lead to serious injury.

Gearing Options:

The purpose of gear is to change into different speed levels. Gears are helpful to tackle various types of terrain since it allows you to shift between speeds. Featuring of gear starts from a 24-inch kid bicycle.

You can have multiple gearing options starting from single speed to 7/8 gears or even 21/24 gears. You will experience more versatility with the increasing gearing options.

Commonly, there are two types of gear namely grip shifters or trigger shifters.

So, the grip shifter operates by twisting the handle to switch into the appropriate gear. It is more child friendly. In contrast, trigger shifter work by pulling or pushing the brake lever with one’s fingers.

Grip shifter is well accepted since it’s intuitive for kids and operate well for aggressive riders.


You will get three positions in a handlebar. So, choose it wisely based on position, height, and width for your little one. Besides sweep back or too lowly placed handlebar will put strain or excess pressure over the child’s neck. Moreover, it won’t provide sufficient maneuverability.

Alright, the three handlebar positions are given below:

  1. Flat Handlebars:

The flat Handlebar is quite closer to the frame in terms of height. Besides, it can make your kid lean forward too much. Thus, it can pain his spinal cord from long term use.

  1. High-Rise Handlebars:

Some bike has High-Rise Handlebars where it puts the handlebar much higher from the frame. Expert suggests this is not a perfect handlebar height for the growing child.

  1. Mid-Rise Handlebars:

Only Mid-Rise Handlebars is perfect for younger children since it provides ample space for the knees and allows the kid to incline slightly forward. Plus, it offers a decent height that lets children have a better posture when riding.

Thus, this position of handlebar ensures support, stability, and makes pedaling easier.

Whenever you are looking for the perfect handlebar, make your child sit on a bike with both hands on the handlebar. And check their body position, if they are seated comfortably then it is fine for them.

Note: From the expert opinion, the best riding position of a ride when his back is leaning forward slightly at an angle of 65 degrees. Besides, make sure the handlebar width is slightly wider than the kid’s shoulder for a comfy posture.

Drive System:

For most kid’s bikes including the 24-inch bike, nowadays the manufacturer uses a belt drive system. This system is comprised of a rubberized belt that is used instead of a chain. I think it is easy to take off, require low to zero maintenance, and eliminates grease, dirt, and debris, etc. by itself. Besides, it doesn’t need lubrication for proper functioning as a chain drive. Thus, your kids won’t get messy and dirty.


Choose the bike seat carefully because your kid’s optimal comfort depends on this. So, there are many types of seats you will find. But you should consider one that is suitable for the riding type and their body mechanics. Such as your kid’s riding type can be road cycling, recreational cycling, mountain biking, bike commuting, or touring, etc. In general, there are two wide categories for bike seats namely performance saddle and cushioning saddle.

Performance Saddle: Performance saddles are elongated and narrow. They are designed with minimal padding to produce maximum power conversion. Besides they provide zero to none chafing while pedaling. Mostly found on road bikes, touring bikes, and mountain bikes. 

Cushioning Saddle: If you want the seat to be wider and have plush padding then a Cushioning saddle is your best bet. They are well cushioned and designed with spring to absorb shock during bumps in the road. Besides, they feature a short nose. This type of saddle is mostly seen on a bike designed for recreational cycling or cruising. 


Those of you don’t know what is Q-factor then it is between the outside of both left and right crank arms. For young children, it is better to have a pedal with a lower Q-factor since it will help them to pedal efficiently. Besides, they won’t splay while pedaling.

On the other hand, a bike with a higher Q-factor will be uncomfortable to ride as the kids will have to move their legs outward. Besides, it won’t keep their body neutral with the bike frame. So, a higher Q-factor can be inefficient while pedaling and can also lead to injuries. That’s why try to avoid it.


In a 24-inch bike, you will find air-filled tires that come with an inner tube. Thus, you will need to pump up the tire regularly for smooth and effective performance.  Basically, there are two types of air-filled tire thread namely- knobby or road slick.

Knobby: It is designed to offer more grip and traction off-road. However, it is not as fast as slick tires over the tarmac.

Road Slick: It is a perfect deal for a smooth tarmac surface and comes with lower rolling resistance. Hence gives a faster performance. 

Remember, the quality and comfort of a ride are dependent mostly on the good quality tires.


At last, the price of a bike should strike a perfect balance between its feature and qualities. But this is not the scenario always.

If you spend a bit more bucks from your pocket, then it will pay you off in the future. Hence, your kid can ride the bike reliably for a long time. On the other hand, a cheap bike can spare you some money in the beginning, but it won’t be long-lasting.

So, whatever, you do choose what is best for your child.

Does a 24-inch kid bike need training wheels?

The purpose of training wheels is to teach your child how to steer the bike properly. But it doesn’t teach them to balance the bike.

As you see, a 24-inch bike is well suitable for kids from 8-11 years. At this age, they acquire pretty much knowledge of balancing the bike. Hence for whatsoever reason, the 24-inch bike doesn’t include the add-on option for training wheels. However, if your child’s case is different such as a beginner or has a balancing problem then you better go for a balancing bike.

Things to Avoid While Buying a Bike:

  • Avoid having double chainrings for your child until they are at a certain age. Because it requires both mental and physical effort to grasp its concept. Plus, they add weight and complication. Thus, a single chainring is more than okay for them.
  • Don’t go with advanced gear and brake lever. Always choose that is beginner-friendly and smaller and easier to use.
  • Stay away from the temptation of getting your child a bigger size bike. It will be hard for him to ride the bike that will discourage them. Only dust will settle on the bike due to the lack of use.
  • Try to avoid heavy bikes since it’s physically tough for your younger ones to handle the weight of the bike while riding.
  • For a 24-inch kids’ bike, it is best not to have any suspension on the bike. It will just add weight and seems complex for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. Can an adult ride a 24-inch bike?

Ans: No, it won’t be a problem for an adult to ride such a size bike if the frame is designed thinking about the adult in mind.

  1. What height is best suited for a 24-inch bike?

Ans: Typically, kids having a height range from 4’5”-4’9” is best suited for the 24-inch bike.

  1. What is the best 24-inch kids’ bike for girls?

Ans: Some notable 24-inch girl’s bike is:

  • Liv Enchant 24 Lite,
  • Roadmaster 24″ Granite Peak Girls’ Mountain Bike,
  • Diamondback Bicycles Tess 24 Girls Mountain Bike,
  • Dynacraft Women’s Rip Curl Bike,
  • Mongoose R3577 Girl’s Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle, and so on.
  1. What are some 24-inch mountain bikes that are well appreciated?

Ans: Some well appreciated 24-inch mountain bikes are:

  • Commercial Meta HT 24,
  • Trailcraft Pineridge,
  • Prevelo Zulu 4,
  • Orbea MX 24 Team Disc,
  • Spwan Yama Jama 24 and many more.

Final Verdict

The attenuating details about the aforementioned ones will help you to find the most suitable ride for your kid. We made our list considering the youngsters’ safety & capability. Each one of our Best 24 inch Bike for kids ensures maximum quality & performance within its limit.

Therefore, you can make your precious investment in the most reliable one to give a pleasant moment of childhood.


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