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Top 10 Mountain Bike Trails Around The World

Mountain Bike Trail – If you are a bike enthusiast, then going on a bike riding tour on a mountain bike trail is probably the best form of vacation you can have.

You will able to get some exercise, experience beautiful scenery, and develop your riding skills all at the same time.
You might be wondering which trails are the best in the world. That is why we have compiled a list of Top 10 mountain bike trails in the world:

Mountain Bike Trails

1. 401 and 403 loop trail, Colorado

This is one of the most popular bike trails in the U.S. It is situated in Crested Brutte and it is well known for its natural beauty and calm atmosphere. This mountain bike trail is comparatively easier than the other entries on our list.

2. Lupra Pass, Nepal

Nepal has many mountains with stunning landscapes, and that is what makes it a perfect place for going on a riding adventure. The trail is extremely long and at an altitude that will even make it difficult to breathe. It would take a few days to complete the journey and the trail is filled with obstacles so we suggest you a guide.

3. Mefjellet, NORWAY

If you would like to give yourself a challenge this is the bike trail you should choose. This bike trail is for advanced riders as navigating this trail is quite hard. The trail can go high so a good amount of hiking may be required. But once you start going downwards, you can let gravity do the work for you.

4. The Old ghost town, New Zealand

The old ghost town is on another level. With never-ending trees, hills, and mountains the vast landscape is what makes the journey worth the struggle. This trail is massive with a length of 85km and it would take you about two days to complete.

5. Petzen flow trails, Austria

The petzen flow trails are really long with an end-to-end distance of 11km. Despite the trail being huge the ride is quite enjoyable as the trail goes down through the Austrian mountain range. The ride will feel like a roller coaster ride.

6. The Whole Enchilada, Utah, USA

Located in Moab the Whole Enchilada is the biggest trails in the U.S with a length of 42.6 km. Your ride will mostly go downhill. This trail is packed full of obstacles at every turn. That is what makes it perfect for experienced riders to test their skills mountain bike trail.

7. Tour du Mont Blanc

The TMB is roughly 170 km long and passes through France, Switzerland, and Italy. It would probably take a week to complete. You will get to see the beautiful Alps. You should hire a trail guide as there is some hiking involved.

8. The Meadows, Canada

Located near the Chilcotins mountains in Canada, this mountain bike trail will make you feel close to nature. As you descend down the trail you will only see the grassy meadows with no humans in sight for miles and miles.

9. Kingdom Trails, USA

The kingdom trails are situated in Vermont and it is quite famous among riders in the US. You will be able to reach high speeds as you will be descending down for roughly 2200 feet. This mountain bike trail is perfect for beginners.

10. Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

This trail will provide you with a unique riding experience. As you right through it you will be able to see vast meadows and river dams. You will also see landmarks such as the Thracian Tomb and Asen’sFortress.


Mountain bike trail – Making our list of best bike trails around the world was a bit tough as there are so many good options to choose from. Our list contains trails that are ideal for beginners and also trails that are best suited for intermediate riders.

We hope you choose one of them for your next riding adventure.

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