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What types of bike do I need?

What types of bikes? Ok, Riding a bike is one of the most sensible activities that you can do when outdoors. There are different types of bike but the hybrid is a bike that you need to go for as a beginner. Well, you might be wondering what is a hybrid bike right?

It can be described as bikes with flat bars and skinny tires although some models have a broad tire that makes them more versatile on the road. It is good in various terrains so you will not have to worry if you are riding through forest roads or canal towpaths.

Hybrid – A types of bike

These hybrids have mounted on the fork for mudguards and the frame which are mostly used in carrying pannier bags and water bottles. If you get yourself a fully-equipped hybrid bike you will get to enjoy lots of features that can make your riding experience so exciting. Some of the features that you expect in a hybrid bike include:-


Gears are some of the noticeable features that you will see in a hybrid bike. The derailleur gears are mostly used to pull along the chain attached to the rear sprockets. Most manufacturers have designed fully enclosed hub gears to prevent damages.

Frame and fork

Most hybrids are made using aluminum which makes it lightweight and it enhances its strength from the different types of bikes. However, steel frames are common for urban riders because of their elegance.


The braking technology used in hybrids is borrowed from mountain bikes since most of them use either disc or V-brakes. These ensure you experience good braking but the disks have been given an upper hand when it comes to wet terrains.


Different types of bikes, Hybrids come with a wide range of tires sizes. The most common is the fat tires with chunky treads.

There are other extras like the mudguards which play a very crucial role when it comes to the winter season. Rack and luggage can also be used to carry panniers and rucksack. Others also include the lights and lock.

here are some of the best hybrid bicycles for beginners

Raleigh cadent 2

This is one of the best bikes for beginners. It comes with standard 700 c wheels that enhance contact with the road. It is also ideal for fitness which is characterized by sporty geometry. It is a very versatile and reliable choice because it has approximately 24 adjustable gears.

If you are riding in an area with lots of dirt and rainfall then you don’t have to worry because you will enjoy the efficiency Tektro mechanical disk brakes.

Fortified 8 speed

This is one of the theft-resistant bikes that are ideal for beginners than any other types of bike. They have special bolts fitted on handlebars, water bottle holders, and the seat. This bike is special in a way and it is good for an urban cyclist to require a reliable and theft-resistant bike.

It also has a tektro mechanical disc brakes and 700c wheels. The good thing with its tires is that they are puncture-resistant hence it makes it more convenient when you are riding through the city streets. It is lightweight because of the aluminum frame. Additionally, you can also control its derailleurs gear system using thumb trigger shifters.

Tommaso La Forma

If you are a new rider and you need a bike that you can explore various terrains then this is one of the most viable options than any types of bike. It is reliable and it comes with 27 gear speeds that allow you to navigate through any kind of terrain. It has 700 c tires which allow you to enjoy your ride. This is an all-round bike that you can depend on.

Diamondback Trace ST

It is made using aluminum alloy which makes it lightweight and strong as well. You will get to enjoy a comfortable ride irrespective of the conditions. Its frame is also available in four different sizes which allows you to make a choice based on your needs.

It has 21 gears which make it reliable on all terrains. The linear braking system is a decent choice that complements the functionality of this bike. It is best when used for recreational rides and commuting.


Hybrids bikes are the best if you are new to cycling than any other types of bikes. They are quite affordable because you can get one with a budget of less than £ 200. The most notable thing about these bikes is the comfort that it presents.

They are structurally designed to let you enjoy your ride irrespective of the terrain.

The most important thing to consider when purchasing one is to buy from a trusted dealer. This allows you to get a high-quality bike which is free from mechanical problems.

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