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What is the recovery time for the coronavirus disease?

As the world is currently battling with the coronavirus pandemic, all hope may seem to be lost. But many people have fought the deadly COVID-19 or coronavirus disease and recovered as well. As researchers are still figuring out the intricacies of the virus, many popular questions regarding the condition are still inconclusive.

However, a lot of patients have recovered from the disease, and we can draw data from them that answers the question, ‘What is the recovery time for the coronavirus disease?’.

Factors affecting the recovery time coronavirus disease

There are a lot of factors that come into play when trying to estimate the recovery time of a COVID-19 patient. To be clear, different people will have a different recovery time for the disease.

The time it takes for someone to recover will depend on the severity of the symptoms, age, the strength of their immunity system, and other medical conditions as well. It goes without saying that if the symptoms are more severe, the recovery time will be higher.

The strength of one’s immunity system plays a vital role, as well. As we grow older, our immune system gets weaker and weaker. This is why the elder is more at risk, and the recovery rate of the old is a bleak coronavirus disease outbreak. The quicker someone is aware that they are sick, the shorter their recovery time.

This is because when someone realizes they have the disease quicker, the severity of the symptoms will be less. They can take the necessary steps and recover quicker. So, get yourself checked for the disease, even if you do not feel like you have the disease yet. The virus spreads exponentially.

This means by the time you realize you have it, the damage will be done. The last factor that affects recovery time is the unrelated medical conditions of the patient. When the patient has other medical conditions, his body’s immune system will be busy fighting those as well.

The body can not focus on the COVID-19 specifically. That is why the patient’s other medical conditions also affect the recovery time.

How long it takes to recover?

Depending on all of the factors explained above, it may take as little as seven days, or as long as over a month to recover. If a young patient contracts the disease and recognizes it immediately. If they take immediate steps to fight the disease, they will recover within seven days.

If the same young patient is negligent and doesn’t get tested. They can’t take the necessary steps to fight the disease and will take over a month to get well and may even die. The mortality rate is abysmal, mainly because of the older patients. It is not that older patients cannot recover. They can heal, as well. But the situation is worse when they have other severe health conditions as well.

How to identify if someone has recovered?

If you have access to a functioning health care system, then getting tested is easy. If you receive two consecutive negative results for the COVID-19 or coronavirus disease, you have recovered. Keep in mind; the two tests must be done at least 24 hours apart.

Many countries do not have a sound health care system to test for the virus. In that case, at least seven days should pass since the patient contracted the disease and at least three days without any of the symptoms of the illness. Even then, the patient should avoid contact with other people.

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