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Best XL Bamboo Bike review for 2020

Bamboo Bike – when it comes to bicycle/bike, almost nothing can beat the functionality of bamboo. The supple & strong green building material is quite renewable. In fact, bamboo has a greater incentive, thanks to its quick growth & bar-like anatomy.

Taking all types into account, the buzz is still to raise regarding bamboo bicycle bikes. The main problem lies with its high price tag against the overall satisfaction. Concerning the physical characteristics, bamboo ensures a sense of amazement in an eco-friendly aspect.

That’s where we would like to introduce the handmade XL Bamboo Bike. If you have more consciousness about the artistic value, you can place a bet here.

Bamboo Bike Features

Let’s get down to have a look at the short overview.

Product Overview

XL Bamboo Bike

It’s one functional art with an excellent blend of different materials. The bike features Mosso Bamboo, a particular type having steel tensile strength. It’s quite known for scaffolding & construction suitability. Therefore, the entire framework offers higher stability with supreme durability. Through natural solution treatment, the tubular frame restrains microbial attack.

You’ll have a comfortable ride for everyday commuting or longer trips almost anywhere. For the XL size, the best bamboo bike bicycle measures about 609 mm. Thanks to its sturdy connectivity, a uniform load-bearing prevails. The internal hub initiates 7 speeds with the built-in 700 x 380 tires. It’s lightweight aluminum for the pedals which is Faux Leather for the handle.

Features & Benefits

XL Bamboo Bike3

  • Fully Handmade Construction

Almost all handmade products bear an artistic value. The best part is its reliability without any mechanical error. Likewise, the high-quality bike gets a full handcraftsmanship. Apart from excellent functionality, it’s indeed a fine work of delicate arts. Not only it suits the trip on the road, but also the bicycle induces a stylish ride.

  • High-Quality Bamboo Frame

The main focus is the particular bamboo type used for the bike. There are over a hundred types available. For the handmade bamboo bicycle, it’s Mosso bamboo, quite known in Asian region. With great tensile strength, it’s the ultimate steel bamboo around. The extreme hardness leads to outstanding resistance to rain, mud & others.

  • Steady Connection for All Bars

Following a two-step drying process, all the tubular bamboo bars can build up the frame. The sized bars get connected with one another through a natural glue. It basically a combo of epoxy resin & hemp fibers. With a powerful joint, no chance to fall apart with the bike on the trail. Through proper sanding, the connections receive a smooth, nice appeal.

  • Excellent Combo of Materials

Bamboo builds the basic frame here, not the entire bike. In fact, it’s a great combo of plastic, aluminum, steel & leather with bamboo. Both the pedal & rims are of lightweight, high-quality aluminum. For the other parts, it’s mostly steel. Regarding comfortable handling, the eco-friendly bamboo bike features Faux Leather grips.


  • Perfect combo of bike materials.
  • 7 speeds with a built-in interior hub.
  • Additional LED light at the front.
  • Stable, supportive bar connection.
  • Comfortable ride with soft seat.
  • Higher functionality & durability.


  • Unsuitable for overweight riders.
  • Leather saddle may feel flimsy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Will the frame bend/warp underweight?

Answer: Very slight bend/warp may occur within the recommended weight.

Question: Is the frame aesthetically pleasing?

Answer: As a handmade bike, the aesthetics are good enough.

Question: Can I use it for riding bad, undulated roads?

Answer: Absolutely, the durable frame withstands all the shocks & bumps easily.

Question: Will the leather tear apart?

Answer: No, both the saddle & grips feature high-quality leather.

COVID-19 bike ride.


As a handmade product, XL Bamboo Bike certainly provides the basic features quite well. For the price, it’s rather costlier than most other cheap, machine-made ones. But mark the words, the artistic frame is definitely worth it. And it lets you reduce the impact on the planet while making your day on the trail. The large-sized joints may seem weird, but it’s the ultimate key to its extremely supportive service.

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